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  1. Resident Evil Revelations Heads To 360/PS3

    So, apparently, the Resident Evil franchise "may" get a reboot depending on Revelations feedback; It's not as if this series has had many "reboots"... Seriously though, I do think it needs a new direction. Most importantly, it needs to go back to it's survival horror routes, but have enough action to appeal to the brainless masses. Something along the lines of the original Dead Space could work (as in the mechanics/survival aspects of it.)
  2. Formula 1 2013

    The McLaren, its... pretty much exactly the same... how disappointing.
  3. What celebrity do you look like?

    @jayseven Haha, that's true I guess. xD I'm rather happy with the Robert Downey Jr resemblance though!
  4. What celebrity do you look like?

    Right, just done that celebrity collage thing and... ...what the hell? How do I look like some of these guys? xD
  5. The Last Of Us

    @Cube The statue looks ok though. If we had that, including the features we've already got, the SE would be fairly decent. The price would probably be pretty damn steep though. :/ Also, I doubt the same will happen with GAME again. At least, I hope that's the case...
  6. @jayseven It already sounds like a rollercoaster after 3 days! Seriously though, I'm glad things got sorted. It's probably just nerves, so I'm sure everything will be ok. Just see how it all goes, good luck man!
  7. The Last Of Us

    Well, that's a tad disappointing, I was expecting a bit more from the special edition. :/ To be honest, most of the extras in that I'm really not too fussed about. Hopefully the art book has a decent quantity to it, rather than a few pages. Otherwise, I'm just going for the standard edition.
  8. Formula 1 2013

    Had a brief peek at the pics, and just watched the launch on YT. When I saw the pics, I wasn't keen on the amount of red on the car, but after seeing it in full, I think it looks great! Surprised about the shape of the nose though... Yeah, exactly, it's a shame Jenson's quality declines over the course of a season. It'd be good to see him keep up the pace for the entirety of one.
  9. Formula 1 2013

    @Retro_Link I'm really not sure to be honest, it's certainly a surprising line-up, but I'm going to reserve judgement until the season kicks off. I think that Button is going to step it up though, I look forward to see how he'll perform. On a random note, isn't the Lotus car meant to be revealed today...? Where is it? :/ EDIT: Oh, it's at 7:15pm? You ninja'd in that post whilst I was adding this one... Thanks though! Also, that would look interesting on the car livery, hope it's on there.
  10. [Your Name] The Hedgehog

    Oh there is... they just tend to be cynical/insane/all of the above... Seriously though, I do class myself as a Sonic fan, but I do try to avoid some of the fan community as it can be, well... a bit strange...
  11. Formula 1 2013

    @Retro_Link I'm not really attached to any team in particular, although I do think Raikkonen is a great driver. So that should probably mean I'm a Lotus supporter. Mind you, I'm not really keen on Grosjean's skills. But yeah, the car launch next week should be exciting!
  12. [Your Name] The Hedgehog

    What's going on here?! O.o I think my mind has just melted... ...Mind you, I expect nothing less from the Sonic fan community.
  13. When did you first learn about...

    Funilly enough, I never had "the talk" with my Dad. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how I learned about it, I think it just came naturally. (Awaits someone to interpret that in a dodgy manner in 3... 2... 1... )
  14. Formula 1 2013

    Looking forward to the 2013 season, let's just hope it's as epic as last years! Interesting to see the new lineup, although I agree it's sad that Timo isn't in there.
  15. It's terrible to see THQ and Vigil close their doors. In fact, one of the Vigil devs made this forum post on neogaf, and it's so damn' sad; Has Ubisoft definitely got South Park though? Last I heard, Trey Parker and Matt Stone objected to the game being auctioned, and wanted to find a publisher themselves; On the bright side though, I'm glad that Activision and EA didn't get thier grubby hands on any of THQ's IP's/studios. Activision would have just ruined any teams and would have made them make CoD games, whilst EA would have ran the franchises into the ground... Still, R.I.P THQ and Vigil Games.
  16. Resident Evil Revelations Heads To 360/PS3

    I've never really been a massive fan of the 3DS to be honest, this is probably one of the only games I would have bothered picking up for it if I ever got one. Mind you, I've never been big on handheld gaming. In which case, I'm glad to see this being released on other formats, I definitely need to pick it up at some point (if I has the monies, and it's how much on release?!*) Now, the only major problem I have is... which format do I get it for? PS3 or 360? Hmmmm.... *I mean seriously, it doesn't seem like it has as much scale as RE5/6 (even though those games suck), so I personally think the current price tag is a tad steep. They could have easily charged £30, plus it could have probably been released on XBL/PSN. Ah well, I guess that's Capcom's usual way...
  17. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

    So the demo is out on the XBL Marketplace, anyone else played it yet? Just finished it myself, and it seems pretty good. Bloody BRUTAL on Normal mode though, I had to turn it down to Easy just to finish the last section. Mind you, I do suck at these kind of games normally. I really like the controls, they're nice and easy to pick up, and the combat is nice and fluid. Even though I think it can be a bit fast at times. However, I have to say, I do prefer Devil May Cry from an aesthetic point of view at the moment. Mind you, I've played 7/8 missions of it, so I have a much broader perspective on it. I'm sure MGS:RR will still be awesome! It just the demo felt like it was missing something...
  18. HMV closes 63 UK stores, all Irish stores

    Film and music industries to the rescue! (For a change.) I just hope it's enough to help out...
  19. DmC: Devil May Cry

    I had some friends round earlier, and they bought dmc round. After getting to about mission 6/7, I have to admit, it's actually very bloody good! The demo is definitely the weakest level, from what I've played so far, and it really doesn't do Dante's character justice. In the demo, he seems like a whiny arrogant tosser, but there's a lot more to his character in the full game. Now, I just need to afford the game for myself...
  20. DmC: Devil May Cry

    Wait, the game's actually called "DmC: Devil May Cry"? I thought that was just the logo... Even I have to admit, after playing the demo, it actually seems quite an enjoyable game! I mean, as a game it's good, but it still doesn't feel right for a Devil May Cry game. Mind you, I don't think the controls have changed too much. Although I like the new weapon switching system, it's nice and fluid. If I had the money, I'd definitely try and get this on day one. The whole "Nephilim" angle pisses me off though, as they've got it completely wrong! Nephilim are meant to be the offspring of angel fathers and human mothers, NOT Angels and Demons! I know it's picky, but I absolutely hate it when people get things like this completely wrong. Oh, and my favorite thing about this reboot is the fact that Combichrist contributed to the soundtrack. I'm a massive fan of their music!
  21. HMV closes 63 UK stores, all Irish stores

    Fair point, there were always more GAME/GameStation stores, compared to HMV. So I guess that wouldn't be such a viable option then... :/
  22. HMV closes 63 UK stores, all Irish stores

    Oddly enough, I was out with some mates earlier on, and we were talking about this when it was all speculation, and how it would effect a friend of ours, as he works in a HMV near us. Within 15 minutes of this, he posted the administration news on Facebook. To be honest, this does seriously suck, a lot. I still find HMV good for certain albums and decent sale deals. I feel sorry for anyone likely to loose their job too. Question is, what would be next for HMV... Would they close up shop completely? Do what GAME did, and close down a number of their stores (although I think they did that before)? Or perhaps become an online only retailer?
  23. Shutting Up Shop

    Pretty much this. They were great back in the day, but when they started taking a week to dispatch my items, I gave up on them. Still sad to see another online retailer bite the dust though. My first ever order off 26 Feb 2005 Order no: 41848394 Item price: £29.99 Resident Evil 4 (GameCube) Sold by: Dispatched: 17 Mar 2005 Delivery option: Free Delivery Damn, that was ages ago! Plus I've had around 60 orders with them (well, ones that were dispatched anyway, there's a lot of cancelled ones.) Oh, and one of the best orders I ever made (mainly because it was exclusive to 21 May 2008 Order no: 131517991 Item price: £79.99 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots - Limited Edition ( Exclusive) (PlayStation3) Sold by: Dispatched: 10 Jun 2008 Delivery option: Free Delivery
  24. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am very drunk atm, so I feeel this is appropriate, but happy new year!!! *I cheated and used spellcheck ... mostly... :P
  25. Sad to see yet another publisher go, it just goes to show how difficult the industry is becoming. It looks as if they'll keep going, to get Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light and South Park: The Stick of Truth out though. There's a bit more info here: