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  1. The guy who run's the site is an it? I presumed he was male.


    He said "Serebii" referring to the...Site? So the Sites an It right?



    Whoa. Try saying that when youve had a few Tequila Slammers/The shit shakes.

  2. Men in Black was a PG, and the first words in it were "ahh shit". Nowadays, language like fuck and shit is a lot more accepted, but now you can't use words like "cripple" and "chink" and "n*****" which were used often without complaint way back in the 60s.


    Man...can you imagine someone using all those words in one sentence.

  3. Man, I freaking love this show. In the start up I was cheering and stuff.


    And come to think about it, I guess it was a little early....but...Well I dont care, but I can imagine some would.


    But they were whispering. Oh well.


    Next episode looks kick ass!

  4. Miss Limo - Vote for Kelly :)


    Go on guys/girls. Pleast just take five seconds and enter your email (click that tick so its UNTICKED) and then verify the vote in your email box.


    Its coming down to the last day of voting apparently and she is still in the top 15. Every vote counts and I’d love to go with her to the show :)


    And I reckon she could win! Which means I get to share the car! :D


    Let me know if you’ve done it, would mean a lot.


    Thanks people



    P.S - Send the link around and get votes! :D


    Stick an NSFW in there somewhere.



    Ha, caught that in time.



    Im not voting, cos I havnt seen the others and wouldnt be fair. :bowdown: