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  1. Gays and Games (fishing for dissertation help)

    Often it is the case that heterosexuality is a major theme / driving force of a game. Like a lot of the imagery/plot of Final Fantasy VIII was centred on Squall/Rinoa. It would just be really cool and exciting if there were games where similar emphasis was put on male/male relationship. In the case of Final Fantasy VIII it could have been Squall/Zell with very little change to the characters -- Zell feels like a twink who can't deal with the fact he's a twink, Squall a closet case. [Although it would be a shitty story because Zell has none of the gravitas and mystique as a character as Rinoa does, and it would ruin the neat thing they have with Laguna/Squall Rinoa/Julia too, but that's semantics] I see Somme's point if you're playing games like Tetris/Mario Kart/Crash Bandicoot where sexuality feels irrelevant, but the main games I play are RPGs, where the story is the prime aspect. I must have played ~30 RPGs, like 1 of which has a gay character in it. If there's, say, 10 notable characters in each game, that's 0.3% of characters, which is way below the recognised 3-10% of the population. Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII is the closest thing I've come to being stunned by an LGBT character in a video game, but even then she's not explicitly given a sexuality (up to the point I've played, which is Gran Pulse).
  2. Gays and Games (fishing for dissertation help)

    Persona 4 felt a bit stunning. It felt so refreshing to have discussion of a gay sexuality in an RPG. Albeit really illiberated viewpoint on the affair, like felt really seedy and full of self-loathing. But I stopped playing when I got to the steamhouse bit (can't remember why, presumably because I had a more pressing game to play?), and apparently it unravels that he's not actually gay and it was all a massive misunderstanding? If so, I want to die. I remember being 7 years old the bit in Midgar where you had to dress Cloud as a woman in Final Fantasy VII was my absolute favourite thing. I used to start the game again and play to get to that bit. On reflection now it kinda takes the mick out of transvestitism in an unhelpful way though :/
  3. good stuff thread.

    Frank you are all I want to be.
  4. good stuff thread.

    Your name is either Mia or M.I.A.
  5. Lana Del Ray

    26 meanest Born To Die reviews
  6. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    Having finally played Final Fantasy XIII, I'm quite impressed how the chorus of this fits with the mood of the game. Reminds me of the other music in the game (where there's unintelligible female vocals singing euphorically), and Vanille's face. [still stunned by the album cover to Echo too. An iconic image.]
  7. Gender Neutrality

    Yeah, but in order to define their gender you'd have to dissolve the gender binary, which you're enforcing when you strictly categorise male/female.
  8. Gender Neutrality

    It can be useful/comforting for some people. You have to recognise that you are cis-privileged, for many people the gender binary is not enough to describe and understand their state/identity. The world drills it into us what these two categories 'man' and 'woman' are, and for people who are entirely outside of those categories, gender can be anything but comforting.
  9. Pokémafia 12 : Ruby and Sapphire SIGN UPs Thread

    I'll play please.
  10. Gender Neutrality

    Because in order to all get along we have to sort out the bullshit which is still rife? You can't necessarily expect someone to be amicable when there's a whole heap of shit that they have to deal with that you're privileged not to ever experience.
  11. Gender Neutrality

    You can't really be a liberal when you're as far left as I am.
  12. Gender Neutrality

    I'm not a liberal, you're preaching to the choir.
  13. Gender Neutrality

    This. It'd be extremely difficult to have any sort of meaningful social revolution without first dissolving capitalism. ~~~ I get the impression the reason it's more biased towards femininity is because the associated stereotypical characteristics are generally more compatible with a liberal politics than masculine ones are. For example, stereotypical boys toys often glorify guns and military and a more "survival of the fittest"-esque worldview. Also, the mother is perhaps conscious of the privileges associated with being a [cisgendered] man, and doesn't want her child growing up being able to take those privileges.
  14. Gender Neutrality

    I wish people had such vehement reaction to when trans people are forced to act as/be the gender they aren't.
  15. A Hipster Photography Experiment

    I feel the quotes have to have some degree of stunningness though, you can't just place random emo messages over things and call it hipster.
  16. Tumblr

    Words are so much more ephemeral and of-the-moment than pictures, gifs or videos are though. It makes less sense to hedgekeep Twitter because people are less likely to go to someone's profile and read every single tweet, where it's more of a thing to actively go through people's Tumblrs and look at past posts.
  17. It's comical in the sense I lol-scoffed when I read in the context of orchestrating one night stands. Even if you've been sexually active for only 3 years, that's one partner every 12 weeks.
  18. If your definition of slut is someone who has had more than 13 sexual partners, than yes, I am a slut. (I don't understand why you'd demonise someone who has a more-than-average amount of sex though?)
  19. N-E Awards 2011 Results

    Drive / Born This Way. Yes.
  20. The Music Thread

    Sure, I understand. [i doubly hate that song Taxman because it's just [i]bad[/i] politics. How the fuck do you think the road you're walking on gets paid for? Roads aren't cheap. Don't whine about taxes, go sort out a way to stop bank CEOs from garnering a £10m annual bonus if you want more money.]
  21. The Music Thread

    But then, at the same time, Taxman came up on my shuffle while I was walking to my lecture yesterday, and I actually thought I misheard the lyric "If you get too cold I'll tax the heat, If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet", but I didn't. Genuinely really bad. Like, jumped out at me as being bad.
  22. Forum User Photos

    She's too old though.
  23. The Music Thread

    To be fair, it is quite reasonable to question The Beatles. There's no reason why they should be so massive.