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  1. Did you see the second Video Bin video? I thought you might actually mildly smirk at one bit.


  2. Do you like the mafia games?


    I've got a space I want to fill asap.

  3. Don't have to tell me twice. *Buys*




    I'll probably watch it in a few months when I'm jobless. :D


    Will look forward to it as I know I'll love it.

  4. Don't mind about Lex but I'm sending you these figures anyway. :p


    Whats your address? I need Oxford one. I want you to be stunned. xxx

  5. Dude is there a union at your work or something? This forced unpaid overtime just seems completely ridiculous, you need to write to someone about it!


    Full time jobs are as stressful enough as it is. Do eeeet.

  6. Dude. How was the holiday huh?


    I have a really good idea I think. Need to buy a new scanner/printer though.

  7. Dun dun dun DUN, dun-dun, dun-dun-dun-dun. Dindindillindindidin din DUN dun-dun, dun-dun dun dun. Dun. Duun. DUuuunnn. Duuunnndillidun.


    (Erm....that was an attempt at the theme tune)



  8. Dunno about salads. I have KFC in my sights, but I'm easy like Sunday morning.


    They have lockers. I'm brining a coat....alhtough I'll probably just wear it all day. xxx

  9. DUUDDDEE. Whats this about Helens illness??!?!?!?!


    She resigned btw (if you didn't know) xxx

  10. Email me [email protected] from work tomorrow, so I can reply back to you. I don't have your new email.




    Failblog. xxx

  11. Episode 12 so....


    Sarah/Sara killed Shaw's wife. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  12. Excellent. I still havn't swung Claire yet. I've even said "I'll read Girls Aloud *whatever book* if you read Invincible" but alas no budging.


    Volume 6 might even be too much for 10 year olds (+) its....just simply amazing. Theres a 1 on 1 fight that is 5 issues long. :p




  14. Fail recognition. Same Status Win. Simulblog.



    Hate not Lulnching. Ugh. Might look into it again tomorrow.

  15. First of all, I hope you don't mind but I put a new logo over the top of the beginning of your video (same name, just now its the same font as Comedy Rainbow), second of all do you want....Trag Raincl (in full obv, just putting that in case anyone reads this) to be the name of your segment always? Or do you want a similar thing to "Phil the persons Special Segment" to be the intro.


    Third, I can't put the second part of the video in, due to its offensiveness. It will go in the dvd extras. I just don't feel comfortable putting the actual footage of people dieing and the actual moment in there.


    Hope thats all okay. :)

  16. Fish, I reckon the Mafia games would be fairly up your ally.




    Theres the basic rules. If you wanna play go over to the playground and post in the Pokemafia DeathVoid sign ups thread. :)

  17. For leaving you with someone you probably didn't want to be left with.


    :( xxx

  18. For real bled.


    DELFFTYPP - Pizza Hut 50%

  19. Fuck happened to "Boy"


    At least get it capitalised.

  20. Fuck! I missed the Tim mistake, wonder if its on yewtewbs. Also, I R FAIL.


    Must be difficult to adjust to the new details after many years though.





  21. FYI Hotfile = 2 hours (?)


    File Sonic = 2 minutes.

  22. FYI, Pokemafia Finale sign ups are up, if you would like to play in the conclusion to the ongoing Pokemafia story. It is DIY.



  23. FYI, Pokemafia Finale sign ups are up, if you would like to play in the conclusion to the ongoing Pokemafia story. It is DIY.



  24. Good lord. Need badly. Would you be willing to part with it? I can tempt you with....erm other figures or maybe a custom if you want? Unless you have another suggestion.


    I need or...rather would like/love/stun urgently though. Do you either (if you're willing to part with it) have it with you, or Paj permitted to wander your house without rousing suspicion?

  25. Haha, yeah its a little weird, but I guess I've never thought about it. You're right it is an interesting subject.


    I guess I hold the PS3 controller pretty/decidedly relaxed in comparison to a Wii/XBOX controller for sure. One finger up top is legit, you would rarely/never need two. Well not never. But rarely. Certainly on Uncharted, rarely.


    GET ON UNCHARTED NOW. Its such a cinematic game, you'll be drawn into it within 15 minutes and you'll be loving it.