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  1. Ite.


    So you may know that once upon a time I started a gaming channel, amongst my many others. Unfortunately I didn't have the time commitment to keep up with it, with my hundreds of other channels - and it quickly fell to the by...land, standing, places.


    Anyway, to cut a long story I found a loyal partner in Goafer who has graciously taken on most of the work load, and we feel that we now want to start promoting it. We've been running it for a few months now, trying to get into our groove, and finding our feet, so we'd very much appreciate any feedback you have.


    We have had some minor audio issues, which we're working on, but yeah...other than that, we would REALLY appreciate it if you guys watched the videos, and hopefully you enjoy them and you give us a cheeky subscription.


    Some choice quotes


    You just know they get home and have an asphyxywank.


    Beats by Dr Dre? Better than Beats by Chris Brown.


    Do you think Zack, the Black Ranger liked his Zord? He must've done.








  2. Yep, I had a brilliant couple of days :D Was good to see everyone I had met before again, and awesome to meet some others for the first time (Fierce Link, Eenuh, Debug Mode, jayseven) - you're all wonderful people :)


    My one disappointment was @ReZourceman and @Goafer disappearing without saying bye to me! How dare you! (I forgive you!)


    Looking forward to the next one!


    Lol, yeah my bad. I can get easily agitated pissed off and walking down a cunted Bond Street when I was hot and tired was dat snap point.


    Was great to see everyone again. Got some sick vybez snaps esn't et. Not enough Ninja doe! Y'all were bitches.


    Next year, I'd like it if toilet breaks/lunch runs were somewhat more co-ordinated? It kinda seemed like as soon as we got a full group, we lost one to food (which is not exactly super close if you make the trip to Tesco/whatever) then loads of separate groups of toilet bants.


    Anyway, just a thought. Still had a cracking time.

  3. So, I am super super pumped about this game, but a lot of the designs are a bit ropey. Like, too many of the designs are a bit ropey. The best ones so far, are largely the Alola ones. Why can't they do more designs that looked super sick like the first three gens, mostly I loved all of them.


    Like. Nowadays, it's like there's so few actual ones that you'd consider for your team.


    Like I say, still super pumped though.

  4. Isn't it though.


    Not a colossal uptick, but it's cool to be getting comments and stuff. Weirdly/coincidentally, its a few days after the most views in one day we've ever had (and it's not like it's steadily increasing, it's very up and down, but yeah).


    But as I say, very cool, and the little bit of extra attention is cool. The first peak is it on Lad Bible Twitter, and the second peak is it on Lad Bible Instagram, the day after.


    Shame there was no credit and channel name wasn't in it.



  5. @Shorty We are staying at a universal hotel! Got our fast passes for the parks and the passes for Disney done!


    Disbelief is wearing off now, just waiting for the pictures from heart of Friday and I'll stick a few up of us with all the famouses!


    Go to Busch Gardens too. It's an hour away from the other parks but well, well, well worth it.

  6. A super flamboyantly homosexual man has recently joined work.


    I got talking to him a bit more today.


    I asked him what his favourite colour was. He said it was obvious. I said ".....Pink?" and he actually meant red, in reference to the shirt he was wearing.