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  1. The Avengers

    I guess
  2. The Avengers

    I felt
  3. Funny Stuff Thread

    That looks like it'd be really painful on the gooch / tailbone than actual balls.
  4. The Avengers

  5. The Avengers

    I feel stunned.
  6. http://www.metro.co.uk/news/896976-claire-squires-named-as-runner-who-died-during-london-marathon Please donate to her cause to offer some solace to her family and friends. http://www.justgiving.com/Claire-Squires2
  7. Claire Squires, 30, dies running London Marathon

    Justgiving get 25p for every £5 donated, which they "re-invest to help raise more money". I think the symbolic value of her loved ones seeing the massive amount donated on her page of meagre expectations is worth the 5%.
  8. The Avengers

    Although, it does make sense, since superheroes have always had a penchant for lycra / costumes that might as well be underwear. And it feels like a reference to that Black Widow's Ass thing.
  9. The Avengers

    There better be a PS3 game of this tbf.
  10. 'Racist Cake' Controversy

    There's really not much that can be said/done though, everyone knows colonialism is disgusting and that the western world should be eternally disgraced at itself for building its wealth out of the exploitation and despair of Africa. And no one's endorsing female genital mutilation. I'd argue it is valuable to discuss what racism is / does and what constitutes racism.
  11. 'Racist Cake' Controversy

    I read from a different source that stated that the piece was about female genital mutilation, so I assumed it was an unambiguous thing.
  12. 'Racist Cake' Controversy

    It makes no sense; the people who are performing female circumcision are African themselves, and would never characterise themselves like that. It would be acceptable if the ridiculous representation actually had a point, but it doesn't; it's racist.
  13. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Just read The Return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison. I feel so unprivvy to what just actually happened. But it felt stunning nonetheless. I probably should have read the rest of Morrison's Batman mythod -- apparently the story arc is the best thing when you've faithfully read all of Batman RIP / Batman & Robin etc. ~~ Wolverine vs the X-Men (2011) is the worst comic I've ever read. Sloppy writing, pointless story. Worst of all you can tell the writer was wanking over Emma Frost throughout the writing process.
  14. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Just read X-Men: Blinded By The Light. Well written / engaging, with beautiful artwork. Chris Bachalo is always such a treat.
  15. Iconic gaming images

  16. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I love how the majority of her early stuff was really far away / quiet and unmemorable. But I'm so stunned.
  17. Delta Goodrem

    You seem to have a strange idea about the notion of beauty?
  18. Raising the next generation of Geeks.

    Such a case of Get over yourself.
  19. Hey There!

    I hate when people force you to hate yourself and life.
  20. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    I enjoyed Iron Man / Cap / Thor. They all had the same sheen of like... being content with being nothing extraordinary. They all felt like they told slight jokes in various places too. I'm looking forward to Cap 2.
  21. Happy birthday you are my sister.
  22. Forum User Photos

    Why are you like the fittest person in my life, this is so unfair.
  23. Freedom of Speech

    What does "equally offensive" mean? How do you judge if two things are equally offensive?