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  1. How about




    Absorbing Man




  2. I don't have it with me, but I can get my sister/Paj to find it, and send it to you.


    Which figs do you have that I might want?

  3. Just send me jokes in a box!


    I'll get my sister to find LExxie.

  4. My wants:


    Hammer Of Thor





    Loki (female)





    Arkham Asylum


    The Question

    Gorilla Grodd

    Amanda Waller


    Per Degaton


    Bizarro No.1

    Mad Hatter


    The Joker


    Secret Invasion


    Sharon Carter



    Dr. Strange


    Cloak & Dagger

    Nick Fury





    Trickster & Pied Piper


    Star Sapphire


    Mutations And Monsters


    Absorbing Man

    Emma Frost


    Justice League


    Any of the Starro'd Justice League LEs (except Aquaman, I'd prefer not to own shit).





    Terrax The Tamer



    And that's about it. Which of them do you have?

  5. Oh soz, I totally forgot. You can phone my sister if you want and demand him off her.



  6. Oi, craq. Sign up to my Pokemon mafia on HCR?? Don't worry not stealing your thunder, should be sufficiently different (major difference being that players play as trainers, and have one Pokemon to be great with)



  7. Thanks!


    Can't say I have advice better than anyone else -- I'm naturally stick thin (and actually used to have problems putting weight on!) -- I swim a lot, and cycle/walk everywhere. Do squats.


    Good luck!

  8. Well one thread of the film is about a successful finance woman in Seoul being forced to take a holiday by her boss, so she goes to an island where she spent her childhood holidays. That aspect of it is the most stunning "evolved city life vs primitive rural life" thing ever.


    I'd say its a thriller, but that would give you the wrong impression. It just so very clear the director wants us to all scrub away the shite in our lives and just live.


    The film is massively feminist too, but not in a shite way.

  9. Areas are proportional to the square of the radius, so essentially its (16x16)/(13.5x13.5) times bigger. Which is roughly 1.4 times more Pizza.

  10. BEAR IN MIND I'll be in London / without interz until the 20th August. LOST should stun, but I'm scared my jokes will be too severe.

  11. But good in general (for what I can tell). You've put in loads of effort.

  12. Filthy virus. Sorry.

  13. God ReZ, calm yosel. I'm trying to work out how to work it. And shits have chosen annoying choices, so have to try and make it interesting.

  14. I do have Icons Lex Luthor. Why do you ask?

  15. I want to become you.

  16. I'm too scared to give a plot outline, because it might ruin it. For the last 10 minutes of the film I had my hands on my face in shock, stopping myself from yelping out loud, or letting tears get into my mouth. It's just JKStun.

  17. I've actually been following your designs! I don't know enough about Invincible to comment I feel. Although I do feel a lot of your dials tail off too much at the end. Especially Invincible himself, who should be the definition of "last click is better than first click".

  18. Join Pash's Clobberin' Time mafia on HCR TBF.

  19. PS. I'm planning my Superhero Shindig costume already.

  20. ReZ, I've done all the roles on paper, and I'm just letting it mull, reanalysing everything and figuring out how a certain mechanic is going to work smoothly. Literally calm yourself.

  21. Ur video m indian art[ichoke]. Let me see.

  22. Yeah, I did actually. The funniest thing about it I think is that they're encouraging Christchurch's JCR to change their name to Slytherin. It's so so fitting.

  23. You're disgusting me as we speak.