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  1. Funny Stuff Thread

    I know that if you were climbing on the same side as a climbing koopa, and were above it, you could just move down and just kinda boop it off with your butt/feet. Unsure about a jump though.
  2. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    My half marathon is on 6th September and I am feeling quite fatigued from training (averaged 54.5km each of the last four weeks). It's making a difference though. Yesterday I ran a 10km tempo run (not all out) and got a new 10km PB of 43:27. I ran a good 15km last Saturday. I thought it would be fun to do it on a running track. I was wrong. 37.5 laps of a track is boring and soul destroying. Flat and fast, but there's nothing to keep your mind off the pain. Did the 15km in 1:07:47. Aiming for a half marathon time of 1:35:00. I can taste it.
  3. bad stuff thread.

    I work near a canal. I run by the side of it. I cannot comprehend the embarrassment of falling in it. Quit. Move away. Break all ties. It's the only viable option.
  4. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    If you wanna run on anything more than a field, or a track, that you've just checked for glass then you'll need to wear running shoes (though there are degrees of shoes from the minimalism of the Nike Free range, say, up to something that is super for stability).
  5. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    I had shin splints when I first started running. They were fine day to day, but if I was ever sat cross-legged and the kids tried to sit on my legs, it hurt, and it felt like there was something wrong with my bones. I think part of my getting over them was to strengthen/improve my legs. Calf exercises, good stretching routine, etc. Another huge thing for me was changing shoes. If you read around it says that shoes don't matter that much, but anecdotally, my running shoes changed my running life. I bought cushioned shoes and it made a huge difference. Massively reduced the impact my legs were under. Nike Air Pegasus were the ones I went for. I tried them on in a shop and it felt like I was running on clouds of fluffy love. I'm on my 5th pair now, and have done about 1100km in each of my last two pairs. I'm a forefoot runner and am about to do a half, so there is hope.
  6. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    Runtastic, endomondo, runkeeper, nike+ running, ... The list goes on. I use Strava. It gives you all the usual breakdown of distance, pace, time, keeps track of PBs, and so on. An interesting feature is that you can create segments which are portions of your run that you designate. They are then made into an automatically filled public leaderboard so you can see "Oh, my friend John Jones ran down Hill Street faster than me by 15 seconds, and I'm 17th overall". I have a Garmin watch that I run with. Most of my runner friends have Garmin watches too. The GPS in the watch is better than tracking with a phone. Phone GPS seems to give a more wobbly line on the tracks I've looked at, whereas my watch gives a rock steady track. But that's an extra £70+.
  7. Xpert 11 World Cup - Recruitment Thread

    That's not even my name! Therefore, I reject.
  8. Broadband provider recommendations?

    I've been with Virgin for a couple of years so my knowledge is a little out of date. My tech savvy brother-in-law is always going on about how good talktalk are these days. I find that hard to believe given how rubbish they were, but he's with them and raves. I was with a small company called Xilo ( and found them okay. Really transparent granular control over your connection and no throttling or shaping at all. Bit expensive.
  9. good stuff thread.

    (All the other colours cost more!)
  10. good stuff thread.

    Brum brum! Hello new car. So excited, and yet so terrified that I'll scratch it or bump it on the way home.
  11. Job woes/wins

    Congrats! Sounds like a good step forward.
  12. Maybe find me a cheap tablet?

    The Tesco Hudl is well reviewed.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    So sorry to hear that.
  14. General TV Thread

    Nothing in your list is as good as Chuck. Prepare for disappointment.
  15. Job woes/wins

    Is there any scope to change to full-time hours in the future? In the meantime, live off Jim's income (and your 7.5k would be entirely Tax/NI free so it's £625 per month).
  16. Forum User Photos

    His quantity of hair is probably temporary. Age will sort that out soon enough. The teeth are more lasting.
  17. Forum User Photos

    You have great teeth. Am jealous.
  18. bad stuff thread.

    Pretty sure @Ashley up above said to drop this. Let's drop it. I'll delete any further posts, so don't bother writing them.
  19. But for some people here that sort of effort is not important, and they may well be seeking others where it's also not important to them. Different people, different priorities.
  20. After being in a similar situation, and reading a thousand reviews, I just bought a refurbished HP Pavilion 14. Think I got a good deal. There's similar stuff still there, or you can get an HP Pavilion refurb from PC World/Currys.
  21. Harold Ramis has died

    I loved Groundhog Day.
  22. Harold Ramis has died

    I loved Groundhog Day.
  23. Harold Ramis has died

    I loved Groundhog Day.
  24. good stuff thread.

    Fits with the previous posts. Veering off topic for sure, but it fits.