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  1. What happened yesterday?


    My day was alright. Work is not terrible at the moment which is good. I'm feeling pretty enthralled about the weather. Claire and I live in a really cold flat. It's got large, old bay windows which we think, let a lot of the cold air in.


    Really looking forward to BVS and then on Friday we are off to Brighton for a day or two. Wheeee.

  2. I was stunned to find that London Has Fallen has had terrible reviews online. I watched it yesterday (literally hadn't seen any kind of review about it at all) and loved it. Great cast and great action. As you say, pretty uncomfortable viewing, at one part (when I was enthralled) I was thinking "jeez, is it okay to be enjoying it this much?". Popcorn movie, but with enough entertainment to make it rise above the rest in my opinion. Particularly the siege scene was fucking tremendous! Long drawn out shot, epicness.


    I saw Disorder last week. AKA Maryland. Slow as shit.


  3. Hello.


    How Was Your Day?


    Mine was alright.


    I have never had the interest, motivation or incentive to learn how to use Windows Excel, but I've been learning some mildly useful things recently which are helpful for my new position (for those that don't know, I was made a manager in July...of a contact team. Contact team manager), and I've been working on a spreadsheet with my colleague that shows what skills people know and create a points system that shows what they can do to get a promotion.


    So I was dropping all kinds of conditional formatting today, and there were a few bits that just...hooked up. Interlocked. Like some cogs slotting into place. And it was awesome. And I love colour coding and I totally smashed the colour coding.


    And I've been talking about Windows fucking Excel for several paragraphs. Jesus Christ, it has come to this. #Adult.


    In extremely good news today, Claire and I are going to a small (but cool) theme park in June, and they have a new area opening up soon, and they have release an app/game for it, and the top three scores each day win tickets to the park. The competition closes tomorrow. I've been playing it for a week, and not been doing too badly. The problem is it's 25% skill, 75% luck because your score (and how high you can get it) all depends on how many "time increase" items you get. Anyway, this morning I got very lucky and am currently sitting at second place with 3,450,000. Third place hasn't moved all day, at 2,620,000. So I am fairly...confident. I don't think I'll be unseated. Even so, I'd have to drop two spaces. I've been playing it for a week so I'm really happy to be in the top today, and I feel like I deserve to win and it will massively make me happy and reward my hard work.


    Also waiting to hear from Hotel Chocolat, they sent an egg to us and there is also a compo they are running for the best VLOGGER/Blogger's video or article review will win a £75 chocolate ostrich egg, and I reckon we have a good shot with a five-camera-setup Easter Egg hunt Claire and I did...



    I'm just feeling alright at the moment. Last few weeks have been stressful, so it's nice for work to not be cripplingly busy and for me to be able to catch up on some stuff.


    And Daredevil this week and BVS next week!

  4. logos2.png




    Gold&Silver arrived and improved everything. How was this even possible? Suddenly, the Game Boy's flagship game had double in size and complexity. Day&Night cycles? Breeding?! 16 badges!!? Dat final boss!!?!



    Whilst DKC and Uncharted are my favourite game series' of all time, I can't help but think that Pokemon Gold...and me playing it is possibly some of my greatest gaming memories. #Anecdote.


    I'm a little shit, and I hate what I did, but I can't change it now...that....on the day before it came out, I think my mum was saying I couldn't have it (probably because I was a cunt) and I whinged myself to sleep..loudly whinging in my bed, being a cunt (I hate this part of this memory, makes me feel awful...but it gets better).


    Anyway, I got home from school (no longer in a dickhead mood, near as I remember) and went to see my mum who was working in an ornaments store at the time. I went in and behind the counter was Pokemon Gold. I lost my shit, went mental yadda yadda. I was due to go to my dad's for the weekend, so I remember playing it, my dad picked me up, we drove to his (good few hours away) I only stopped playing it on the way for dinner which was Burger King. And it was the greatest weekend of gaming (in between whatever my dad and I did...probably visit Brighton Pier and stuff) of my life. Like. That game, it was literally incredible to play. All the mon' in colour. The new mon! The new types! As you say, day and night and just....oh god so so so so so so so so so good.


    I will never feel like that again.


    The innocence of youth.



  5. Another great episode.


    Favourite handheld is a super-easy question. DS. Absolutely sublime. At the time, a touch screen was like...mind blowing to me. It was fabled technology. That meant that Polarium blew my mind. I remember the day my best friend and I picked it up, in the lunch break at college, and we just did nothing but message each other back and forth on Pictochat in the key skills session (and we drank cider in class because we're cool and tearaways and had no respect for our teacher...woops).


    It also introduced me to Advance Wars Dual Strike, which I stand by as being one of the greatest games ever made. And Henry Hatsworth. Incredible. A technology pushing handheld.

  6. @Ashley & Co, is a "Random" Thread still dissuaded? Kinda thought it would be cool.


    Anyway, I used to think that Shopto was the best online retailer, but I've slightly lost touch with the gaming world and understand the general consensus is that there's a better one now, but I've forgotten it's name. Is it Simply Games?


    Whats the crack?


    Send early?


    Good prices?




    Cheers brids.

  7. I really hope the graphics have a complete overhaul. Couldn't get into XY because of it. Part of my problem is the colours look so washed out.


    And the design feels like it's lost character. I know the style they've gone for give's a sprite from any angle or whatever but it feels like it's lost personality.



  8. It was revealed at the perfect time actually. 15 episodes is quite a lot. I haven't been clamoring for it though, which is a testament to the overall writing. Literally love this show. Incredible.

  9. Devastated. I don't know what to say. I cannot imagine what you are going through, you are such a strong person, an incredible guy and I'm sure you have enriched the lives of people around you.


    One of my all time favourite mafia players....




    Taillow (Substitute Tracker) You can send a member of your flock out to create a diversion. Choose a target, and you will be sent a PM back confirming who that player targeted. If anyone tracks you, they will be sent a message that you did not target anyone.




    Lileep (Partner, Mirror Redirector) Choose a target at night. Anyone that targets you will instead target that player (apart from Roleblockers) (Trust No One Secret Role Information - You are a mole and are a member of the mafia. You win when the mafia are in majority. You do not count towards the majority for the mafia.)




    Exeggutor (Advanced Psychic Search) Exeggutor has psychic powers. You can select a target and a page number from the previous days activities. That players posts will be scanned for authenticity. Being a psychic egg Pokemon, your appearance scares people. As such you appear evil under investigation.




    Lugia (Mirror Tracker, Heart of Darkness) You will be told who targets you in the night phase. On Day 4 you have the choice to have your heart consumed by darkness. . . (Legendary Evolutional Trigger - Lugia stores hugely powerful energy in its body. If it targets specific Pokemon, that Pokemon will evolve.)


    Lugia (Mirror Tracker, Beacon of Light) You will be told who targets you in the night phase. On Day 4 you overcame great darkness, and you can now target a player in the night phase to be illuminated in the write up. (Legendary Evolutional Trigger - Lugia stores hugely powerful energy in its body. If it targets specific Pokemon, that Pokemon will evolve.)


    Lugia (Mirror Tracker, Void of Darkness) You will be told who targets you in the night phase. On Day 4 you were consumed by great darkness, and you can now target a player in the night phase to be removed from the write up. You win if the mafia gains majority. (Legendary Evolutional Trigger - Lugia stores hugely powerful energy in its body. If it targets specific Pokemon, that Pokemon will evolve.)




    Groundon (Protector) Groundon can force large fissures to crack in the ground and stop potential killers from reaching their target. Target a player each night to be protected from kills.




    Chikorita (Magical Leaf, Detect, Tactics) On even nights if Chikorita targets someone to be killed the attack will be succesful even if the player is protected. If Chikorita is targeted in the night phase by a positive or neutral effecting attack (e.g. investigation), Chikorita will be informed what happened to it. If Chikorita is targeted by a negative effect (e.g. roleblock) Chikorita's power will be enhanced for the following night (and the attack will have no effect).




    Lugia (Tracker, Possessed by Darkness) Lugia can target a player and follow them. You will discover that players target. On even night phases, Lugia will become Dark Lugia and instead of tracking a player, Lugia must target a player to be killed.




    Mespirit (Lie Detector) Mespirit can scan a single post and discover if that player has lied. Mespirit wins the game with the town or mafia.




    Deoxys (Adapt and Collect, Evolution Trigger) Deoxys can use dead players abilities. E.g. "Use ReZourceman's power on ReZourceman". Every third night you must target a player to be killed. You will steal their ability and must now use that ability every night. Deoxys wins the game if it is alive at the end, having succesfully killed at least one player. If applicable, Pokemon you target will evolve.


    And one of my all time favourite forumers. Take care bud.

  10. personally I enjoyed the run where Daniel Way was the writer, although it was more humour based than the character was normally and it has a mixed rep from the long term Deadpool fans


    the current run written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan is supposed to be pretty good as well (starts with a story called Dead Presidents)


    There's also a mini series called Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe which was a fun read but obviously completely outside continuity :)


    The Daniel Way run is my favourite run. Loved how it linked into the greater MU but still did crazy Deadpool stuff.