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  1. It's British democracy, so it's only natural that it's a complete mess! The way I see it, most religious groups aren't going to opt-in anyway due to their beliefs, so it's just going to be yet another stalemate. Or am I missing the point of the opt-in system? It's very confusing...
  2. Game Covers to cater for casual market

    The average consumer is going to be drawn to a game that has generic box art with the lead protagonist in a cliched "badass" pose. It's sad but true, more people will pick up a box like that and think "Oh cool, another awesome looking action game." Bioshock: Infinite has a very unique setting, and will no doubt filled with deep philosophical/social undertones with well crafted characterization. Yet, the cover makes it look as if it's another shooter in the same vain as Call of Duty, which completely gives it the wrong message. I can see why many companies do it, because it's likely to sell them more copies of their game, it's just a shame they have to resort to that.
  3. Funny Stuff Thread

    This. This is just awesome! I think it may even deserve it's own thread!
  4. The Last Of Us

    Love the box art! This is how it should be done *glares at Bioshock: Infinite's box art*. But multiplayer though? Really? Urgh... :/
  5. Dark Souls II

    Just updated my original post, the trailer should work (for now... )
  6. MGS V: Ground Zeroes

    Haha, no way, I never noticed that! I thought it had an MGS vibe to it. Can't wait to see more.
  7. Bioshock: Infinite

    New gameplay from the Spike TV VGAs at Kotaku:
  8. Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2

    New trailer, looks epic!
  9. The Last Of Us

    7th May 2013. Oh. Hell. Yes!!!
  10. The Music Thread

    Absolutely loving Within Temptation's covers at the moment! Here's my favorites;
  11. Rural vs Urban

    I haven't actually lived in a rural town, or anywhere in the countryside, but I used to go camping quite often, and that was great fun! I say camping, but we really just stayed in a cottage in a forest somewhere. I know it's not quite the same as living in a rural town, but I still enjoyed the experience. It's nice and peaceful. However, I find urban life too convenient to give up. Everything is within easy reach and transport tends to be a lot better (and cheaper!) Plus I tend to go out a lot and, in my experience, it's much easier to do so in the city. Besides, I've watched too many horror movies/programs in my time, so I'd probably be terrified of living in the countryside.
  12. Community

    I watched a few episodes of this show quite a while back, and really enjoyed it. I actually completely forgot about it, so I'm glad this thread reminded me. Thanks guys. I remember that episode, it was epic! Out of the few I watched, it was definitely a highlight.
  13. This is my...

    This is the reason I also visit these forums. I've been around since the Cube-Europe days, which was one of the first forums I settled into. I've only stuck around on here, so this place is like home to me. I may not post often, but I'm more of an observer; I enjoy reading what's posted on here, for the (mostly) witty and intelligent banter that goes on. I admit, my presence has dwindled a lot in recent years, and it shows. I know I used to talk to a few of you outside this forum, but my life has had me sidetracked (sorry about that), so I'm not really in any kind of social group like some of you. However, I enjoy your company, I always have. There's a great community here and that's the main reason why I've stuck around all these years.
  14. That sucks, sorry to hear Platty. Although if she didn't treat you with respect, then it wasn't worth it! You deserve better. I've not long been out of a relationship myself, but that's a story for another day...
  15. Marble Hornets I know this series has had a lot of hype over the years, but I only just found out about it the other day. However, I'm simply too much of a coward to bring myself to watch it, I'm a total wuss when it comes to horror. For those of you that don't know what this is about, it's related to the Slender Man myth, and is a sort of ARG (bear in mind, this was created way before Slender Man became overused.) Anyway, I figured I'd link you guys to it in case you were interested. Maybe I'll get round to watching it too... Here's the starting point folks.... EDIT: Ok, entry 1 wasn't scary, but I guess they just wanted to set everything up....
  16. Marble Hornets

    I've managed to brave my way through it so far. I haven't found it terrifying, but it can be quite scary, and it's very atmospheric. I've got to Entry #45 so far but I'm going to leave it there for today because...
  17. Marble Hornets

    I'm slowly making my way through it, it's been going for about 3 years apparently. I admit, it is a bit slow, but now things are getting really freaky! Wait till you get to entry #19. Scared the shit out of me! I have to admit, it's really well done, it's been made in a very believable way. I'm actually looking over my shoulder every so often now too, this has made me paranoid. xD
  18. Bioshock: Infinite

    To be honest, something like this... ...or this would have been better.
  19. Bioshock: Infinite

    The boxart looks.... a bit boring and generic. I was expecting something better tbh. :/
  20. Far Cry 3

    I can see why people took a disliking to it, but I think "travesty" is a bit harsh. I thought it was good for a while, but it just got too repetitive for my tastes and I got bored of it. I've still got it though, and I do intend to complete it at some point. As for Far Cry 3, I did have the Insane Edition on pre-order, but I had to cancel it due to lack of funds. Mind you, I do have a massive backlog of games I have yet to complete, so I want to get most of those out of the way before even thinking about getting any new games.
  21. Funny Stuff Thread

    To be fair, he really can't sing at all, which is a shame because it probably would have been a lot better if he could. Still funny though!
  22. Funny Stuff Thread

    Whitby Gothic Style! :awesome:
  23. Resident Evil 6

    A viral website has cropped up recently: The site contains images of the phrase "No Hope Left" scattered around the world from Tokyo, Berlin and London to China, Sao Paulo and Johannesburg. Word is that, after some digging around, people have linked the site to WEBFUSION Ltd, who also developed the viral site for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The date 19.01.2012 is also being teased, with a time of 14:00PST. Could this mean a Resident Evil 6 annoucement will land tomorrow? All aboard the hype train! Source:
  24. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Next Wednesday apparently...