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  1. People only use colour in there text b'cos they konw the post itself isnt internesting enough and since they have no sense of humor they have to add it.


    Haha, thats great.


    First off I have a great sense of humour. Its very amusing that you would say this. *Sniggers*


    Origin of my green text ; Just before Christmas I started posting in green for festivity purposes, then its my favourite colour, and it just stuck. Awesome huh.


    Also, it makes posts of yours easier to find. :)

  2. I feel like Ive died a little inside just reading this thread.


    I punished myself for three weeks after watching the first one (And sitting through it till the end)


    Normally when people say "Oh what you thought *Insert horror film* was scarry? I thought it was funny" I think bull of it,....but The Grudge?



    SMG is its one and only saving grace.


    Edit;/ And not for her acting talents.

  3. Lucky Number Sleven


    Very cool movie, shot with a lot of sttyle and funnmy dialogue. Plot has you guessing until the end. Also lucy liu.


    Ugh, my friends were like "Oh my god, its amazing" and of course I trusted them so bought it...and didnt really like it. This happened with Napoleon Dynamite too...too normal for me.


    And Scary Movie 4 is cool, in my opinion.


    And the best thing about Superman Returns is the Spidey 3 trailer. :bowdown:

  4. ReZourcemans Movie Cave ::


    Alex Rider : Stormbreaker


    (Have you guys got this in USA?) Anyway, its based on the novels apparently. About this kid who becomes an agent for MI6! Its pretty cool. Its got Bill Nighy (Davy Jones) and hes pretty cool in it, some funny moments.


    At first I thought the acting of Alex Rider was a little shoddy at best but thankfully it did get much better. Hes got kick ass gadgets...and the equivelent of Q is Stephen Fry! In Hamleys...how cool. I friggin wet myself when I saw he has a custom red Nintendo DS with spy cartridges "


    Mickey Rourke plays one of the villains, and hes pretty sick.


    All in all, obviously a kids movie, but I enjoyed it nevertheless!


    A solid 7/10



    The Break-Up


    Who doesnt love Vince Vaughn? Who doesnt want to love Jennifer Aniston? Nuff said'


    But I continue. The Break-Up is a great movie...it truly is. A refreshing bridge between Romantic comedy and silly (but true) man humour! NOT a chick flick, as there is so much stuff both sexes can relate too. Jon Favreau (Sp?) Is great in it too...he almost steals some of the scenes he is in (Iron Man Dir for anyone unaware)


    Jennifer is lovely in it, and Vince plays it like a man....with some very heart touching moment in scenes, and it is actually quite emotional. Also a great ending...truly, a brilliant ending very refreshing indeed. This is how rom com films should be!




    No explosions



    Questions / Comments welcome!

  5. It's going to be very interesting to see how this turns out. I think it would be a bit unfair to compare Ledger's joker with that of jack nicholson's. I do believe we're going to see an entirely different performance, and a different approach as to how the Joker will be played.


    I'm quite excited to see what we Ledger can do. :)




    The Dark Knight is going to kick so much freaking arse. I am so excited. Im a total Spider-man freak...and after Batman Begins I said to my mate "Oh...my....god....its better than Spider-man 2" (Hes a total X-freak) and he leaned over and said to me ".....Oh....my....its better than X2"


    heh heh.

  6. After 4 pages of heated discussion, I'm sure we can all agree that original Coca-Cola wins, but Zero is a close enough approximation, and the fact that this has been achieved without the use of sugar makes it worthy of some recognition :)


    Recognise this!


    *Punches Coke Zero in the gut*



    Yeah!, And stay out!