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  1. You won Picture caption! Come new picture us! :D

  2. Yeah I just watched it and came on to proclaim to yew. Amazings.


    Should have been the one to (them) ~all~

  3. Winnar in Mock the Thread. :)

  4. The second one that I can't spell. Deglabast or whatever.

  5. Masking tape (not enough masking tape lol) and under coat and then the colour (spray of course) and then "lacquer" (which I'd never heard of, but is gloss/hard coat)


    Forwarning, it looks worse in person.


    But yeah I like it! Lol. xxx

  6. You've been gone for a while. :)

  7. I've searched for a "Diageo" but found no one that is you. What is your fullname? Or add me ; Michael Jamieson

  8. HAY. Have you got Paypalz? Can I have your address too. :P

  9. Aye didn't get it yesterday, hopefully it'll be today. :) I'll let you know.


  11. That is enough. And yes....the wait for Vince is so very painful. It doesn't help that the VIltrumite War has been so ...hard on Ottley to draw. It should be getting back on schedule a bit now though. 77 was pencilled about a week ago (finished) so hopefully it'll be out within 3 weeks or so, as the inker and colourers probably weren't too far behind him.


    You should try The Astounding Wolf-Man now. They share the same universe, and its also awesome, and luckily its finished so you can read the whole thing (25 issues) its certainly not as popular as Invincible but I think its absolutely fantastic. It was nearly always on top of my read pile (unless Vince came out on the same day :p)

  12. Pretty good man/. I'm not being given a HUGE amount of work just yet, (its kinda split in two different departments/same room/area though) and I tend to not do much in the morning, pretty eager to get more stuck in! Buts it good! :D

  13. Oh you beautiful man, is this some kind of hint that you now have played and love Uncharted?!

  14. No worries dude I'm easy like Sunday morning. It'll just be me BTW.


    Erm meeting at about 3pm is good for me, I have a few bits I need to do in the morning/early afternoon anyway.


    Can you hit me up with the website/postcode again? Thnx hun.


    Let me know if you can't make it....not that you wouldn't....lol!


    Home slice. Should be good. :D

  15. Whats da source?! :yay:

  16. Hahah damn straight Home Slice. I thought people would think that. True though.


    Also chose your pic to mimmicate! :D


    Love you.

  17. No worries dude, you're the same as me I forget shit constantly. I rang Phil earlier and he's definitely gonna have a sketch ready this episode. I'm feeling good its gonna be a good one (but like I said theres no rush as it won't be up for over another week)

  18. How dare you bad mouth my old employers.





    No fillet steak is ridiculous though.

  19. Yuo calmn yourself. bitjhc. dont tell me to clam down! you clam down! I am clam!

  20. I actually should.

  21. Dude! Hahaha thats all I could think about when it happened.

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