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  1. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    I noticed that the latest casualty in our league was @jayseven - auto sacked. There seems to be 29 active enough members though, so that's good.
  2. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    At last, the snow is gone! Back on the bike for getting to work today. The last couple of weeks driving to work have made losing weight so much harder. An extra 250 or so calories a day makes a big difference.
  3. Online and Offline Friend/Relationships

    I don't think that ever happened. :p I used to shop in the supermarket that @EEVILMURRAY worked in, and we may have had a chat about jerky. But ... NO NOTES. That crazy. Then I moved across to Macclesfield (I was too close to eevil), and there the story ends.
  4. [Your Name] The Hedgehog

    @jayseven shares my first name, so I tried my surname. I typed in "pike the hedgehog" with a great amount of doubt. Of course there's no Pike the Hedgehog, that would be absurd. Pike the Mongoose. That's normal.
  5. Things that people say that wind you up

    Maybe that's why you were a candidate this year? Maybe you should mark each post with a level of seriousness at the end. Just to clarify.
  6. Things that people say that wind you up

    In my experience, and I'm assuming bob's too, it's "for", not "through." (Not that it matters. BUT if we keep dissecting bob's joke let's see how truly unfunny we can make it! :p )
  7. Awesome stuff thread

    Needs more boost pads. And a second character.
  8. Monies

    Monthly updated budget spreadsheet guy here. I even know how it's going to look in April when the tax allowances are increased. But I've just moved house and am about to have the house rewired and central heating installed, so that's my savings killed. I get a bonus each March and I just use that as my savings. Maybe I'll stick a bit aside each month, but I don't generate any new debt, so when the bonus comes along it's typically not needed for anything.
  9. Love Thy Neighbour

    I have a feeling that we might be the bad neighbours. From 1:00 to 1:20 is some of my favourite family video. (This was a few years ago, I think the boy has only become a worse neighbour since then.)
  10. I like a feisty lady, a super bitch. Someone more likely to get in a fight, than to shy away and take the better path. At work there was a girl that I used to joke with (nothing particularly mean) when she came down to the stats department. I later heard that she didn't like coming down to stats that much because she was frightened of me. Some of the other statisticians said that I should go easy on her (honestly I wasn't being too mean). I just told them that it disgusted me and she'd have no reprieve. This makes me sound heartless. But that's the kind of lady I like too. So ... YEAH! (Dyed red hair though. Lifts anyone in my eyes.)
  11. Geeky Garb - What's Your Limit?

    I used to get shirts from threadless before they started making them out of toilet paper, but now most tee purchases tend to come from Qwertee. The one on sale today is subtly geeky but I like it as a shirt too. I own this, and it's as far to the geek as I'll go.
  12. Reddit.

    Horrendous. 35 years? For files? It's mind boggling that this sort of thing happens. I have no idea how but someone somewhere needs to make sure that rapists and murderers and child abusers and so on, do more time than file-sharers.
  13. Not that I'm aware of! My sister-in-law is a Gemma Pike, but lives in the North-East.

    Gemma used to be Gemma Salmon, but then married my brother and became a Pike. Like a pokémon might evolve.

  14. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Congrats Tales. Though it pains me to say it. I've finished second four times now. NEXT SEASON!
  15. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I read two comics over Christmas and experiences were mixed. Adventure Time Vol. 1. Bought for my daughter, but I read it and enjoyed it. Not fantastic, or super gripping, but reasonably amusing. Not as good as the show. Arkham Asylum. I asked for this as a present as it seemed to pop up on top comic lists all over the place. Loved by many. Not for me. I found it difficult to read because of the art, and the story didn't interest me. Guess I'm a heathen. I was also given Watchmen and I'm looking forward to that, but not got round to it yet.
  16. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Gutted with a draw. I went for the win and would be top of the table. Crying.
  17. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Goals for 2013: Lose about a stone to drop down to 10st 7lb. Keep running faster. Doing a sub-20min 5k is the dream. In last year's thread I put this: My 5k pb is now 23:09. PROGRESS.
  18. Weight loss and exercise hurt, let's talk about it to cheer ourselves up. Anyone that's friends with me on Facebook should know that I've taken up running, starting with the C25K program that was suggested in the 2011 version of this thread. I've yet to feel a runner's high but, in true gamer fashion, I feel great satisfaction over my high scores. On Boxing Day I ran 5.19km in 30:13. That was awesome. Shaving seconds off my time is what keeps me going through the 10min-20min period where I just want it all to end. It felt so awesome that I want to lose a bit of weight so that I can run even faster. There are several runners at work and they all run faster than me, but I've only just started - I'll get there!
  19. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    The power of home advantage and a hefty win bonus. Suck it up!
  20. The Hobbit

    There used to be breaks in the UK, when I was really young. Staff used to walk around selling ice creams and stuff during them too. They just kinda faded away over time.
  21. Christmas cards.

    I asked my family and Esther's side of the family not to send me birthday cards this year. I received more than ever. GREAT. FUNNY HA HA GUYS.
  22. The Hobbit

    Hee hee hee.
  23. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    @Fierce_LiNk You need a freekick taker! (Mine's awesome.)
  24. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    Went for a run at lunch. The weather was horrendous, but I thought I'd be manly and run anyway. I have never been so cold and wet. I ran up a hill and on the top it was insanely windy and cold. So horrid. So good.
  25. Funny Stuff Thread I used to love these films as a kid.