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  1. Really loved this. Felt exactly like a Spider-Man comic. Andy G and Emma Stone were both great. Liked the fact it was Gwen Stacey rather than MJ, and I liked the police vs vigilante thing going on. Also liked how it set up the parents/Kurt Connor thing -- it actually gave him reason to be all nosy and to get bitten by the spider, rather than it just being random. Loved the humour, was loling throughout, even at bits which weren't explicitly supposed to be jokes, just because I love looking at his and Emma Stone's faces.


    And I liked how it felt like Spider-Man had to outwit and then use Incapacitate to deal with Lizard, rather than just having 3 damage.


    I preferred it to Avengers. Kinda annoying that they can't be in the same continuity. I look forward to the sequel; Spectacular Spider-Man? Astonishing Spider-Man?

  2. I guess it's preferable to introducing Norman Osbourne and having to explain why he's not a Spider-Man villain anymore, and why someone doesn't just arrest him. Iron Patriot is a really convoluted character.


    Bit confused by this.


    Firstly they said Iron Man 3 would be very much Iron Man (and not loads of guys in armour), so I'm a bit surprised War Machine is gonna be in this next film.


    Secondly I'm guessing the new paint job may be because War Machine is currently fighting on the front line, given Rhodey's military and all, and thus acting as an American symbol against those they're fighting. But don't they now have Captain America for that!?


    Cap is so incongruous to modern warfare that it wouldn't really work. "Charge!" as a warhead comes flying his way, killing half the unit.

  3. Have any villain townies been armoured?


    Yeah, Detroit Steel.


    So the Russian is the killer. And the one mafia member we know which has died has been Russian (his only feature which distinguishes him from the rest of the dead list). Therefore it's a pretty safe bet the mafia is Russian characters.


    Roles we know:

    mr-paul - Iron Man

    chairdriver - Iron Monger

    Yvonne - Thunderbolt Ross

    Tales - Blizzard


    None of which are Russian. Therefore the following unclaimed people are ~90% certainly the mafia.


    The Peeps








    Vote: The Peeps




    I'm guessing Whiplash, Titanium Man and Yelena Belova Black Widow.

  4. Ok, this is really problematic, Crimson Dynamo being mafia puts a flaw in my theory of non-armoured heroes being mafia. Why is Crimson Dynamo mafia when loads of other Iron Man villains aren't?


    Tales is Blizzard. I would have guessed that the Thunderbolts were the mafia, but clearly that's not the case since Radioactive Man came up town.

  5. It's amazing how many songs I assume are from the 90s, then when I look they're from the early 2000s. My next thought is "it seems like much longer ago than that!" Then I remember 2000 was 12 years ago.


    Yeah, in my head Kylie Spinning Around, Britney Oops I Did It Again, Atomic Kitten Whole Again, Sugababes Overload &c &c &c are all 90s tracks, but in reality they're all early 00s.


    This is 1997 though, yes:


    I love how there never seemed to be any attempt to look glamourous in the 90s. Like, you'd never get someone wearing a crop top with a vaguely fat stomach in pop music today.

  6. I was stopped from using my power last night.


    I also now think with it seeming like all of me, Rummy, Cube and chairdriver are from the Iron Man universe, at least one of Cube and chair are evil.


    Armour Wars was an arc in the Iron Man comic where all the armoured characters had a massive battle, of course loads of us are going to be Iron Man characters...


    I don't even see how your logic follows? We're all associated characters, therefore some of us have to be mafia? Why would I (Iron Monger) be opposite aligned to Detroit Steel and Dormammu?


    It's already been established that the virus has turned armoured heroes rogue so they're working with the villains. The mafia are probably unarmoured heroes like Nick Fury, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage.


    I want to hear more from Vote: Jimbob. If he's Hulk he could be mafia.

  7. Why would aliens come here in massively advanced technology just to build pyramids out of rocks? Why wouldn't they build something really high-tech and amazing and even... I don't know... useful?


    Well the theory is that they were reaction chambers to power the alien mothership, so they were actually hi-tech/useful.

  8. I'd suggest something different, like not putting a vote out straight away.


    So you've told me I've done wrong -- we understand that, because "coming out of the blue" (aka waking up in the morning and looking at your PMs then posting the result in the game thread) and casting a vote for someone (who for all intents and purposes could be mafia) is obviously the most heinous of crimes -- tell me how I should have played.

  9. I'm not really sure how it's "terrible play", or how I'd play it alternatively? You wanted me to sit on the information that mr-paul is Iron Man, even though all evidence in the game thread up until that point suggested that heroes were mafia?


    Besides, now we now know that (whether mafia or town) Cube and mr-paul are on the same side.

  10. Because my character is (as far as I'm aware) aligned with Tony Stark, and I'm a townie.


    Does your character wear armour?


    Part of me feels like chair is evil and digging for as much information as he can. They've now seen a town PM, great play if you are evil. What is your role and what did you find out about me last night?


    I'm Iron Monger. I used my night power on you.

  11. Why on earth would Iron Man be aligned with Dormammu (who opened up a rift into hell and is Dr Strange's sworn nemesis) and Detroit Steel (who tried to kill Iron Man multiple times)? Like, literally makes no sense from a narrative perspective.


    I was waiting for you to elaborate that you were Norman Osborne Iron Man or something, which would make vague sense, but Tony Stark, no...