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  1. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2003-Vauxhall-Opel-Corsa-Black-/200537106654?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item2eb0f168de#ht_1405wt_1139


    "It only requires gearbox to be re booted fit the arch trims"

    Is it expensive to "re boot" a gear box? What does that even mean? and same for fit the arch trims. I assume this is something a garage would do?


    Thanks for any help. :)

  2. http://n-europe.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1338774&postcount=49


    DO IT. You know you love Bond and you know you want it.

  3. n878025037_2815.jpg


    Never trust a guy in sandals. Seriously. Especially one squatting with a pile of brown stuff below him.


    Can't seem to find the other guy.


    What will it entail? Did you have fun with these guys when in OZ? I'd say it comes down to how much fun you had, how awkward it might potentially be (if any) BUT you only live once, no regrets etc.


    Bare in mind my sandals comment though. xxx

  4. 147-158-lilt.jpg


    On in 3./

  5. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLB43p9h3FMMW7dbdY1rtxeX_pXRr3hK0udUN00fgrjY6_VjHl8w


    Lol, that is funny.


    And yes. Drool. I'm sure you will have seen this, but for our viewing pleasure;




    Weibe went on to describe the series in more detail, explaining, "'Green Wake' is the town where [the story] is set. People find themselves there, but they don't know how or why they got there." Wiebe wanted people to know that he felt it was some of Riley Rossmo's best work. Rossmo added, "I'm going to try really hard to offend," to which Weibe added, "He actually did offend our editor! My reaction was [a pantomimed dropping of the jaw]. In the script, I'd very loosely described something. My actual reaction was, 'Oh, God! I don't think we can publish this!"' The audience laughed as Riley assured the writer, "It's all good." Wiebe immediately shot back, "No, it isn't," before telling the audience, "It's some of Riley's best work, so check it out."

  7. (Image Comics)


    The next tile discussed was Wiebe's "Green Wake," a marked change of pace from the mad scientist atmosphere of "Intrepids" -- though Kowalchuk was quick to interject, "there are a lot of cybernetic bears in it, though." Wiebe made sure the audience realized "'Green Wake' is a horror book inspired by [the David Lynch TV series] 'Twin Peaks,'" noting his stay in Seattle was roving to be somewhat unsettling. "I started recognizing where 'Twin Peaks' was shot last night, it was intense."

  8. Sounds expensive.






    And awesome as phuck.

  9. You enjoying the 007 mafia?


    New Pokemafia sign ups are here!



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