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  1. 15 mins to go cant wait now. i am actually nervouse how sad is that?


    i have glasses i spend hours on the computer i got an A in maths and i am nervouse about nintendo information!!!!



    DEAR GOD i am a nerd.


    Nah, you're only a real nerd if you did a Darth Vader style "Nnnooo!" after this revelation.




    Woops there it is, Yep. Guess you're a nerd.

  2. "You 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh?"


    Wasn't funny then.



    "Is he 'avin a- "

    I lost count of the tumbleweed that went by while he was repeating this jizzstain over and over.



    Erm...you know thats the whole point of the gag, right?


    :bouncy: :bouncy:


    Bouncy is fun.

  3. you got an hour before the first bits of info come out mate.



    Im so happy that I finish work at 12 today. (Sarcasm, as it will be more difficult to find out)


    Yo, can someone do me a huge favour, and text me the Release, Price etc, when its announced?


    07852 909058, Id really appreciate that....Let me know if someone can...?

  4. Not my most frequent forum, but this place is easily the second nicest community Im in.


    First is Rule 3, but that doesnt count as its not as big as this place.


    The other place Im mainly on,....the mods can be jackwads, and people always pretending to be girls....This week even one of the female MODERATORS was supposedly outted.


    Anyway welcome, Im sure youll enjoy.

  5. Awesome night of comedy.


    Noteable quotes.


    "So the queers and the jews still running this place.."


    "Name funny british black people"

    *Looks at pic of Lenny Henry*




    "Pop a wheelie and knock the gun out of thier hands!"


    "The suprising adventrues of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar"