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  1. Heroes is so so good. It's overtaking lost as my favourite show at the moment and I'm a total lost geek. To whoever it was that was saying channel 4 or five should pick up the UK rights to the show, I think the sci-fi channel already has them. Pretty sure I remember reading that somewhere


    Twas me.


    A) You are completely correct Heroes is second after 24...And if it keeps up the consistency it may even beat it (Though extremely hard)


    2) Sci-Fi? Hmmm. It makes me sad that Digital channels get these awesome shows. There are still a lot of people who do not have Digital, or that have Freeview and dont get such like Sky/Sci-Fi etc.

  2. I have watched the four eps of Heroes ReZourceman. :D




    Awesome isnt it. Everyone on this thread is pretty much guarenteed to like Heroes.


    C4 should pick up Heroes, now they have lost Lost. I have emailed C4 and Five in regards to Heroes. No replies yet.


    Maybe a Heroes thread is needed.


    Like my new avatar?

  3. In regards to Episode 3s WTF question ;


    Locke has visions involving Boon.



    As for episode 2, MUCH MUCH better than the season opener, hopefully it will stay this strong. Batman..I mean Sawyer is the man.


    Edit;/ Oh. Is anyone watching Heroes?


    Its absolutely wicked brilliant.

  4. Welcome!


    Im fairly new-ish myself and the people here are very kind (Takeo = Text updates for Wii news, due to me having no access) and they have embraced my sometimes randomness with a hug, and pinch on the arse.




  5. http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3978&Itemid=2


    Link above. Doesn't seem like 100% GUARANTEED ACCURACY, but not surprised due to brand recognition.


    LOCK this thread if you like mods, I don't really care either way, won't be crying in my bed all night long if it does get locked, just thought i'd bring it to the attention of the many forum members of this website.



    Whoa, watch out dude!


    You nearly broke my Bull Shit detector!

  6. Suggestion.


    A Sub-forum for Thread/Forum Games. This forum would not count toward post count, so post-whores wouldnt be too attracted. It could hold games like ;


    "Quote the last person and manipulate what they said into something rude"




    "Word Association"






  7. (Funny you should give Dust, I gave it to someone on another forum)


    Pays scientists to manafacture and find a way to turn dust into metal. Turns the dust into a huge sword. Goes to Nintendork and gives him the sword.


    When Scientists ask for the pay, I tell them Nintendork was the one that required it, and as proof show them him with the sword.


    They attack and kill Nintendork when he cannot provide the funds.



    ~ Gives a Sticker Sheet ~

  8. Goes out on to the streets, asking people that if they kill Fresh, Ill give them a great Sex Whip. No one inclines. Police over hear my dealings, and get in on the act. They tell me Fresh is a wanted criminal and can put him in jail (Sex obsessed criminal) I find Fresh on a cliff...Hmm.


    Says hi, and throws the whip off a cliff. Fresh is so sexually obsessed he jumps off cliff after the whip.



    ~ Gives Framed and Signed photo of Tom Jones ~