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  1. Thor: The Dark World

    Basically Valkyrie is like the fiercest feminist bitch in town. Enchantress isn't part of the triangle, she's the one trying to kill Thor, manipulating Sif and Jane to do it. I had a problem with 300 because Frank Miller is a neo-Fascist and prefer not to participate in his work.
  2. Thor: The Dark World

    Yes, that love triangle works. And Valkryie is separate from that. She has no romantic interest in Thor. In the same way that Hogun, Fandrall and Volstagg have no romantic interest in Thor. How does that not work? Well Valkryie's bag is that she's a Valkryie -- she escorts fallen warriors to the afterlife, and can rescue people from the verge of death. Lots of room to fit that into the story. For instance Thor / Jane / any character dying and she bringing them back to life. And her winged horse has such room for a stunning CGI sequence. Hey cunts. I feel this is really wtf, you sound like you're from the 80s or something. There isn't "often" some romantic involvement. Of the biggest female Avengers [spider-Woman, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Wasp, Monica Rambeau] only Scarlet Witch and Wasp had romantic ties (Black Widow had a romance with Daredevil, but that was in Daredevil's comic). Wasp in particular was domestically abused by Ant-Man, and has since been a figurehead of independent women. Scarlet Witch soon became a central Avengers character and it was more like Vision was defined as the partner of Scarlet Witch rather than the other way round. And male heroes aren't sexy? With their rippling muscles? Striaght men aren't the only people watching these films. --- Also, I feel this is so appropriate: But calm down, it's just Enchantress impersonating her: Also, my favourite thing. Clearly 85 points:
  3. Thor: The Dark World

    Yes, but the point is that the universe was largely conceived in the 60s, it would be nice to acknowledge that it's an influential thing and has a responsibility to reflect changed attitudes. Which I think Marvel actually does well in the comics, if you look at the new superhero teams created in the last 10 years like Runaways, Young Avengers, New/Young X-Men they all have good female presence. [X-Men in particular has been all about women for the past like 20 years, lol, but then, that's always had such a good track record on being gøod] And Ms Marvel has had her own series, is the leader of the Avengers, is a character you want to read about and feels like she's on level with Iron Man etc nowadays. [Actually the Avengers have often been led by women, off the top of my head both Wasp and Monica Rambeau led them.] It just feels unrepresentative of the comics the film is drawn from that the Avengers film fails the Bechdel test. Ok, they chose those characters for Avengers specifically because they are the most famous (I contest they're the most popular; I feel like I've never encountered a Thor fan for instance) and they happened to be men. But now the franchise has had success it would be nice if it introduced characters to reflect the fact comics have moved past the "man's world" of the 60s. I just really reject the idea that you can't have 4 female leads, and that it'd be too much. I don't really understand the reasoning, especially when the two characters I suggested they introduce (Valkyrie and Enchantress) are pretty central to the Thor mythos.
  4. RIP Donna Summer

    Donna Summer, disco queen, has died aged 63, from lung cancer. A true great.
  5. Thor: The Dark World

    I'm talking about Thor 2 / Avengers 2.
  6. Thor: The Dark World

    I don't think they did any market research before choosing Loki, or Maria Hill -- there's no need to do so. People aren't stupid, they have the capacity to take in new characters. What more do you have to know about Valkyrie before going into the cinema apart from she's a Valkyrior from Asgard? Let the film do the talking, when she kicks ass, let that be the introduction to her character. Most people will know what the Valkyries are anyway (most famously the classical music "Flight of the Valkyries"), and if not, it takes 5 minutes to read her wikipedia profile. I really don't see the problem with the introduction of characters which have been well-established in the comics for like 40 years.
  7. Arrow (TV Show)

    I want to die.
  8. Thor: The Dark World

    I have a feeling they'll do a Black Widow movie, just to fully capitalise on Scarlett's fame. If they did, I'd be content if they tied up her story (either by death, retirement, whatever) because I feel she's been great in Avengers, and would be great in her movie, and I'd prefer to see someone new in the Avengers line-up. Hawkeye feels like he's really easy to write into any plot, because he's not as problematically powerful as Hulk/Thor/Iron Man, so he could either be there, or not be there, and it'd make no difference. I would usually say Hulk would be better as a stand-alone movie, but the 2 fails suggest otherwise. I feel like the main 4 aren't *certain*, mostly because it'd be easier to write a fresh script with a slightly mixed up cast. Like, Thor could easily go off to Hel and Ant-Man could take his stead and it wouldn't really be that problematic. (Although obviously depends on the success of the Ant-Man movie).
  9. Thor: The Dark World

    I guess I'm kinda tacitly working on the assumption that at least 2 of the 6 Avengers from the first film won't return for the second film (Otherwise why not just film Avengers 2 immediately after Avengers, and ride on the momentum of the success?). On the subject, I feel like my favourite Avengers 2 line-up would be: Captain America Iron Man Ant-Man She-Hulk Valkyrie Vision Although She-Hulk would be hard to do justice on film, since part of her joke is that she's aware she's in a comic.
  10. Thor: The Dark World

    No, but the point is that neither of them are random: Enchantress and Valkyrie are the two glaring character omissions from the Thor movie. Enchantress herself makes the most sense as the Villain in Thor 2 (assuming they aren't going to do Loki again), and Valkyrie the most sense as Thor's opponent/ally -- especially because she could be set up to be an Avenger in Avengers 2, and because there was a storyline where Enchantress manipulated her into doing her bidding / attacking Thor on her behalf. To say it wouldn't happen because there'd never be 4 female leads just seems randomly sexist. [And I probably wouldn't call Sif a lead anyway]
  11. Thor: The Dark World

    What the Avengers is is a superhero team. There's no reason why they had to choose that line up. In fact, I don't think Hulk has ever been on the same Avengers team as Captain America in the comics. To say that it was necessary to have 6 male leads and 1 female lead is false. Valkryie is more central to the Thor mythos than Sif is, I'd say. Sif is essentially just the 4th Warrior Three, with not much consequence to anything, where Valkyrie comes to earth and joins the Avengers/Defenders and is sorta the female counterbalance to Thor.
  12. Thor: The Dark World

    No that's just the art style.
  13. Thor: The Dark World

    Why not? There were 6 male leads in Avengers.
  14. Thor: The Dark World

    Why would she be buying a dress though?
  15. Same-Sex Marriage

    Well considering the current financial situation his stance has a certain wisdom.
  16. Thor: The Dark World

    I love how her face says with minimal emotion: "I pray you burn in hel"
  17. The Avengers

    Chris Evans makes a better Capatain America than he does Human Torch, I think.
  18. Thor: The Dark World

    I hope Enchantress or Ultron is the villain.
  19. Ant-Man Movie

    I hope Enchantress or Ultron is the villain. (Copied from Thor2 thread)
  20. Same-Sex Marriage

    I like that video because it's things like being prevented from attending funerals, hospitals, access to inheritance etc etc that actually affects people, rather than empty "love is equal!" stuff.
  21. The Avengers

    I wanted to see it again to decide if I was just being silly. And I'm not disappointed per se, I just think it could have been better. I think it's a fine film.
  22. The Avengers

    I saw it again. It held up way worse second time round. The most glaring thing is that I don't understand why it was expected of us to feel empathy for the dead. Why did Iron Man even give a shit? Why would it actually move him enough to join the team, when like half an hour ago he'd been largely against it?
  23. Well his name is William John and I'm John William, so there's palindrome-y-ness going on.
  24. So I'm seeing a new guy, and it's going well. We've got to the point where he's calling me Johnny and I'm calling him Billy (his name's actually William). It's kinda cute / I want to die.
  25. Iron Man 3

    I'm not sure how the knowledge of any of these facts ruins the film anyway? Knowing who's going to be the villain in the second Avengers film literally has 0 impact on anything, in fact, I'd bet you'd be so engaged with the film you wouldn't actually remember. Similarly, with this Coulson business, I really doubt it's going to affect your enjoyment of the film in any way; are you really going to be sitting in the cinema thinking "Oh shit maybe it's this scene he gets turned into a robot?", no you're going to be watching the film like a normal person. It's like with Battlestar Galactica. At the start it shows you what's going to happen in the episode, but you always forget within 2 minutes, and then are still surprised when it happens at the end.