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  1. Grand Theft Auto 5

  2. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Tried to find the ghost Easter egg, but no luck. We got to the mountain during the correct time frame too, no idea what we're doing wrong. Loving this game though, definitely game of the year!
  3. SteamOS

    Still too many uncertainties, but this is shaping up to be awesome! Too bad I can't get the badge right now, I've just moved and won't have internet at my flat for a few weeks. Not that I'd get picked anyway. :P
  4. SteamOS

    The rumor mill is churning: Either way, we'll know in a couple of hours. Still interesting though...
  5. SteamOS

    Agree 100% here. Thanks for clearing that up @Nolan, sounds interesting to me. Hopefully most Steam games will get ported to SteamOS.
  6. SteamOS

    Thing is, if there is DRM, which is highly likely, then it's more understandable. Steam has been DRM from day one, and it's an already established platform, so people should know what they're signing up for by now. On the other hand, Microsoft's consoles never had DRM included as a feature until XBox One (before the concept was canned), so the idea was a lot harder for people to grasp. Plus, if this leads to the Steam Box, then it'll no doubt work alongside the Steam PC platform, so it makes more sense. I think that regular sales help to sweeten deals too.
  7. SteamOS

    I'm intrigued by this myself, it certainly has potential to be huge, but there's still a few factors that are unclear. The most pressing issue is that PC games are optimised for Direct X, which is not supported by Linux. That's unless DX is emulated by Wine, which I think is slightly illegal (now there's an understatement.) The streaming feature is a bit unclear too, do we need a separate system just to run Steam via PC, so it works on SteamOS? If Valve can pull it off (and I do have faith, they normally seem to know what they're doing), then fair play. I guess all will become clear as the week progresses, they still have two more announcements to make, the next one being tomorrow at 6PM (UK time); The other icons are a bit interesting too, and I've heard a theory which makes sense; 1 - The first one is already known; SteamOS 2 - The second one has the same circle symbol as the SteamOS icon in the first reveal, so it could be just that. The square brackets indicate a box, so it could be the fabled 'Steam Box' with SteamOS built in? Finally there's a space, perhaps suggesting that it can be upgraded, for future proofing purposes? If this is the Steam Box, then I can actually see it being similar to Sony's PS Vita TV, which would explain the streaming concept. 3 - Another circle symbol appears, with the plus symbol in-between. Being as the one circle indicates SteamOS, a piece of software, I'm guessing the other is also some sort of software. It definitely points to some sort of connectivity. That, or it's titles that are being developed/optimised for Steam/SteamOS. Either way, it's an exciting week!
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    "Don't underestimate the power of Playstation" ...Can't believe that no one thought of that pun earlier. Seriously though, I'm not too surprised, it's in high demand.
  9. Dishonored

    It's been talked about for for a long while, now it's been revealed, and it looks incredible! I know it's a CG trailer, but if it delivers even half of what that trailer shows, it'll be amazing. I absolutely love the art direction too, Harvey Smith's (Deus Ex, Thief) and Viktor Antonov's (Half-Life 2) influence is very clear. To me, it looks like a blend of Bioshock and Assassin's Creed (with Thief and Half-Life 2 influences, obviously), which is fine by me! I eagerly await more, what do you all think?
  10. 9/11. Where were you?

    I was at home, I had just finished school (I was 16), and I was actually on my computer playing games at the time (I may have actually visited the forums at some point too.) So somehow, I was completely oblivious to the whole thing. That was, until my Mom came home from work, called up to me to tell me what had happened, and I legged it downstairs to watch it on the news. I'll never forget those shocking images. It all seemed so surreal, as if it were a film, but it wasn't. I can see where you're coming from, it's the difference between humanity and nature. 12/01 was a natural disaster, so whilst something could have been done to save more lives in the long run, there wasn't anything that could have been done to stop the earthquake. That's the problem with natural disasters; people can be warned and prepare for them, but there's really no one to blame. 9/11 was an orchestrated terrorist attack, with intent to destroy innocent lives. It's these situations that get more of a reaction because there is someone to blame, and there's always extremists out there who want to "spread their message". 9/11 changed the world, because it made everyone realize how vulnerable we truly can be, especially when things fall into the wrong hands. In a lot of ways, humanity is just as unpredictable as nature, and I'm not sure which is more terrifying.
  11. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Fair point, it does appear like it was a massive undertaking, and a huge project. So I guess the cost is pretty realistic, especially considering the amount of profit it's going to produce. I'm actually starting to want this game myself. The only issue is, I'm loosing my job at the end of the month, and have nothing lined up, so I should probably save some income. Then again, if I did get it, I'd have all the time in the world to play it...
  12. Grand Theft Auto 5

    So, has anyone read about how this cost $170 MILLION to make and market?! O.o
  13. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I really can't get enough of Lindsey Stirling right now. Managed to see her live in London on Tuesday, and it was honestly the most beautiful and uplifting gig/concert I've ever been to. If anyone hasn't checked her out before, you should definitely do so:
  14. The Music Thread

    So Muse played a small gig in Japan the other day, here's a setlist: Agitated Dead Star Micro Cuts Futurism Fury Liquid State Hyper Music New Born Yes Please --------------------- Uprising Time Is Running Out Plug In Baby --------------------- What's He Building? (Tom Waits song) Panic Station Supermassive Black Hole Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover) Starlight And the reason for the crazy setlist? Matt Bellamy tweeted this afterwards... ..AWWWW YEEEEAAAAH!!!!!
  15. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    It's ok, I caught the bus, I don't actually drive. Thanks anyway though! Managed to get home just in time, and caught the entire thing. Was a great conference, Sony seem unstoppable now!
  16. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Does anyone pleeease have a link to a livestream that will work on a smartphone? I left work early, but the traffic is terrible, and I'll be absolutely gutted if I miss anything. Thank you to anyone that can help!
  17. Routine

    Now that's interesting! It looks like a mashup of System Shock, Dead Space and Doom 3. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this one.
  18. Deus Ex The Fall

    I think it's getting negative criticism because mobile gaming isn't seen as a hardcore gaming platform, and a game as complex as Deus Ex might not translate well to that format. I have to admit, whilst I'm happy to see a new Deus Ex title, I'm a bit disappointed with this too. I think I need to see more to be convinced, but if it ends up being iOS exclusive, I'll be skipping this one.
  19. bad stuff thread.

    Talk about being way too over the top! Seriously, that's a load of crap! Fair play for showing him who's boss though.
  20. bad stuff thread.

    Agreed, my last landlord was pretty shit tbh. I'm sure he screwed me over for cash when I moved out too, I didn't get some of my deposit back due to bullshit reasons. Mind you, dealing with him was such a pain in the arse, that I really couldn't be bothered to sort it. I was just thankful to be out of that place...
  21. bad stuff thread.

    I'm meant to be going to Download Festival next week, but my bloody ticket hasn't arrived yet. So I called customer services, was stuck in a queue for 40 minutes, and had to give up. It was charged at 20p a minute too! Seriously starting to stress about my ticket now, and if I can't get through to them, I think I'm pretty much screwed.
  22. Metro: Last Light

    Played the first hour or so of this, and I'm loving it so far! It's incredibly atmospheric and it plays a lot smoother than Metro 2033. Plus the game looks fantastic, it runs really well on my PC, they've definitely scaled the engine a lot more. Yeah, it pretty much sums up the entire story of the first game, so if anyone really wants to try Metro 2033 first, then I suggest do that first.
  23. Metro: Last Light

    I still have to complete Metro 2033 (and loving it so far), but I've caved in and decided to buy this on Steam. Decided I need to treat myself, since it's my birthday on Friday, and the game is pre-loading now, awww yeah!!
  24. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    This game is bloody brilliant! I'm having a ton of fun with it. The parody aspect is hilarious, I haven't laughed this hard whilst playing a game in ages. The gameplay is damn good too (although I never played Far Cry 3... I need to get round to that at some point.) Oh, and good news everyone! Micheal Biehn has pretty much confirmed a potential Blood Dragon sequel:
  25. I'm currently using a Samsung Syncmaster 204BW 22" monitor. It's over 5 years old now, and it's really starting to show it's age. I'm noticing screen tearing issues, even with v-sync on in most games. I'm not exactly savvy with how monitors work, but would I benefit from a monitor with 2ms response times and/or 120hz? I know it's not likely, but would there be a monitor out there that doesn't require me to use the v-sync option in games? I'd preferably be interested in a monitor that is 22", has a variety of resolutions and is £150 at the most. Thanks if anyone has any suggestions.