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  1. Freedom of Speech

    Seems pretty extreme for a racist Tweet, considering the site could have just blocked his account. Like, why isn't everyone on 4chan getting arrested?
  2. Same-Sex Marriage

    I doubt their marriage vows included a clause about monogamy, especially since both were complicit in the act. There's a reason why so many married men cheat, because in many cases its boring and tedious and frustrating and depressing to exclusively sleep with one person over a long term, even if you love that person. For example, if one of the couple has a fetish the partner doesn't share, that person is always going to be sexually unfulfilled and their life experience will be worse off for it. But that doesn't stop them from loving their spouse with all their heart. The difference in this instance was that both spouses had agreed that they could have sexual relationships outside the marriage, so it wasn't cheating.
  3. Same-Sex Marriage

    Well no, they clearly loved each other. There's a distinction between love love and sexual love.
  4. Same-Sex Marriage

    3 weeks ago I had sex with a guy who was married to a man (he was wed in The Netherlands so he was legitimately married). He had his husband hadn't had sex in 2 years because they were bored with each other, and they both have sex outside the marriage. Kinda interesting. Wasn't sure how intimate it was appropriate to be, but he seemed really chilled about intimacy.
  5. Same-Sex Marriage

    I dunno, I always thought it has been a not really been a taken-seriously thing for like 20 years or something?
  6. Same-Sex Marriage

    There are actually that many gays in real life, they're just all closeted, duh. [/not backed by any statistics at all] [i started writing a list of names, but then realised that's like Nazi practice or whatever. Could be dangerous if there's ever a fascist revolution (lol)]
  7. How can you help someone with depression?

    I was very depressed for a period, and I remember actively thinking: "oh Christ please don't try to "cheer me up", you're being so patronising" at certain points when people'd come visit me. It was really irrational. The most significant action (that I can remember / put a finger on) which helped me was lying on my friend James' bed, actively being like "Oh god I hate life right now". We had a two hour long conversation about things. He kind of assumed a Laura Roslin-esque persona. Assigned himself the Inspiring Command feat card. He said to me: "But you won't fail your degree" / "But so what if you don't get a job? Life goes on, and you'll still be an interesting person." / "So write music. Lauryn Hill wrote one of the best albums ever and bitch only knows 3 chords" (my favourite thing anyone's ever said to me). It was so inspiring. I had such faith in what he was saying. It felt so devoid of condescension etcetera. Made me go out afterwards at 4 in the morning and lie in a field and look at the night sky (It was such a film moment). But yeah, I realise that's a really non-transferable story. Deal with it, I'm in a self-indulgent mood right now.
  8. But good in general (for what I can tell). You've put in loads of effort.

  9. I've actually been following your designs! I don't know enough about Invincible to comment I feel. Although I do feel a lot of your dials tail off too much at the end. Especially Invincible himself, who should be the definition of "last click is better than first click".

  10. Same-Sex Marriage

    I don't think it's "shockingly" low, considering at 14 you do actually have sexual agency. Like, at the age of 14 I exclusively thought about sex.
  11. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    Yes. ~~~ I feel this song is so under-ratedly stunning. It has such an atmosphere. I particularly like when it rounds itself up, then starts again. Yes.
  12. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I kinda can't deal with this style of arty homoeroticism. Like, I hate looking at thin people. Especially thin people in unflattering underwear (kinda don't understand that hipster/American Apparel style of briefs). And people who look like they think they're really hot, or twinks who are actually like 25. Basically I just hate (skinny) hipsters. (I'm into the car washing though) As for the actual song (as is the concern of the thread, lol), it's one of those where you have to hear multiple times before you can make up your mind, I feel. ~~ I enjoy Are You Satisfied by Marina a lot. The first line especially. So immediate.
  13. Happy Pi Day!

    I was asked about pi in my Oxford interview and I gave a stunning answer, and got in, so it's dear 2 my heärt these days.
  14. Same-Sex Marriage

    Like this. Don't like this reason, since that's a massive gender stereotype. Loads of women I know are against marriage, and loads of men are really quite for it.
  15. Same-Sex Marriage

    Yes. My favourite word/concept. My mother's name is Grace, and for the longest time I was always like "Why would you call your child Grace? Gray-ce. Graice. It's so ugly." But then, when you consider it as a non-trivial thing... it's like calling your child Beauty - except that Beauty sounds shite and obvious - like, imagine being able to utter "I am Grace". It's like something an angel would say. And if you say the word over and over you understand why it means what it means, why the sounds came to represent such a stunning quality in a person, grace. I always think of Shilpa Shetty when I think of grace. Like a definitely stunning human being, old and wise, knows that grace is such a quality to have. I wish I had grace. I wish I was called Grace.
  16. Same-Sex Marriage

    But then, I find an argument which emphasises the role of scripture often implicitly assumes that's the way everyone thinks about theology, which isn't necessarily true.
  17. Same-Sex Marriage

    I sorta feel it's so obvious that the Church is full of internal inconsistency and hypocrisy and bullshit that you don't even need to point it out.
  18. Same-Sex Marriage

    Loads of great points raised already etc etc. [insert argument about state recognition and how its not necessarily a good thing. Not interesting, but important to note] Main point I want to raise is that campaigning for only certain aspects of an LGBTQ lifestyle introduces a sort of hierarchy, where relationships that approximately fit the mould of what's conventional get the legislative rights, and the others don't. As though it's ok to be gay, but only if the forms of your relationships mimmick those of heteronormativity. Why aren't we campaigning for marriage for more than two people? Why aren't we campaigning for civil partnerships to be an option for straight people? What about trans people that find the terms 'same-sex' and 'different-sex' problematic? These are clearly rhetorical questions because politics is ruled by pragmatism, but it feels like you're a bit shunned if you suggest anything other than cisgendered monogamous marriage? It feels like people often pick and choose the bits of LGBTQ-ness they like, and then forget the rest.
  19. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    But then, I have a feeling that having sex with a celebrity would be a really strange experience. You might be constantly aware of the fact they were a celebrity, meaning you wouldn't be enjoying it for what it is. And perhaps you'd have such a sense of onus on yourself to be good in the sack, in that she'd chosen you out of the millions of people who are tripping over themselves to have sex with her. And perhaps there'd be the ambiance that she was doing you a favour. [Celebrities aren't really real people.]
  20. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    But then I wouldn't describe the feeling of having weightlifted as painful? I get DOMS after the first session of a work out in ages, but the actual event of doing the leg press till I can't really walk isn't what I'd call painful.
  21. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    If it's painful you're probably doing something wrong...
  22. Twitter

    Started a new account, with the same username. @JWilliamJames. If you followed me before and want to continue to follow me you'll have to refollow me.
  23. good stuff thread.

    Are there many times when you make a net loss? (Just curious)
  24. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    FITNESS PROGRESS: PICTURE EDITION A year ago: Today: I'm not sure if there's a noticeable difference, but I feel so much better, so it's fine.