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  1. Morning Glories

    No Strings Attached

    Men are from Blogly Women are from Chewbly.

  2. "Just looking through the site stats and your profile is the only one to feature on the top 100 page views (for both forum and site) in the last month, coming in at 89th.


    Although I now see that it was all ReZ."


    Just seen this and laughed. :p

  3. You should do a cover of that cool Ninja Gaiden song. :D


  5. (Lol, I meant "No I H8 Uz") :p *WATCHED*

  6. That didn't work.....

  7. eye wuna c ur vid plz

  8. Yeah he's got some issues. :p

  9. Should 6 previous owners worry me? (BTW, I'm not even decided to buy it yet. Its a terrible idea anyway, not having a job lol)



  10. Jesus that is insane.



    thx 4 da helpz

  11. Circles maths. If one circle is 13.5 inches wide and another circle is 16 inches wide, how much bigger in percentage is the second pizza. I mean circle. :p ???

  12. Bare Bones II ; Town are getting fucking raped.....



    ....Erm....which I helped with. But still. Ouch. :p

  13. Baahahaahahhahah. Made so many Amanda Waller jokes too.

  14. I did not. I was out with (Comic/GL) friends today and they asked me too, which was the first I had heard of it. "Spot the black guy" jokes ensued. (Not in a racist way obviously. One of thems black lol. ....ugh....I just did "I have a black friend so I'm not racist") anyway. I plan to reply to thread tomorrow when I'm more fresh.

  15. If you read Dynamo 5, come back me up! :D

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It isn't MIND BLOWING, but if you see it on the cheap then I'd defo pick it up. Nice Star Fox action, with some interesting twists and additions with the touch screen strategy element.

  17. Post more son. We miss your sexiness.

  18. Whats yo email bro.

  19. Viltrumite fucking war. Ghuh. The beginning is so good and I think you'll love the ending. And I'm not even mentioning the middle. :D

  20. I'm only getting on at you because you said "I'm reading Vince today after X-Men" several days ago. You sicken me. You know you can't dangle things in front of my penis like that without backing it up. Read. Consume. And tell me your stories/opinions.

  21. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  22. Ah I see. Waiting for the right one to come along kinda guy huh? (Lol, okay. I will reluctantly stop for the time being)