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  1. Things That aren't excellent

    I'm just a sore loser, he beats me at everything.
  2. Things That aren't excellent

    Is grumpy Bowser57 here already?
  3. Cool Vbulletin feature.

    Is anybody else dishing out karma points. I have bestowed several portions today. Better than typing "lol" I feel.
  4. University?

    My wife stayed in Ricky Road (as you must henceforth call it) and had a nice enough time. It is very close to campus and a hospital too, which is convenient. It is by far the most active set of halls at the uni with stuff just going off all the time. (I miss Newcastle University, I had a lot of good memories there.) My flatmate did history and he had on average 6 hours of lectures a week. A history student has an easy life apart from essays and reading.
  5. Best Ever... (Results Are In)

    I think that's the point. Entertaining posts. Why should anyone care that you meet up in real life?
  6. University?

    Well, since you're off to Newcastle you should get used to the local lingo. It's charvers not chavs. Newcastle Uni is awesome, it's so close to the High Street and there's just a nice atmosphere. Which halls are you in?
  7. Best Ever... (Results Are In)

    Tell me one thing that the uber l33ts have done in the last two years. Most people voting won't have been around while the uber l33ts were active. I wasn't. Plus, I quite like it as I was voted the joint second bestest ever member, which is nice.
  8. Sweet Salvation

    You too love to laugh? It's great. I love laughing.
  9. Sweet Salvation

    My new forum resolution is to become the best ever member and put that Bowser57 in his place.
  10. Lovin the new look

    Who's Jan?
  11. Who do you think you are?

    I kept my underscore. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. I just love laughing. Ha ha ha ha ha.
  12. Well done guys :D But....

    All the replies are far too narrow for my liking. I expect it's something to do with our screen resolutions. Forum people can it not be set so that it stretches like it used to on xsorbit?
  13. Advanced Media is honored...

    Do you have mad skills? I suspect that you do.
  14. I have no such problem. I'm an XP boy though, with Firefox.