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  1. Suggestions

    I see them.
  2. Funny Stuff Thread

    Er .. guys? Maybe @Dr\. bob didn't find it funny?
  3. Funny Stuff Thread

    The highlight:
  4. good stuff thread.

    Or someone who does IT? (I mean @Ashley of course.)
  5. This is sad, but I'm out. I've resigned from BSO. The site has been making irritating changes and the latest one (playing a video to get sponsorship money) has pushed me over the edge. I've lost the love. Good luck guys!
  6. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    That symbol/icon/logo is so ... legs splayed.
  7. good stuff thread.

    Ooooh, exciting! Yesterday I was given my new work computer. (It's a lovely shiny ultrabook, but I had zero input on the choice.) Spent the last day getting all the right programs installed, and helping out my idiot colleagues that don't know how to get the right programs installed.
  8. He's Od, but Win.

    Thanks everyone.
  9. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    I way prefer no headphones, after originally being well into it. You may like it.
  10. Photos from Childhood

    With my little bro and my older cousins.
  11. Imagine if all of Sam's hair came out of his ears.
  12. Congrats! Can't wait to hang out on the NE table with everyone else.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    This argument/discussion won't go anywhere. Let's just leave it. We'll discuss behaviour on the moderator board.
  14. 9/11. Where were you?

    I was on a camping holiday in Wales with my then girlfriend (now wife, woo!), and we knew nothing about it for a few days, as we'd not seen any news, or listened to the radio. After we got home, when we found out, it made sense of some events that had perplexed us: We were walking through a Welsh town and an American tourist came over to us with urgency, "Are you Americans!?!?!?" When we told him we weren't he walked off. That was probably the day it happened. We were driving back to Newcastle from Wales and all the cars on the motorway pulled over on to the hard shoulder. We carried on driving on a now super quiet motorway. This was probably a minute or two of silence, but we had no idea. Learning about it after the event meant that it had less of an effect, and I didn't even see the footage for ages.
  15. Forum User Photos

    New photo to go on the door at work. Yay! This was the previous one from 7 years ago. *Shudder*
  16. Can you see this image? (imageshack)

    I can see it fine on Chrome and IE9 at work, though it is significantly slower moving on IE9.
  17. DIY

    I detest it and place a ridiculously high value on my free time. That means I pay other people to do it, or my wife does it. I just feel no satisfaction from it.
  18. It's not the best match for two strong midfielders to be out for, in fact, it's the worst. *shakes fist*
  19. Yes. Move to my town. You, Jim, me, my wife; we can all be friends. Jim can teach my kids. So, that means him getting a job at the local school. We have cheaper houses than Brighton, and everyone round here supports Manchester United. You'd love it.
  20. I feel the same way, but mine works well for me so I find it hard not to! I have a card that gives me 1% cashback on all purchases. It doesn't sound like much but for the last couple of years I've been getting about £70 back per year. No interest and cashback, yes please.
  21. There's an amount that you can legally take on rent before you have to pay tax on the income, and have to fill out a form. It's probably worth doing for the amount of money you'd get, but be aware that it's not tax free.
  22. In the UK it is typically different. It's a property ladder because a lot of people start at the bottom with a small property, build up some equity (pay off mortgage, house increases in value), then buy a bigger property, and so on, until they finally climb the ladder to the house they're willing to stay in. Though honestly, I'm happy with my house, and I see us living there forever. It's the second house we've bought so our ladder was more of a step.
  23. 95% mortgages are back on the market, and although you pay more for them, after a few years you'd have paid off enough equity to switch to a 90% style rate. But yeah, don't forget to factor in all the fees that come with buying - stamp duty (1% of house cost when house is over 125k) and solicitor stuff. I think when we last sold we ended up paying out about 5k, but that also included estate agent fees and selling solicitor fees too.
  24. good stuff thread.

    It was my mum's 60th birthday yesterday too! Except my mum is a grouchy old lady and didn't want to socialise with anyone not in her immediate family, so we just went out for a meal as a family. Did that on Saturday and Sunday. Feel so fat.
  25. Tell us about your penis.

    I couldn't roll back my foreskin and walk around all day in trousers/undercrackers because that would be so uncomfortable/painful. That circumcised men can is proof that their little mates aren't as sensitive as little odwin.