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  1. Wii Launch - Report For N-Europe!

    Just a quick note to let any greek readers know that the Wii is already available at least at one retailer in Greece. Papasotiriou Book & Software Stores started selling Wiis right after they received them, early in the afternoon today (Nortec, the Greek importer was ok about it, as the guys at the store told me). I got mine at the Stournari & Patision Street store at about 14:30 (Greek time) and I'll be setting it up as soon as I finish this post. So, any Greek-Athenian Nintendo fans reading this beam down to the Politechnio area ASAP!. P.S. Unfortunately no Zelda available yet, only Call of Duty 3 and the bundled wii sports of course. But that will do for tonight.