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  1. MARVEL Mafia Volume 1 : Armor Wars

    Why on earth would Iron Man be aligned with Dormammu (who opened up a rift into hell and is Dr Strange's sworn nemesis) and Detroit Steel (who tried to kill Iron Man multiple times)? Like, literally makes no sense from a narrative perspective. I was waiting for you to elaborate that you were Norman Osborne Iron Man or something, which would make vague sense, but Tony Stark, no...
  2. MARVEL Mafia Volume 1 : Armor Wars

    All the dead townies have been villains, and I'm a townie and a villain. (lol)
  3. MARVEL Mafia Volume 1 : Armor Wars

    Nail in coffin there. The town are the villains. Heroes are mafia.
  4. MARVEL Mafia Volume 1 : Armor Wars

    mr-paul is a big bad, we need to lynch him. Vote: mr-paul
  5. Yeah, that's amongst the biggest failings of Avengers, it made no sense why Loki was actually doing what he was doing. In Thor he actually had legitimate cause to be a dick, since Thor was a dick, where in Avengers it was a bit like "what?"
  6. Well, aliens in the sense that they live not on Earth but in another part of the galaxy / dimension -- they're alien to the planet Earth. Thor etc aren't gods, it's just the Norse people considered them as such when they encountered them back in 200AD or whatever (/earlier?). That's touched upon somewhere (maybe not in the film? can't remember where it was) with regards to the non-white Asgardians. Heimdall and Hogun were shown to be white in Norse mythological drawings etc because that's the only thing Scandinavian people had any contact with, but in actuality the Asgardians are all different skin colours. (It's dodgy logic)
  7. MARVEL Mafia Volume 1 : Armor Wars

    I did, I was stopped though.
  8. MARVEL Mafia Volume 1 : Armor Wars

    Oh hi. Vote: No Lynch
  9. The Amazing Spider-Man

    I feel as though they're keeping the main villain secret. The bit where he gets demasked in the trailer -- that doesn't seem like it would be the work of Lizard.
  10. The Thor/Asgard mythos tells me some stuff in the comics in general: I love using guns.
  11. Iron Man 3

    Yeah, opening the film with a 5 minute fight scene with cool CGI that doesn't really need explanation more than "this guy attacked me, so I attacked him back", and perhaps ties into the story later on.
  12. Thor: The Dark World

    Oh yes, Malekith is touching all my buttons right now.
  13. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    I'm so ready though, since when he spoke about it seemed like he'd been thinking for ages and ages how he was going to do it.
  14. Thor: The Dark World

    Interesting. Can work out who they'd be casting him as?
  15. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    They should wait until after Grant Morisson's upcoming run on Wonder Woman, since he might make stunning additions to the mythos (like he did with X-Men and Batman).
  16. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Also would be amazing to see a feminist action film for once.
  17. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Risky or not, she'd instantly sell many many more film tickets than Flash or anyone else would. Like, my parents would probably go and see a Wonder Woman film (they both watched and enjoyed the 70s TV series) but would never in a million years go to a Flash film.
  18. Happy Birthday Chairdriver

    Thank u India.
  19. The Dark Knight Returns (animated movie)

    Did you read him on the Occupy movement? I mean, at least 300 tried to be subtle in purveying contemporary fascism. Worst city man.
  20. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Why no need for Wonder Woman? She's one of DC's most popular characters, and has a much more interesting backstory than most.
  21. MARVEL Mafia Volume 1 : Armor Wars SIGN UPs.

    I'll play plz.
  22. The Avengers

    I feel All-Star Superman is good/sensible, since it feels like Superman's just being Miley, like saving people but also having a lol in his life. And that's one of the more powerful versions of Superman.
  23. The Avengers

    99% of films are badly written. / more like 65%.
  24. 생일축하합니다 Frank!

    Thank u clarity.
  25. The Avengers

    So Loki wanted to kill the heroes on a stage, why did he not make provisions to broadcast this to the world? At the end it showed the general public werent even properly clued in (there were various interpretations of what actually happened etc). It makes no sense. If he wasn't going to make it a proper spectacle of it, why didn't he just blow up the helicarrier right off the mark? (I mean, Hawkeye destroyed one of the engines with one arrow, Loki + Hawkeye could have destroyed the whole ship with ease).