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  1. Doctor Who

    I actually forgot that the original number of regenerations was actually 12. Weird. Whilst we're on the subject... Looks like we'll know for sure after the Christmas special. "Great men are forged in fire." Hmmmm.....
  2. Doctor Who

    Watched this episode earlier, and thought it was amazing! I was worried that Moffat would screw it all up, but I'm thankful he didn't. Everything worked so well and the story actually wasn't bullshit, so many references too! It definitely did the series justice, and was a worthy anniversary episode/film.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Just bought a ticket to see Nine Inch Nails in Birmingham on 18th May next year - £45. A bit steep, but I'm sure it'll be worth it, plus the gig is the day after my Birthday, which is always a bonus! Excited doesn't even describe it!
  4. The Walking Dead

    Walking Dead Day again! Sorry, just had to use that gif. XD
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    There's no doubt that these claims of "massive" hardware failures are always overblown. A few units go wrong, and the consumers that bought them are up in arms over it, then it's fueled by the mass-media and fanboys of the opposition. It always happens every console generation. We'll just have to wait and see how the PS4's hold out, and for the majority, I don't see there being issues. However, the whole Foxconn situation is definitely an interesting one. If the rumor is true, then I can sort of see why the workers have gone and done that. If the horror stories of their working conditions is as bad as reported, then who can blame them. That said, it's the company that should take the slack, not the gamers who buy their consoles on release. Either way, there's a whole moral grey area here, who really is at fault, who should take the slack? Hopefully, people open their eyes to the whole Foxconn situation in the future. Although I don't see that being the case, considering people are just going to moan about how their consoles don't work, then blame Sony.
  6. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Hmmm, the plot thickens. Could be all bullshit, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless:
  7. Tropical Storm Haiyan, Natural or Man-Made?

    Hey, it's not as bad as some over the top conspiracy theories. There's some people who believe that World War 2 never happened, and was an illusion by the Illuminati. I shit you not, some idiots believe that....
  8. Tropical Storm Haiyan, Natural or Man-Made?

    Some conspiracy theories do have me questioning a lot of things, and are somewhat believable. However, man-made storms? It's a bit daft really...
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    DO WANT. WANT NOW! Japan only though, I think.
  10. The Walking Dead

  11. Funny Stuff Thread

    Found this hilarious today too...
  12. Funny Stuff Thread

    Drunken French teenagers abduct a circus llama and take him on a tram ride
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Not sure if I want to believe this. He claims to have "sources", yet gets a few facts that are confirmed wrong (e.g; The CoD: Ghosts 1080p issue.) If this is true, bad show Sony, but I honestly think it's mostly bullshit. EDIT: There's articles going back as early as February, the day after the PS4 reveal, with Sony stating that PS4 is DRM free. Nothing to see here people...
  14. Bit Strip

    So I've noticed an increase in the amount of Bit Strips on my Facebook timeline.... This does seem to be getting a little bit out of hand now, but like any phase, it'll end at some point. I think the main issue is, people are using them in boring ways and not being creative enough (although the method of 'making' strips is pretty limited.)
  15. Bit Strip

    I too have fell victim to the Giraffe riddle, because I never thought it through either. Also, I may have changed my profile picture, but at the end of the day, it's just harmless fun. As for Bit Strips, I've used them before, but rarely. I don't seem to have too many people that do it on my Facebook, so I have no issues with it.
  16. The Walking Dead

  17. Call of Duty: Ghosts

    'Extinction Mode' has been leaked. It's apparently unlocked after completing the first 5 campaign missions, and is a survival mode similar to Zombies in the Black Ops games, only this involves aliens... Lol, wut?
  18. Grand Theft Auto 5

    But I haven't even got GTA Online yet, let alone XBL Gold. I don't remember sending an invite either, unless it was an automated thing. I'll hopefully get it soon though (when I actually have cash, and the game is stable enough to play...)
  19. Grand Theft Auto 5

    True, perhaps they may not be able to keep the same sense of humour up, and some gamers will move on from that. As you said though, other gamers will always be there to fill in that gap. In comparison, the same mechanics has worked for the Call of Duty series so far, so as long as people are familiar enough with a concept, they'll keep buying into it. It's just fortunate that Rockstar aren't churning out a new GTA game every year. To be honest, I think the satire is a staple of the GTA series, it doesn't feel right without it. GTA IV was a lot more serious and gritty than the other installments, and I feel that some of the appeal was lost due to that. Personally, I like the satire, it's a good parody of the worst habits/aspects of society, and works on many levels.
  20. The Walking Dead

    Liking where this season is going so far, I've missed this show.
  21. Beyond: Two Souls

    Finished this earlier, really enjoyed it. Still having mixed feelings, but it was worth it for the journey alone.
  22. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Just out of interest, anyone seen this article/rant on GTA V? I can see where they're coming from, but it's kind of missing the point really. Isn't the classic GTA way all about taking social and economical issues, then parodying the hell out of them with satire, and a dose of shock comedy in the mix?
  23. Grand Theft Auto 5

  24. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Completed the final story mission last night, still got a lot of side stuff to do as well. I have to say, that this is an absolutely brilliant game, definitely my GOTY so far (and I don't see that changing), which says a lot, considering I wasn't really interested in it prior to release. I'll be the elephant in the room here, and say that GTA IV was over-rated, was mediocre at best, and GTA V beats in in every way. That said, Nico's story is more dramatic, but I preferred the pacing and variety of this installment.
  25. SteamOS

    Video of the Steam Controller in action with Portal 2 and Civ 5: It actually looks really good!