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  1. Uggghhhh. Claire and I are going through a rough patch. She is currently sitting next to me with her ring off, back in the box. Brilliant.


    I hate everything right now.


    Job sux.


    Life sux.













  2. Hi.


    Does anyone have any experience at all with this? I've read the government page, and it seems reasonably clear, but basically, Claire's place of work is looking like it's moving from Aylesbury to Harrow (30 miles), and we/she is concerned about her rights.


    I've heard rumours of a 14 mile limit for relocation, or needing to offer redundancy etc, but it's all very unclear, and she is extremely stressed about the situation.


    Obviously it will all be different depending on contracts, but does anyone have any experience.

  3. Btw totally off topic but did you ever get any money for your MailOnline video in the end?


    I tried to go the angle of getting them to fix the past wrongs and loss of exposure by getting them to use my videos in future with proper credit, of which I gave them future permission provided they did so, but who knows if they'll actually do that. Probably not.


    Other than that I managed to squeeze £100 out of them.


    Not enough to topple the empire.

  4. U3 was a piece of piss. Well, I am the Uncharted King though....so....


    (Joking apart, there was one tricky shooting section that I remember being fucking hard, but it's all about finding the right cover and moving pattern, keep on moving around the bottom ring of that section)


    Cruise Ship when you're on lower ground