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  1. Watch Dogs

    Side-by-side is definitely more obvious, but I can still tell even without it (most the time.) I heard a good point the other day actually. Someone pointed out that it's extremely noticeable if the frame rate fluctuates between 30-60fps. As long as the frame rate in Watch Dogs is locked, which I'm sure it will be, then all will be fine.
  2. Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Waitwaitwait.... this studios formed by the ex-Starbreeze leads? .....*Pre-orders.* EDIT: Actually, I should be getting my PS4 next Tuesday. I think I'll buy this with it too.
  3. Watch Dogs

    I do agree with that. If they had separate teams devoted to different generations of hardware, then we wouldn't have had this issue in the first place. Still, this all seems somewhat trivial to me. For the most part, same here. However, when I do notice, (and this is not an excuse for Watch Dogs) I feel that 60fps is too much. I don't know if it's just me, but games running in 60fps look too smooth and it feels a bit unrealistic, whereas 30fps looks a lot more convincing. Actually, here's a great comparison website:
  4. Watch Dogs

    I'm still excited too, still got my DedSec Edition pre-order locked in for PS4, can't wait! In a way, I can understand why so many people are pissed at Ubisoft. They did promise an incredible looking game, only to tone it down dramatically, and not tell anyone till the last minute. However, I don't think it looks THAT bad, it still looks pretty decent. At the end of the day, aren't games about the gameplay? If the gameplay is anything like what's already been demonstrated, I'm sure it'll be great.
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    If even just some of the rumours on that list that happen, it will be incredible! I doubt that it's true though, but how knows? Stranger things have happened...
  6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Nov 4th)

    That's been my issue with CoD for ages, it's been lacking a decent storyline/characters. I hope the extra year in the development cycle can improve this... Anyway, stuff has been leaked (surprise, surprise), and Destructiod has the lowdown, including the trailer: - Title is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. (Can a mod change the thread title plz?) - The game follows the exploits of a PMC group led by Kevin Spacey’s character, who has turned on the US government. - Futuristic tech - Exo suits, gloves that can attach and allow scaling of buildings, jetpacks, HOVERBIKES! I'd post more, but I'm at work. Enjoy though!
  7. Xbox One Console Discussion

    So, the XBox One Titanfall bundle is currently £349 on Amazon: and ASDA:,default,pd.html Even I admit, that's actually somewhat tempting...
  8. Eurogamer Expo 2014 So tickets for this years Eurogamer Expo have gone on sale from today. Not much has been revelaed about what's going to be on so far, though I expect we'll hear more after E3. Should be good with the new generation of consoles out though. Anyone thinking about going to this? I'm certainly tempted, but don't know if I can spare £60, as I'm saving for my PS4 (although for all 4 days with early entry, that's still good value!) (Note to mods: Sorry if this is in the wrong section, wasn't sure where to put it. Feel free to move it, if it needs to be elsewhere...)
  9. The Walking Dead

  10. The Walking Dead

  11. MGS V: Ground Zeroes

    What?! ..... .....FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- That sucks, it's not a proper MGS game unless it has Shinkawa's artwork on the box. Seriously though, not sure what to think about this one. On the one hand, it does look amazing, and is getting generally positive reviews. On the other, it's a glorified demo, that's definitely not worth the asking price. Mind you, I'm holding out till I get my PS4 to get this anyway, plus inFamous: Second Son and Watch Dogs are my main priorities for that system. So, how long do we reckon until this gets another price drop?
  12. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    Indeed, it seems pretty pointless tbh. The campaign really could have done with some dynamic events that changed the level layout, and related to the plot somewhat. Even then, the story doesn't seem that strong anyway. Hopefully the DLC or Titanfall 2 rectifies this...
  13. MGS V: Ground Zeroes

    Good news everyone! Ground Zeroes features reversible cover artwork, and look what it is: Yay!
  14. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    Well, completed the IMC campaign not long ago, and I'm really not impressed with how the campaign was structured. I was hoping for a lot more from it, rather than just having some dialogue and video feeds over the top of a standard multiplayer match. Ah well, the gameplay is still solid, and the level design is brilliant! Still going to give the Militia campaign a go at some point, as I want to unlock all the Titan types.
  15. Formula 1 2014

    The Williams looks amazing! Definitely the best looking car of this season! Now, my verdict team mate wars.. Vettel > Ricciardo Obvious one really. As annoying as Vettel can be, he has 4 consecutive world championship wins under his belt. It'll be difficult for Ricciardo to compete. Hamilton > Rosberg I'd say they're pretty close. Considering Hamilton has performed well in practice so far, I'd say he's got the slight advantage. Kimi = Alonso I honestly have no idea how this'll turn out, as they're both superb drivers, and arguably the strongest team in that sense. I am biased towards Kimi, but things could go either way... Grosjean > Maldonado Maldonado isn't excellent, and Grosjean went from strength to strength in the latter half of last season, so it's obvious here really. Button > Magnussen I think Button does have a good chance this season, not by a great margin though. Perez > Hulkenberg I think it's a close one, but Perez has the slight edge over Hulkenberg Sutil > Gut I feel Sutil is definitely the stronger driver of the two tbh. JEV/Kvyat Really not sure here, going to have to see how they do this season. Bottas > Massa Bottas' excellent performance has just come out of nowhere! I see big things for him this season, though Massa could easily bring it back. Bianchi/Chilton I think this will be close... Kob > Ericsson Gald to see Kobyashi back in this season. Overall, it seems pretty unpredictable this season, anything can happen. Exciting times! Although, it terms of winning the championship, I say Kimi, Alonso and Hamilton have the best chance.
  16. South Park: The Stick of Truth

    It shouldn't be an issue. I've heard there's a day one patch for the game, in time for it's release, and if they have a review copy, then the patch data may not be included. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  17. Watch Dogs

    AWWWW YEEEAAHH!!! :grin:
  18. Watch Dogs

    Release date update! It appears GAME tweeted a May 27th release date, before promptly taking it down. Apparently the date has been confirmed by GAME, after being questioned by the site. Ubisoft are also teasing a huge announcement for 18:00 CET. Can't wait!! It may be released slightly earlier than originally anticipated too, niiice! EDIT: CET is Central European Time, isn't it? If so, then it'll all go down at 17:00 for us in the UK.
  19. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    I'm going to be getting it on PC, although I probably won't get much time to play it because of work...
  20. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    I want it to be 14th March noooow. T_T
  21. South Park: The Stick of Truth

    And the reviews are pouring in! Eurogamer – 8/10 Gamespot – 7/10 Polygon – 8.5/10 Kotaku – Not Yet Xbox Achievements – 88/100 IGN – 9/10 CVG – 9/10 Edge – 8/10 DigitalSpy – 4/5 OPM – 8/10 Destructoid – 8/10 Rock, Paper, Shotgun – No Score Joystiq – 3.5/5 GameTrailers – 8.3/10 Shacknews – 6/10 Shopto – No Score Dealspwn – 8/10 – 5/5 GodisaGeek – 9/10 Lazygamer – 8.5/10 NowGamer – 8/10 ExpansiveDLC – 9/10 NextGenGamingBlog – 8.5/10 StrategyInformer - 9/10 Talkingship – 8/10 ConnectedDigitalWorld – 9/10 Oh hell yeah! Roll on Friday!
  22. Watch Dogs

    June 30th - New possible release date? That's what's listed on the Sony Entertainment network store:!/en-us/games/watch-dogs/cid=UP0001-NPUB31254_00-WATCHDOGSFULLGAM It could be a placeholder, but we'll see. To be honest, I can see it releasing around that time, as they'll get a chance to rebuild the hype at E3, before unleashing it to the masses.
  23. The Walking Dead

  24. South Park: The Stick of Truth

    European console versions censored (minor spoilers): It's only one small scene though, and it doesn't affect the PC version. I'm glad I pre-ordered this for PC now! Just under a week to go...
  25. The Walking Dead