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  1. Iron Man 3

    I'm not sure what you're saying? It's the same thing as people conjecturing that Maria Hill is going to be turned into Jocasta, except the Coulson thing didn't make me burst out laughing.
  2. Iron Man 3

    Not really, there's just no other explainable reason why you'd contract such a boring non-event of a character for 9 movies.
  3. The Avengers

    Yes, this is true. I wanted that, and a compelling plot and an engaging script with intellectual depth. Basically I'm just contesting the thing where everyone's like "Joss Whedon is the best writer" when he's not. [He reminds me of David Guetta. I'm stunned by Titanium and I love the feeling of Who's That Chick on my puss, but ultimately, his work is kinda vapid.] Only because most people aren't "familiar" with LGBT plight (in the sense that it wouldn't spring to their mind because it doesn't apply to them). The race allegory doesn't stand up as well as the LGBT allegory does. The MLK vs Malcolm X / Prof x vs Magneto thing fits really well, but there's lots of places where the allegory doesn't apply: Bobby Drake is scared to tell his parents he's black? Bigoted scientists are looking for a cure for people being Chinese? Angel is self-harming because he's realised he's not white? [You can even see Professor X and Magneto in Hamishmash and I, respectively, when it comes to our views on LGBT politics. He's liberal where I'm like ultra-queer "sterilise everyone and have children born in birthing chambers" :p.]
  4. Iron Man 3

    It seems probable that he's going to be the "soul" of Vision or Ultron.
  5. The Avengers

    Because to think that a superhero movie is confined to the sort of film delivered to us with Avengers is to underestimate the potential the genre holds. There's no reason why a superhero film well written and directed shouldn't be as good/relevant as films like Alien, Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner etc etc.
  6. Iron Man 3

    He's contracted for 9 films.
  7. The Avengers

    Specifically the movies, it undeniably is. Bobby Drake "coming out" to his parents, "the cure", William Stryker: "my son is not a mutant / I don't have a son", Nightcrawler being self-loathing, Mystique: "I shouldn't have to pretend to not be a mutant", etc etc. ^ Which displays my point well. With X-Men you can pick out a plethora of stunning bits / aspects, and see that they are devices in the script. Avengers you can kinda talk about Nick Fury and the baseball cards, the attempt to give Maria Hill a life at the start, perhaps talk about Hulk, but it feels like there's not much depth to anything. Everything is as what you see. I agree with Oxigen Waste, it's going to be largely irrelevant in 5 years in the sense that the only reason you'd watch it is to watch a film about the Avengers.
  8. The Avengers

    Interestingly, Avengers fails the Bechdel test. In the two hour long movie, there is no dialogue between two women.
  9. The Avengers

    I feel that's more because both were badly directed though. (Zack Snyder is the worst person.)
  10. The Avengers

    I read a theory that Coulson is going to become Vision, given he had so much irrelevant screen-time and has been contracted for 9 movies. I feel stunned by the joke.
  11. The Avengers

    All I'm saying is that it could have easily been something more than a popcorn flick, and still be great. Like Watchmen, V For Vendetta, etc etc.
  12. The Avengers

    I feel that's you misconceiving how comics are written though. Most of the time they are way more than explosions and laughs, many comic writers actually are stunning; it would have been nice to have this reflected in the film.
  13. The Avengers

    I feel X-Men and X-2 are both better in the sense they actually have depth to the script (worse in the sense they're in parts cheesy and awkward and have worse comic timing); they actually make an effort to explore themes. I guess this is partly because X-Men is obviously an allegory for LGBT oppression, but that doesn't mean the characters of Avengers couldn't have been written in such a way to make you actually think about things. All the following could have been incorporated into the Avengers easily, and would have infused the film with actual content, rather than just being a popcorn flick. - Masculinity and femininity / male vs. female - Myth / reality, utopia, deism - War - Military as a form of operation/government - Change since 1940s, or lack of it - Mind control, loss of control over your own actions, what it means to have agency / humanity [this could have been done nicely if Hawkeye had had a conversation with Bruce Banner] - Capitalism, and its interaction with war/military/government etc etc And I wish Loki actually had a proper motive, rather than just being a megalomaniac.
  14. The Avengers

    Because that would help the film have some value above being just what it is as a story? It wouldn't take much, just someone who can actually write properly to write the script, you could add so much depth to the script by a couple of sentences here and there. ~~ I only just remembered this, but was anyone else literally SHOCKED when Loki called Black Widow a "Mewling quim"?? Probably the most obscene thing I've ever heard said on film. I have absolutely no idea how they got away with that. And there wasn't even any notion of "oh you sexist piece of shit" in retaliation. While she was over it (she was just acting), I think it's important for people to know that you can't just call a person a quim and it not be a thing. Quim is like the number 1 most offensive/disgusting word in the whole English language. Actually sounds horrid and slimy, where cunt just sounds aggressive.
  15. The Avengers

    It also feels really empty in the sense that it doesn't contain any sort of depth to the script. I mean, the team consists of a WWII soldier, a weapons dealer, a warrior god of myth and a walking metaphor for the dangers of nuclear warfare, and throughout the 2 hour film there's not one reflection on the nature of war? There's not one comment on how war has changed over time? There's nothing said to give us any feeling that Thor's presence is supposed to represent something more than him just being a _literal_ god. I mean, it's would be so easy to write a really good script (in the sense it has content) with this array of characters, but it doesn't delve at any point deeper than a surface level. Even the reaction to the death avoids any comment on what it means to give up elements of your personal freedoms in joining military. It's just completely apolitical and contentless. But the action was good.
  16. The Avengers

    I feel the films are so referential to the comics that you don't really need to watch them in any order.
  17. Forum User Photos

    So it was the surprise party for my friend's birthday. The theme was dress as him, so I went as the Latvian gay facet of his personality: Photo with me and birthday boy. Ignore my face, but this has to be posted for incredible pec action to be fair.
  18. Rihanna

    And of course her sole purpose of existence is to be attractive?
  19. Rihanna

    The majority of the bits quoted are choruses, where its an established thing to repeat phrases/words. And she clearly wasn't referring to Rude Boy when she said that, nor Birthday Cake. I can imagine her crying writing We Found Love or Where Have You Been, since they clearly written from some place of heart. In particular, Man Down is actually a really well-written song: "Lord have mercy, judge please give me minimal."
  20. The Avengers

    I feel like, it's easy enough to just say that Spider-Man is like 12 at this point and doesn't come into things until later on.
  21. The Avengers

    I guess they'd just avoid the whole children of Magneto thing, and just have them gypsy-born?
  22. Rihanna

    I love goddess / creation references.
  23. The Avengers

    Ant-Man and Wasp will clearly be Avengers 2, considering they're doing an Ant-Man film. Would be a joke to have Sersi, to tie into the Immortals mythod.
  24. The Avengers

  25. The Avengers

    Black Widow has always been a real great one in the comics, so it was to be expected she'd be the one you turn to in life.