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  1. Funny Stuff Thread

    I don't know what the hell I just watched... but I couldn't stop laughing... xD
  2. People probably already know about this one, but here's the lowdown for those of you that don't know; Over the past few days, a huge amount of monetized YouTube videos have been flagged by copyright claims. This is all part of a new official policy, which seems to limit the amount of content users can upload. The system appears to be automated. The biggest "offenders" of this new policy, are videos with game footage, cutscene footage, game music and even trailer footage. This isn't just happening to small channels, but the bigger, more popular channels that helped establish YouTube. This seems to go against every right of the fair usage policy, thus is, in my opinion, unfair and unnecessary. I'm all for blocking content that is linked to piracy, but those are the channels should be punished. These established channels, and upcoming ones, that review games and do critiques have every right to keep doing what they're doing. YouTube aren't just screwing up their channels, they're screwing up the lives of the channel's creators. There's a lot of users that use YT as a living, and how is this any different from a standard journalism job? I actually have a channel with a few friends, and we haven't been hit yet (although we're not popular, so probably off their radar), so what the hell are we going to do? At the end of the day, if this doesn't stop, we need an alternative. What do you all think?
  3. No Man's Sky

    Awesome, that's great to hear. Definitely have faith in this one then! This is going to be amazing!
  4. Nelson Mandela has died. :(

    Couldn't think of a better title for this thread, but he has passed away. Very sad news indeed. May he rest in peace.
  5. Just been announced at VGX, it's being developed by Tell Tale Games and overseen by Gearbox Software. Not much details yet, but can't bloody wait!
  6. bad stuff thread.

    I'm actually tempted to make a separate thread for this, but here we go: This happens mere days after the "austerity" speech too. It's bloody disgusting, I don't even get how they can justify any of this! So the rich and those in power gain all the wealth, whilst us "commoners" have to suffer, just so that they can have their swimming pools in their back gardens, extra holidays and their yachts. Seriously, fuck this government. Someone needs to petrol bomb these bastards.
  7. VGX Awards

    TitanFall is looking like fun, but what happened to the third secret reveal? Was it Witcher 3? It does look amazing, but it's not much of a "surprise"... Not sure if I can sit through GTA V concert, just for a bit more TitanFall footage. Hello mute button.
  8. No Man's Sky

    As I said in the VGX thread, the ideas behind it and mechanics sound incredible! I've had time to think about it since, and the fact it's only developed by 4 people does concern me a bit, especially considering the massive scope this game has. It's sounding amazingly promising though, so I'm definitely keeping my eye on it.
  9. VGX Awards

    Agreed. Just listening to the mechanics and plans for it sounds amazing!
  10. VGX Awards

    The Division looks incredible! This is slowly creeping up my list of most anticipated games. As for the Game of Thrones game, it should be cool. But there's not enough info on it right now (plus I really need to start reading the books/watching the show), but it should please the fans. No Man's Sky looks as incredibly ambitious, and extremely promising. I'm keeping a close eye on it.
  11. VGX Awards

    It's the animation that looks pretty rubbish to me. If the animation was better, then it'd be ok in my opinion. Elijah Wood though? He's a good actor, so it could work. Story seems intriguing too. I think it's only for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
  12. VGX Awards

    It's meant to be an PRG, but I think there's some context based actions, probably similar to Shadow Heart's battle mechanic. dissapointed with the lack of stuff shown though. Perhaps Matt and Trey trolling us? I thought it did most stuff well, and it all added up to a great experience. In my opinion it's a massive technical achievement. Although I'm not counting online, I class that as a separate entity. I was pretty taken aback when the screen looked like it messed up at the start. Destiny looks amazing though! Really can't wait for it.
  13. VGX Awards

    Why not? I really think it does...
  14. The Great Big Job Hunt Thread

    Thank you so much for putting my mind at rest, that's helped a lot.
  15. VGX Awards

    Yeah, there was fuck all of it. Meh. :/ Trey Parker and Matt Stone were hilarious as always though. xD
  16. VGX Awards

    I completely agree with you, it gets on my nerves at the beginning of every new console generation. They'll hopefully stop soon, probably within the next year or so. Quantum Break looks really good! A bit generic, I admit, but it's Remedy, so I trust them... EDIT... Oh, wait, iOS? Lol, wut?! :P
  17. VGX Awards

    Smart words from Reggie on the PS4, XBox One question. Wisely said.
  18. VGX Awards

    That made me die a little inside. I was expecting more from Nintendo, but meh. Looks like fun though. Reggie still kicks ass! xD I know, was really hoping for more Metroid.
  19. VGX Awards

    Oh, didn't see this thread. But yeah, Tales from The Borderlands, looks like it'll be very promising, pretty excited for that. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition looks totally pointless though, where's the sequel?
  20. Tomb Raider

    Just seen the trailer on VGX... ...seems kind of pointless to me, I'd rather have a new Tomb Raider.
  21. The Great Big Job Hunt Thread

    Sorry to bring this thread back for something that isn't exactly job hunt related, but I have a question that I need answering rather urgently. I'm currently working as a Christmas temp at a store, and I've noticed my hours are slowly increasing, I have 15 this week. I know that if I work 16 hours or over, I have to sign off at the job center, and my job contract expires on 24th December, with no guarantee of renewal. However, one of my friends has informed me that I have to wait 6 months to be able to reapply for Jobseekers Allowance after signing off, which means I'd be pretty much screwed. Is this actually true? If so, is there any way around it? Thanks if anyone can help...
  22. Mince Pies

    I wouldn't fuck a mince pie, but whatever floats your boat. Joking aside, Mince Pies are great, I eat tons of them at this time of year. I've already had at least 6 in the past couple of weeks. I'm addicted to the bloody things. That said, I have to admit, the Mr Kipling Mince Pies are rubbish this year, really poor quality. Aldi's ones are actually pretty nice though! I'm too lazy to make my own.
  23. The Walking Dead

    Well... fuck.
  24. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    My friends managed to get a PS4, mind you they pre-ordered back in May. I headed over there with a few mates to try it out. Thought I'd post initial impressions for those without a PS4 yet... It's definitely a solid system, found no flaws with it whilst playing. Was amazed at how quick the new UI is too, especially when accessing it during a game. The pad was as comfortable as I remember, and the triggers are very nice indeed. The touch pad felt completely natural too, I see great things in the future for this feature. Oh, and the console itself looks really sexy when you're face-to-face with it. Went on Resogun first, and it was an absolute blast! Loved the amount of stuff going on at once, and the particle effects were stunning. A nice throwback to retro gaming. Had a quick go on Playroom next, and had tons of fun with it. The little robots are adorable, plus the air-hockey is a fun little mini-game. Tried a bit of Killzone Shadow Fall too, which looked absolutely spectacular, but it felt a tad boring and generic. Maybe we needed to be properly immersed in it, but it terms of gameplay, it felt bland. Overall, all I can say is, I really can't wait to get one. Bring on 2014!
  25. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    This. This is how you launch a fucking console!!! Wish I'd been in Rome... and another angle of the end... Amazing!