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  1. I'd love to be called up for Jury service. Of course it would be nice to be doing the right thing for society but the reality is I just want to do it for the sake of doing it' date=' I think it would be tremendously interesting. If I do get called up I'd do everything I could to be able to take part in it.


    @ReZourceman- with your final case where the guy got the long sentence, do you know what happened later? Did it get cut down or did he end up having to serve it?[/quote']


    I do not know. It was only a few months ago (well September) so not sure!

  2. *If my very limited understanding is correct. I have no idea how likely this is


    **I would assume they'd eventually return to pre-recession levels, my worry is that this won't happen in my lifetime.


    If they consolidate again (currently unlikely), you shouldn't lost/gain money. The actual money value you hold should stay roughly the same. Theoretically, you could get to a point where you have one share but it's worth £500.


    Kind of unlikely they'll return to pre-recession levels, but only because of the consolidation. Not like it WON'T happen. Anything could happen> They could fold tomorrow...but... yeah.


    When you say £30 - 40, is that for the year? You can definitely get cheaper than that. Some companies charge £1.80 per month (£21.60) a year for a normal share dealing account. Consider transferring the account.


    I'm not an advisor so I can't say if you should or shouldn't sell, but shares are long term vybez, and a FTSE 100 firm like that....should...be okay (should). It's probably worth holding on IMO.


    How much do they charge for buying/selling (dealing) shares?



  3. I have a bit of an odd situation with my share dealing account with Lloyds. I bought 2069 shares in RBS way back in 2009, but for some reason, I only have 206 now showing in my account. Now the fact that the first 3 digits match make me think it's an error. Is there any way that I could have lost shares?


    Part of me thinks that they have been taking the admin fee from my shares instead of my nominated account, but payments seem to have been coming out ok.


    I'm really hoping that it's an admin error that can be rectified, as my shares have quadrupled in value, turning my £1,000 investment into £4,000.


    I'm going to call them tomorrow to sort it out, just wondering what you guys think in the mean time.


    Will's correct. It's called a consolidation and happens fairly often.


    A company will have so many shares in issue, but the share price will be "low", typically it happens with share prices that are really low (like, 2p or whatever). They will then consolidate the shares, so they will say that all shareholders will receive 1 new share to replace every 10 existing shares they hold. The individual price of the shares (usually/should) then shoot up, meaning people hold the same value of shares (or minimally changed) but the individual share price is much higher, with the usual intention of doing so is that they become more attractive to potential share buyers.


    The most I ever saw was, I think, 1 new share for ever 215,000 shares held.


    The RBS one was one of the largest consolidations ever, in terms of the number of people it effected/affected.


    Double check the amount you paid in and the amount it's now worth though, rather than looking at the share price.




    Also....check that Lloyds are ripping you off. Most share dealing companies cover transfer out costs, if you wish to transfer, and they make it very simple to do so.


    Last point, just in case I didn't make it clear, if you have made that much money (entirely probable in eight years, but I haven't checked) then it's unrelated to the fact that you now hold less shares.




  4. Something I've never touched on at all is actual, proper investment, as in, monitoring the market and buying and selling. It's a lot like gambling, and takes expertise I'll never have. But does anyone here dabble? Doesn't @ReZourceman work advising in this department?


    Not quiiiite right. I've worked at a stockbrokers for nearly 6 years. Started off in Customer Services (well, I'm still there) as a call taker, but got promoted to Contact Team Manager a while ago. My "day-to-day" is now, really, people manager and answering escalated queries, so that means I know a good amount about it.


    Yeah. And tings.


    Dem markets etc.


    I suppose the pertinent things to mention;


    - Equities are shares in a company.

    - Funds are groups of shares, usually with a common goal. For example, you could have a technology fund that invested in 50 tech firms. Because of the spread risk they're less risk (and thus less reward) but obviously, safer. They're for the more longer term.

    - You can make a lot of money. You can buy and sell in the same day, same...minute and make dem monies, or lose dem monies.

    - I've seen companies delisted/go bust/enter administration, and people with those shares literally lose everything.

    - A common one is people buying football team shares, but they either, just sit there...doing nothing, or just..banter vybez.

    - Typically, in stocks and shares accounts, brokers will charge for the actual account (some places charge a percentage, some people charge a flat fee) and then charge for the actual purchase and sale of shares too.

    - Dividends - these things are cash payouts from companies, to the share holders, usually made from profits that the company makes. Usually they are regular, and they can be varying amounts of money. This is a "good" way to make money in some cases...like...super well off people can just have a portfolio of shares and live off of the dividends.

    - Etc.

    - Yawn.


    I guess I'm not too great at saving. I've got a lot of hobbies, don't live in a cheap area, and don't want to have a depressing life so go on the odd holiday/buy the odd console etc, but I'm pretty happy with my choices. Of course, it's a shame that we don't have money for a house, but it's just one of those things.

  5. I've been parking in the garage, but not even seen or heard him since. It's more the fact that he called me names :( (Lol).


    Yeah, absolutely, we'd love to move out but can't do so yet. Saving for a holiday, so after that we'll save to move out (because we have decided not to save to buy a house).

  6. How does it work with work? Do you get time off? Is it unpaid leave? Does it depend on your employer?


    Surely they can't have juries where certain members want to wrap up the process because they can't afford to be there?


    As a few others have mentioned, lots of employers will pay some or all of your wages, and the remainder you can make up through loss of earnings so as far as I'm aware, you won't be hindered (unless in Charlie's case you're self employed/day rate/type thing).


    You get a decent amount for food each day which is cool (although I didn't claim anything in the end).


    I was called up for jury service somewhere last year I think (or a bit longer ago), but because I hadn't lived in the UK long enough yet, I didn't have to do it.


    But from what I remember, I think you have to take unpaid leave from work. Which in my case would have been problematic for my boss, as I am the only employee, and you never know how long a case can take.

    I think you get a bit of monetary compensation on jury duty, but I don't think it was much at all. Don't remember the specific amounts though.


    I was just happy I didn't have to do it, and am hoping I never get called up again. :P


    They're surprisingly accommodating (at least, my court people were) in regards to longer cases; they tend to not pick for cases that they think will be longer at the end of the week, and they'll try to pick from jurors who are on their first week rather than their second. On top of that, some people had said that they had childcare issues the following week, so didn't have to be called at all towards the end of their service.


    I'm surprised that so many people are adverse to it.


    I felt like a lottery winner, and it was easily one of the best things I've ever done...in my life.

  7. Hello folks.


    This is an interesting and awkward situation. What would you do?


    We moved into this flat in June 2015.


    There are four parking spaces. When we first moved in (well, before we moved in), we were told that they are shared for the building, and so if a space is available, you can park in it. And so we've done so for over 18 months.


    The guy who lives upstairs is also the "caretaker" type role of the building. I believe he/they own it and look after it, and deal with all the kinds of queries that are associated with living in a block of flats.


    We rent it privately from another man who owns our flat.


    (At this point I'll say, we have had minor "run ins" with the guy upstairs before. He had a ridiculous party about a year ago, with absurdly loud music, and periodically he has parties where it sounds like people are wrestling upstairs. When there was the big party, I sent an e-mail to the "building owners" type company, knowing it would go to him, and said about the noise complaint. When nothing happened, I went upstairs to confront him (just ask him to turn down the music, that's all...and his door was wide open - I knocked, but no one came, and I overheard him, I think, talking about me. It was something along the lines of "What he doesn't realise is I'm friends with the police" or some shit like that. It was really weird).




    This Christmas, there was a message put up in the flat that said....




    I thought this was weird, that...we'd never been told this, never any indication...there are PCM notes up everywhere down there, and that we have a parking permit for the building. Frankly, I didn't trust it/believe it.


    Anyway, I proceeded as normal, as, there are normal plenty of spaces out there. Like, overnight there is typically still a space, at least, so I didn't see the issue.


    He then spoke to me, face to face when he saw me parking up one day, and said "Yeah blah blah, it's probably easier to park it in the garage with the ice and everything, and I have some friends coming round on Saturday so please park it in the garage then" - now, obviously...polite request and I was more than happy to oblige. I said I'd never known this, and didn't understand the parking permit if they aren't for residents to use as parking spaces, he said we should have a visitors permit - I said we didn't, he said the guy who owns the flat would (to be fair, I didn't believe him, but actually, he does apparently) (having said that, when his three guests came at the weekend, none of them displayed a visitors pass)


    Anyway, if free (always) I've continued to use the spaces. It's fine if your view point thus far is "Well just park it in the garage"< that's fair enough. (Reason I don't like doing so is because it's fucking tiny, full of spiders/cobwebs/shit and it's obviously more annoying. Like, if with shopping, you need to unload first and then walk to the flat). Anyway, like I said...fine.


    The difficult bit is next.


    Claire has just overheard him talking to someone about me in the stairwell.


    It was along the lines of;


    "I've already told the twat once, he's just too fat and lazy to do so".


    Pretty awkward.


    I'm going to start parking in the garage (lol), but, what would you do about this current situation?

  8. I did Jury Service last year and absolutely loved it.


    Have you ever done it? What cases did you get? How did you react? Have you got it coming up?


    I did a video about my experience, should you wish to see it, here it is;


  9. Hacksaw Ridge


    Phenomenal piece of filmmaking. On par with Saving Private Ryan for how to film the battles of war. Absolutely breathtaking visuals, phenomenal sound design too.


    Awesome, off to see it today.


    Finally saw 12 Angry Men. Loved it. Classic. Some really cool moments in there (the knife! hnnggg) amazing. I'm shy of old films because I'm a stupid young person (who is nearly 30) but yeah...awesome. I've loved all things jury service since I did it last year.

  10. Split was really great. The film gets 8 or 9/10, and the last twenty seconds gets a 100/10, which pushes the overall score up to 10/10 (work it out).


    Saw Moonlight today and don't get the hype. Nicely shot, solid action, but uneventful. 6/10.

  11. Hello.


    So, piracy.


    The Kodi/Kodie seems to have hit the "mainstream". I heard a few people talking about it a few months ago, and then yesterday I went round a family/friends house and they had it, and my uncle-in-law handed me the remote and said "You can find any film on this", and I was like hmmm and he was like "I don't know how it does it", and I explained it's illegal and he said "It's not illegal, it's from Amazon". (He's not stupid or anything, just not a tech savvy guy...)


    Anyway, a long distant "friend" just messaged me on Facebook, basically I had recommended an older film and she nonchalantly said "Cool, I've got Kodie so I'll watch it now".


    I'm bothered by the nonchalance.


    Do people not realise?


    I mean. I'm not squeaky clean myself, but I think there's a line. Right?


    What is the line? What's morally acceptable to you?!