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  1. Another one in the midnight crew, did the BFI IMAX last year, this time the Cineworld IMAX in Leicester Square!


    Annoyingly just went into my email inbox to get my eticket and saw I actually won tickets to go and see it last night, a day early, and totally missed it! Ah well, ended up busy anyway, and better that I noticed it now rather than Monday morning after the RSVP time!


    Not long to go!


    But then you would have seen it a day early, but perhaps not watched it at midnight.....with the cast! Things happen for a reason (I believe that they do not actually, but this was a happy coincidence).


    I really enjoyed it. I share the sentiments of others regarding CGI. Should have been more in shadow/less movement.

  2. My game from Simply Games has not arrived today despite preordering. Pissed off is an understatement.


    I've had problems with them. Most recent ones;


    - Sent me an e-mail on the release day of Tomb Raider saying it had been dispatched. Annoyed as it should have been sent early, obviously.

    - But....they had sent it. Except they'd sent it to my billing address not delivery address.

    - Thus, I was pissed off at work for no reason.



    - Pokemon Moon, they cancelled the order about a week ago for no reason. Cracking! 100% not ordering again.

  3. Alllllso got Moon ShopTo dispatch.


    Cannot waiiiit. I haven't gamed in months now I'm working 2 jobs (urgh) but this will be a welcome evening relax for me which is much needed!


    Only problem is, I can't find my bloody 3DS charger.


    I purchased a similar item to this recently so I can plug it into my Pober Wank.



  4. ShopTo dispatched my copy of Sun, if I come home tomorrow to find it on the sofa or Kitchen sideboard I'll be locking myself away in my room and staying there till I'm back at work the following Tuesday.


    Yeah, Shopto also dispatched mine today. So excited. Feels good man.

  5. Pre-ordered from Shopto and SimplyGames. SimplyGames have cancelled my order (no idea why, so that's decent), so hopefully Shopto will come through. Can only imagine my rage if I'd only pre-ordered at Simply. Good old faithful though.

  6. Be wary of Youtube recommendations on Pokemon videos, some people have been putting Sun/Moon Spoilers in the thumbnails. (Unsurprisingly it seems that Verlisify is one of them).




    • the Youtube home page
    • Looking at random comments on Twitter and Facebook in reply to the official Pokemon account or any Youtubers who do Pokemon videos
    • The Youtube comments section on Pokemon videos
    • Anything that is likely to subcontiously give away any major plot details.


    Only two weeks to go, plus the amount of time it takes to finish the game.

    I essentially just got stung by this (YT homepage), but averted my eyes pretty quickly so can't be sure exactly what I saw. Vaguely though.

  7. Feel free to rename the profession thread.


    Bonus question at the bottom.



    1) What's your dream job?


    2) What are you actually doing?


    3) Did you ever envision yourself in what you're doing now?




    1) What's your dream job? As most people probably know, I'd like to be a professional YouTuber. Professional in the sense that it's my job, not professional in the sense that I'd be projecting some kind of adult life...image. Thing. I'm getting there. Still no idea if it will ACTUALLY happen. Growth is static (as in, I'm consistently getting 350 subscribers a month) on Food Review UK, so really this needs to actually grow month on month in order to become a reality, but I mean...it IS getting there. There IS progress, across all my channels. I'm about 15% of the way to it being possibly realistic as a job.


    2) What are you actually doing? I'm a manager for a customer services team for an award winning st ock br ok er. I've worked there for five years, started off as a call handler and got promoted last year.


    3) Did you ever envision yourself in what you're doing now? I mean, not in the management role now. I only really applied for it because I was one of the most experienced people in the department, was totally burned out after 9 ish years of customer services phone roles, and the department had a shake up so all roles were up for grabs. It was my third choice, out of three and I didn't expect to get it. Not even a tiny bit of me thought I'd get THAT role. But I did. I don't,....like it. But it has it's ups and downs. In comparison to lots of other things its far better. It can be very tough and it's largely without thanks, but it's definitely a different kind of stress/pressure/disenjoyment in comparison to the phone role. Meh.


    I'm alright at the people side of it I suppose. Compassionate, motivating and human....I think.