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  1. Smartphones - which one to buy?

    The S III Mini still has a 4 inch screen, so that's quite ... big? (You said the Nexus 4 at 4.7 inches was way too big.)
  2. Adverts that Blow 2013

    Maybe I've just got way less messy poops than you guys? Three sheets folded can sometimes be used another two times with careful folding. All dependent on level of crud.
  3. Banana Bread Day

    When the bananas turn to a crappy brown colour it's the only humane thing to do. No nuts.

    I convinced my brother to go halves on a Christmas present and we got our parents to buy us a imported Japanese Megadrive, as it wasn't released in the UK yet. That lead to a lot of confused playing - Japanese text is hard to read. Our first two games were Strider and Golden Axe. I can't remember anything else, except that a short time later we managed to get an Amiga A500 and a SNES out of the parents too. A blessed childhood. I know we don't talk about ROMs here, but you can get the entire Megadrive/Genesis collection pretty easily and it amounts to 7.5GB. Crazy small.
  5. February Draw-a-Day 2013

    @Eenuh - I'm sure others have said it, but, a lot of your things in here remind me of the kind of stuff I see in the books I read to my kids. Except your things that you crack out in an hour tend to be of a higher quality. The text in those books isn't exactly amazing either - it's defo more about the art in a lot of them. Incredible stuff in this thread.
  6. What Have You Bought?

    I had Virgin installed in December (also the 30mb package!) and had to chase down the cashback from quidco. But a few mouse clicks for £160 was no real issue.
  7. I wasn't expecting such a comprehensive victory today. I will not complain. Except about two key players being injured at the moment. C'maaan X11 Gods, why smite me so?
  8. What Have You Bought?

    When we were selling our house one of the agents came round to value it, and he was telling us about his great fish eye camera lens that made rooms look bigger than they were. The problem was that we were also buying at the same time and didn't trust the photos of any of the properties from that agent from that point on.
  9. This Shakey Graves dude is pretty cool. I heard about him through reddit on r/listentothis. Skip to 1:46.
  10. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Feb 14th Updates: Current weight: 11st 1lb 5k pb: 22:59 Yay! Kinda dying from dieting though. When I get to 10st 12lb I'll stop and have a few non-diet weeks/months (probs bounce back up to exactly 11st). I've been so tired and cranky. Yesterday I ran a 6:47 mile as part of a much longer run. Felt sick.
  11. Things that people do that wind you up

    Not me doing the criticised modding! (For once.)
  12. good stuff thread.

    I've been doing it wrong.
  13. good stuff thread.

    Everyone will be a lot less inspired by @Tales when he gets murdered in Rome.
  14. good stuff thread.

    I was using it intermittently, but I've not been to the dentist for a while so there was about two years of intermittent staining to deal with. It wasn't gross or anything, but it was starting to get to me. I use it as I am on a high dose steroid for my asthma and that can lead to oral thrush. The Corsodyl has been very effective at keeping that at bay. The first time I used it I nearly gagged, and it took me a while to get used to how my mouth would taste in the morning after using it last thing at night, but now I almost miss that when I don't use it.
  15. good stuff thread.

    Just been to the dentist. So, my mouthwash, Corsodyl had started to turn my teeth brown. It was getting gross. I feel amazing now after a scrubb/scrape/whatev/polish. I went in with a little bit of trepidation, like "have my teeth been stained by Corsodyl, or do I have awful brown teeth because of some horrendous disease?" Now they are back to lovely whitey normal. I was recommended the daily version instead of the original I've been using. So happy!
  16. Forum Shuffle

    A few of us browse invisibly. It's like we're not here, but you'll never know for sure ...
  17. The 'Living' Room Mafia

    That's the origin of the t-test. It's generally accepted that Fisher came up with p<0.05 as a cut-off. /leavesthread
  18. Down with the sickness 2013

    I read an article about how you are more likely to fall ill on holiday than in a regular work week. The theory was that as you wind down towards a holiday you to relax and so does your immune system, so you get ill. The solution, therefore, is to live in a constant state of busyness.
  19. Down with the sickness 2013

    I have to call in every day if I'm sick, which is in my contract, so no arguments there. But the treatment when I get back to work is totally different. I have to fill out a quick form that just asks why I was off and then it's done; no interview, probing questions, etc. It's just company culture I guess. (But I haven't really been ill for ages because running turns you into a machine.)
  20. But on the flipside, high maintenance bitchy chicks are where it's at (not at all saying that's what @jayseven is dealing with). Who wants someone nice and mellow when you could get someone that might flip their lid at any given moment. That's my preference.
  21. good stuff thread.

    From what people say at work, @MoogleViper seems to be describing a pretty standard professional house share. They're not the friendly places that a uni house share is.
  22. What celebrity do you look like?

    I'm not going to thank your post because I'm not thankful for that comparison. :p
  23. What celebrity do you look like?

    The person that most people say I look like is ... I can barely bring myself to type it ... David Myers! Who's that? Just one of the Hairy Bikers. It makes me sad that I can see the resemblance.
  24. Things that people say that wind you up

    Over here in East Cheshire/South Manchester that seems to be how everyone says it. I mentioned it a few weeks ago at work and everyone looked at me like I was the freak.