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  1. Six things rich people say

    Aside, did you go to school with a Ruari C-W? (He saw you on my Facebook.)
  2. Oh right, like they were told not to piss on the bodies of war prisoners?
  3. Also, surely the major flaw of all of this is that if American troops are sent out they'll be fighting the soldiers... who are children.
  4. Six things rich people say

    I kinda can't deal with quasi-anticapitalist critique right now which demonises rich people and does nothing else. Of course you're going to have rich people being cunts, that's how the class system operates. It's all systemic.
  5. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    How do you increase your forearm strength? Mine are faible comme merde.
  6. good stuff thread.

    Went on a date to see Benjamin Britten's War Requiem in concert. Yes. I was so actively done in. [And only £5, great value]. Boy had to leave immediately after, which I take it means he hates me? I was so uninvested, it's fine.
  7. Forum User Photos

    I hate you all.
  8. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    Just skip, it's easy.
  9. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    6' / 6'1" if I'm in a Liz Phair mood.
  10. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I'm slowly creeping up. First time in my life I've ever been 10.2st.
  11. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    So I've rediscovered skipping. There was a rope lying on the floor in the gym and I was like lol I wonder whether I'm still great at life? And it turned out to be one where the rope is on rotating hinge things, so you can skip without moving your hands, allowing amazingly fast/great skips. I feel more worked out than I've ever been, it seems so much better than running. Drenched in sweat, and I can feel my ab muscles. Also did loads of recumbent leg presses, with the seat set really close to the board thing where you put your feet, to maximise effect on ass muscles. It's definitely working. Used to never have an ass, now I'm pretty much like Nicki Minaj or J-Lo, loving my life.
  12. good stuff thread.

    Yeah it's such a stunning/joke place. I exclusively met characters from a fantasy novel when I went.
  13. The Avengers

    "Avengers Assemble" is in some ways a much more stunning title. There's a sense of specificity to it, and it offers so much more than just "The Avengers", which is dull and to-the-point (in a non-interesting way). Offers more possibility for variance-within-conformity for sequels titles too.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    I'd prefer to just spend money on the books and not have the hassle of eyes/holding/charging.
  15. The Music Thread

    I love Madonna's verse bit between Nicki's and MIA's. (MIA's bit feels bad/pointless).
  16. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    Both Celebration and Revolver are good though. I'm not sure why they weren't bigger. I have completely stunned by Revolver in a club once.
  17. Psychological Models

    But then, the fact that both players will use the same logic distorts this. If steal is always your best bet, then you'll always get nothing, because the opponent will always choose steal too.
  18. Psychological Models

    Well in the discussion the only option you have is to say "Yeah I'll split", because there is absolutely no benefit to saying you'll steal. So essentially it comes down to how trustworthy the person is, and your impression of what the other player will do. Realistically the best tactic is to say: "I'll steal, you split, then I'll split the money 50/50". If they don't hold their end of the deal they're a dick, you don't don't hold your end of the deal you're a dick.
  19. What do you eat in a day?

    Just do loads of exercise, it's a much more effective way of losing weight.
  20. The Music Thread

    I'm loving my new Spotify life for a quarter of the cost, aren't I?
  21. Posture

  22. Gays and Games (fishing for dissertation help)

    RPG games would be the main type of game that it'd be a thing. I can imagine it being done well, if at first it's not obvious and then slowly as the story progresses it's like "oh, actually this character I'm walking around as might not actually be straight". I'd be more stunned by "oh, this character I'm walking around as might not actually be cisgendered", as more of their backstory is fleshed out you realised they lived the first section of their life as the other sex. If the character was written well and was someone cool and likeable I think it'd be really effective. Maybe it might come under fire for using a sex transition as a plot twist though?
  23. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    So I went out in London on Friday night, and wore a tank top in the club. Got loads of attention, lots of compliments, even a couple of guys feeling my arms. Just feels great to have guys actively into your body, makes the effort of going to the gym more justified. ALTHOUGH, that said, I did feel massively objectified. In some ways I hate the concept. Like, I'm more stunned by the people who have charisma and can dance and are radiant and command your attention, not the people that can repetitively lift a weight up and down. I didn't get with anyone (I could have easily, there were a few hot ones into me). I felt a bit empty inside, wasn't in the mood.
  24. Gays and Games (fishing for dissertation help)

    I'd be stunned by a Final Fantasy X redux where you could choose which of the main party you were romantically involved with. Come on Rikku. Come on Kimahri.
  25. Gays and Games (fishing for dissertation help)

    Games aren't made for the sole purpose of making money. There is some artistry involved. Most RPGs are meticulously designed, not because that's going to sell more copies, but because the designers are into it. Re: selling point / talking point, my mind jumps to Brokeback Mountain. Everyone was like OMGzzz ITS ABOUT GAY COWBOYS WHO HAVE BUTTSEX IN A TENT, but clearly the director and design team had no intention of the film being marketed like that. They filmed it to be a beautiful, poignant piece of art, and that's what it was. While the "novelty" certainly helped it sell cinema tickets, in the long term the film will certainly be remember for being good rather than for being a thing where tentsex happens. If Final Fantasy XV were to have a headlining gay relationship I think a similar thing might happen. Everyone would be like "OMG this iz total madness", but then when it turned out to be a good game people would get over it.