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  1. TV Tuner

    Just suck it up and pay for it like the rest of the nation does.
  2. Computer Wont Shut Down

    I do, but I kinda enjoy it if I'm in the mood. It annoyed me the other day when my neighbour asked me to install a printer for him, and it was just a case of reading a small sheet of paper with all the instructons on; plug it in, stick the cd in and let it autorun. He hadn't even tried.
  3. Post your Desktop(56k no no)

    It's Azureus, which blatantly has the best torrent icon (and is pretty good at downloading too).
  4. User Image Gallery

    Some girly shop. They're actually for the ladies but I like them so some lady out there has to do without.
  5. Slowdown/memory leak problem.

    I have a fitness regime for my comp that seems to work fairly well. Defrag your hard drive Run ccleaner (including the registry bit) Run BeClean Run RegScrubXP Run RegSeeker (the registry bit) Run Spybot Search and destroy Run Microsoft AntiSpyware Run a full virus scan (the online kaspersky one is good for a change to your standard one) Run Starter to check that only programs I like start up on boot.
  6. TV Tuner

    Stick the license on direct debit and you'll barely notice it each month.
  7. User Image Gallery

    Action shots are the way forward I think. All rise to the occasion!
  8. Rate the above users user name

    Dannykong is alright, not too memorable though. Kind of a cleverish thing to sound like Donkey Kong, I guess. 6/10 Mr_Odwin is a character from a Douglas Adams novel. Well, without the underscore he is, but I have to keep it for continuity.
  9. CDRW doesnt erase

    Try Deepburner, it's free.
  10. Logarithmic Functions - argh - help please

    I wasn't around last night, sorry Moria, I would've happily helped.
  11. R-E Caption Contest

    The Sheep's Ass impression was coming along well.
  12. Official Neighbours Topic

    I remember the adventures of Scott, Charlene and Henry.
  13. Suggestions

    I don't like this on thread titles: (1 2 3 ... Last Page ) What if you want to go to page 14? I know you can go into the thread and then one click will take you to the right page, but it's a bit annoying, and also, you don't know how many pages are in a thread. Is this even changeable?
  14. User Image Gallery

    I thought you left? Congrats, you stuck it out for a full five days.
  15. Your top 5 songs of the moment

    That would make for a fairly lame thread though wouldn't it? It's all about the discussion ... or gays, I forget which.
  16. What magazines do you read?

    I first read Crash and then later Mean Machines. You're too old if you remember them.
  17. Opera is now a free browser.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Belgian sense of humour is alive and well.
  18. Suggestions

    In support of this I just noticed that there is an option in your User CP to turn off all avatars and signatures. Friendly for dial-up users I think.
  19. Questions

    It has afflicted one person in this very thread already.
  20. Questions

    You don't have to have a blank post. If you want a post that's less than 10 characters stick [img][/img] on the end after your text. (It has other uses too, check out my above img tags appearing as text.)
  21. Questions

    As shown above there are ways of getting around the character limit. Quote to see the magic.
  22. R-E Caption Contest

    The other members of the band didn't think this renditon of 'Incey Wincey Spider' would help the child get to sleep at all.
  23. Walking the streets...

    I am Rock Hard and fear no one.