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  1. Who are you?

    This was me, from that thread: James Pike - Still true! 31 - Even worse; 41 ! Mormon - My heart doesn't lie here anymore. It's my people and my culture, but not who I am. My family is deeply entrenched so it's difficult. Statistician - Now Senior Statistical Scientist, because the world discovered machine learning and data science Married at 23! - Still married! Two kids: Anna (4!) & Caleb (20 months) - Now 14 and 11. Joined C-E in Jan 2004 - Still true! Originally from Teesside, but left when I was 19 - Still true! Live in Macclesfield - Still true! Feel really settled here, and we're about to build an extension on our house so it'll be a suitable forever home. (Slightly nervous about such a financial commitment during these times, but if everyone stopped spending then that would be a shame.) I really love cookies - - Still true! Made a special trip to Sainsbury's last night for essential shopping and cookies were on the list. However, this batch are a bit crunchy for my liking.
  2. Share your Youtube holes

    There's this guy Summoning Salt, that has videos on the progression of speed run records in videogames. Sounds kinda lame, but it's really fascinating how records go from like 3 hours down to 15 minutes as people find quirks or glitches, and just really perfect the mechanics of a game. Like this one's just got a fantastic end to it, with some guy on a huge grind:
  3. Old NE Members

    I live in constant regret for what I did previously. No matter what, I think that what I'm currently doing is pretty cool, but then when I reflect on it later I am filled with cringe, and think that past_Odwin is awful.
  4. I probably appear in that list because of over-posting. I spent too much time on here to the detriment of my academic qualifications! :-D
  5. Fortnite

    I had to dash off to drop my daughter at something. I wanted to drop you a message to tell you where I'd gone, but I don;t think I have you on FB or messenger or ... Motion controls work great with joycons but they're totally broken when using a pro controller. It's a travesty. Who on earth would want to turn their controller like that for motion controls? I'm gutted.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Thank you! I've added myself, and will probs send out a load of requests tonight. I'm already linked up with a few people via facebook/twitter but this should add more.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Is there a list of forum members' friend codes anywhere, or do you just have to use them from profiles, etc?
  8. Fortnite

    I'm struggling with the lack of motion/gyro controls in this. Splatoon muscles memory kicks in, I'm waving my controller around, then I'm dead. :-(
  9. Social Networking

    You miss HWYD? You miss knowing how people are doing day to day? Ta da! Social networks! I'll accept if I like you. Unless it's Molly reading this post, and then you've already rejected my friend request, so just leave.
  10. Netflix

    I watched it and mostly enjoyed it. A nice brainless show, so don't expect too much from it.
  11. Job woes/wins

    We must have overlap in colleagues.
  12. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    I've just started listening to a podcast that is new to me: Each episode they analyse a star trek episode, and they're doing them in order. They talk about the plot, the themes, how well it holds up today, and if there are any moral messages. I'm only just a few episodes in (and I started with TNG, so ep 97, I think) but it's making me want to listen to TOS because they reference it all the time and make it sounds good.
  13. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    Anyone else on Strava? Add me: I've entered a Tatton 10K on November 11th so I'm training for that at the moment, loosely following a plan by a guy called Pfitzinger. I've also stuck myself in a calorie deficit for the last couple of weeks to get down to race weight, which makes me miserable. Checked this morning and I'm at 10st2lbs and my goal is 10st so I'm not far off.
  14. New Software!

    It took me a long time to understand this joke because I didn't think you'd ever be so mean.
  15. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    Yeah, can we not stick something 30 years after TNG? That way we can have nifty cameos with the cast from the different 90s series. This trailer just makes me think they're gonna mess up some timeline or established part of canon. Actually can I just have another 10 seasons of TNG?
  16. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    I'm not feeling it.
  17. I don't even know. We never follow up with references here, so I can imagine other companies also don't bother.
  18. Savings/Investments

    American-centric, but just check out the FAQ on the appropriate subreddit: There's also and
  19. Savings/Investments

    Everyone's situation is different, so there's no rule that fits all. Everyone's handling of risk is different too. My mortgage rate is so low, that I've taken on some risk and am paying into a S&S ISA instead of overpaying the mortgage. Property is great because there's an instant replacing of rent with something that actually adds to your personal wealth. Having said that, something like the FTSE 100 has on average, after inflation, increased about 5% each year for the last 20 years (taking into account the dotcom bubble and the 2008 banking crisis) so for the last 10 years you'd have made 63% on any investment you made then.
  20. Savings/Investments

    Make the most out of your employer/employee contributions that you can in your work pension. So if they offer 1:1 matching up to 10%, then put in 10%. After that it doesn't matter if it's with your work pension or a SIPP with a different company - you still get a tax rebate. The only differences are in the fees that you'll be charged for funds and the service provider.
  21. Macbooks

    No need to rotate.
  22. Savings/Investments

    There are various fees that get charged moving pensions, and it's different company by company. You'll have to keep track of it, so that you can access it in 30 years, so it's best getting on top of it now. What @Charlie said about pensions is right. Start saving as soon as you're able, with (Age/2)% of your income. It sucks, but it's necessary. If the state pension keeps getting pushed back and back, it would be awful to have to work until you're in your 70s.
  23. Savings/Investments

    I would say so. The fact they're locked until you're 55 (or older) is something to be aware of though. Some people even include anything that increases your net worth in the saving % i.e. the capital part of mortgage payments. But to me that's doesn't make sense as you'll still need a place to live when you retire, unless you liquidate and move somewhere cheap. The FIRE theory is that after fees and inflation you should be able to spend 4% of your portfolio each year and it will probably still be at its original value (adjusted for inflation) after 30 years. If you need more than 30 years then maybe you need to take less than 4%. With 4%, take your annual living expenses and divide by 0.04 (or multiply by 25) and that's what you need your portfolio to be at when you retire. As I said above though, it's complicated by the state pension kicking in, as maybe that means you could safely withdraw 5%? But maybe the state pension will be abolished in 20 years? When I paid off my student loan I added that amount to my monthly saving. I never had it so I never missed it.
  24. Savings/Investments

    This is my favourite subject! With a S&S ISA there are fees that are attached to them (fees from funds you invest in, and fees from your ISA supplier). Typically the advice given in FIRE circles is to just stick all your money into a cheap Vanguard fund, like their "LifeStrategy Funds", where you can pick a level of equity that aligns with your level of risk - I think a lot of people go 80/20 stocks/bonds. The fees are 0.24% per year, and you'll usually pay around 0.25%-0.45% fees to your ISA provider. Some years the investment will go up, some years it will go down. Thanks to Brexit this year my ISA has returned 18.30% interest. It was higher a couple of months ago, but Trump is causing some issues. TBH, you're better investing and not looking at it for 5 years. My pension through work is with AVIVA so I have my ISA with them too. It's not the cheapest (Cavendish or Charles Stanley offer better fees, I think), but it's convenient. Once you have a house the choice between a LISA and a SIPP/private pension is interesting. With a SIPP you get the tax rebate (which is at least equivalent to the LISA, and significantly more if you pay any 40% tax), and a SIPP can currently be accessed at 55, but will likely be changed to state pension age minus 10. However, SIPP will be taxed as income when you draw from it, whereas a LISA won't. FIRE is all about your saving %. If you can invest 50% of your net income, you can retire in 16.6 years, and live off your investments. You don't have to live frugally; frugality will get you to FIRE earlier, but maybe that is a miserable life. My saving % is 24%, which I'm quite happy with right now. The situation is complicated by the fact that in 20 years I will no longer have a mortgage, so I will need less income to maintain our current lifestyle, and in 30 years I will have access to the state pension. My wife is currently not working and is a stay-at-home mother. When the kids are both at secondary school in 4 years the plan is that she's going to get a job and we plan to invest 66% of her income each month. That will accelerate our path to FIRE. If this all goes to plan we should be able to retire in our early 50s. Not my area of expertise at all. It's like getting a payrise, but you can't access it for another 20/30/40 years. I'm in. If you pay any 40%+ tax it's a massive return.