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  1. 30,000?! Fucking hell, that's insane. I'll have to think of something special now.

  2. That's messed up. Get HD though. Make it priority. #CheapBanter.

  3. WHERES THE LOVE?!?!?!

  4. Gimme a video review!


  5. A friend of Peeps is a friend of mine.

  6. Do your Mr-Men sign ups!

  7. Whoa, you still lurk.

  8. I am afraid I do not know for certain but I am reasonably confident that all BluRay versions of all would contain the one shits. I am pretty sure I have the "cheap" versions of Cap and Thor and both do. Not certain though....

  9. The mafia game council have decided it is time to run two games at once, so you can do your sign ups if you want.

  10. Yeah same. I mean...I love Kirby...but honestly how many DS side scrolling games can we get. Kirby 3DS looks....good....but...but...it looks instsntly forgetable and is possibly the blandest looking thing ever. And it is so predictable. "This is Kirby, but its on 3DS, so its Kirby with 3D bits". New IPs. Not shitty stupid fucking party games.




    I want a Sonic Snowboarding Game.

  11. Do not get the love for Super Mario 3D World. *Shrug*

  12. Let me know if you want to play in the super cool new Pokemafia.

  13. Huh? Did you buy a PS3? Is that what that means?

  14. add meh on facebookz. xxx

  15. Indeed. We'll discuss....TOMORROW!

  16. I think its called Aurora 3D text. Will check when I get home.

  17. You still come here! Thats cool. You should post again/more.

  18. Hey dude.


    I saw you wanted a cool intro, and whilst this is a very quick job with not much effort put in, I thought you could use it at least temporarily.


    I did one with and one without a border.










    Needs a half or quarter second trim at the end.

  19. Hmmm. I can still see it.

  20. Do you mean on the right side where it looks like there should be a small square?

  21. YOU LOOK WEIRD WITH BLUE NAME. But its oh so nice and right.

  22. Dear Moogle,


    Out of interest, are you still watching Comedy Rainbow?


    Love from ReZ.

  23. I guess you're pretty happy you went to Arsenal now? :p

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