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    Played an hour or two of this and so far I'm loving it, great graphics and super fast vehicles. Too be honest I have no idea what happening but I'm enjoying it. Hopefully I can have a few races with you guys when they sort out friends list/multiplayer
  2. 1-2 Switch (March 3rd 2017)

    Iv actually warmed up to 1-2 Switch it sounds pretty awesome but I think il have to wait for price cut.
  3. Will Nintendo Return To E3 Presentations In 2017?

    I think they'll have a big presence this year but They may concentrate on this years games that haven't come out; Mario, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem Heroes etc and maybe have a Direct at the end with late 2018 games. I think Ubisoft will have a few games for the Switch. What I want; Metroid Prime 4 Eternal Darkness 2 Dark Souls 1 Switch edition MGS Collection (with Twin Snakes and V) FZero SX Beyond good and evil 2 Pilotwings Any of those would make me extremely happy.
  4. Wow I can't believe some of you have finished it already, fair play. I'm slowly ambling through the game exploring lots of little areas but trying to do it organically rather than force it. I tend to slowly make my way to a main quest marker whist exploring things that look interesting on the way. My god do I love this game it's just breathtaking from the visuals down the tiny details like picking apples off a tree. It's not Zelda as many know it but it really evokes the original game, maybe Nintendo can make a Wind Waker or twilight princess esq game for Switch so that those upset with the change have something to look forward too ( a ALBW sequel maybe?). For me it's a change for better and gives Zelda a fresh and wonderful world to explore and I'm only at Hateno village.
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Any one feel free to add me : SW-1072-7197-0143. Iv bought Shovel Knight treasure trove and spectre of torment I'm guessing I didn't need to buy spectre of torment separately? Did I just spend £8.99 without need
  6. Yep iv been doing much the same, iv barely done anything objective wise but loads of exploring, fighting and finding chests etc. I love the freedom you seek to have.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Everything has arrived, including the guide which I was not expecting till next week. The Switch is smaller and lighter than I was expecting but feels really well made. The UI is very basic and clean and easy to use. The joycons are marvellous so far and no problems so far. All in all I’m really impressed and can’t wait for more time with the Switch.
  8. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    It's at my local depot, but Royal Mail are always slow at getting parcels out as I live in the ass end of nowhere. A long wait is ahead I think, my thoughts are with you all who are awaiting parcels.
  9. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I couldn't agree more, could be the start of a new triumphant Nintendo. If Arms and splatoon 2 are massive hits I could see the Switch success snowballing. God I'm excited.
  10. I am Setsuna

    Looks really good but I think il have to wait a while before picking this up, with Zelda , Shovel Knight and Fast RMX. Mind you i could see myself going bonkers with Eshop and buying too many games.
  11. Rime

    Beautiful game, I'm getting a very relaxed vibe from it. It's on my Must have list, anything that reminds me of Wind Waker and Ico can only mean great things.
  12. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Haha very true, I'm going to have play Pokemon moon and super Mario 3D world until it arrives. Result house to myself tomorrow morning though.
  13. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Money has gone , no despatch yet I'm hoping Amazon will still get it out too me but then I live in the middle of nowhere. My other half says I'm unbearable and acting like a child on Christmas Eve. I'm really excited I think it's all down to a new amazing Zelda is coming with it.
  14. Haha I own it on 3DS, GameCube Zelda collector disk and VC and iv only played the first 2 hours. In fairness it's the only 3D Zelda iv not played properly. A list I love lists. Wind asked HD Ocarina of Time Skyward Sword (I did love this game) Twilight Princess I'm not sure if BotW can surpass Wind Waker for me, but I'm going to guess it will. I know very little about BotW, but I don't think iv ever been this excited for a game.