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  1. Sent. Hopefully you'll get it tomorrow...Northants isn't too far.

  2. Pics or didn't happen.

  3. No worries. Happy to pass on the torch.

  4. d00d, so you're not expecting them tomorrow, I didn't post out da goods today, as I didn't have a box. They are packaged out now, and will go out tomorrow. The box is thousands of times bigger than the contents. Theres just over 15 clix, but two are special. ;)


    Enjoy./ :)

  5. After the boss (well seeing him for the first time and not having beaten him lol) yes. 2nd. Easy.


    You'll see.

  6. I've just got to the end boss.



    Speechless. 2nd favourite DS game.

  7. d00000d it gets so awesome. So so so so so so so so so good. I'm in love with this game.



  8. You seem to be confused. You must be.


    Spider-Man = Willem Defoe, Green Goblin, bridge.

    Spider-Man 2 = Alfred Molina, Doctor Octopus, energy source.


    You're mental if your opinion stands. kthxbai.

  9. Oh god I feel a bit bad now....I was joking about raping you. :(

  10. Awesomez. It will be an excellent night.

  11. IE I don't mind driving.

  12. OI, I think a good idea tonight is to meet at 8:15pm at the cinema, if that sounds reasonable, then book tickets (Orange Wednesday, first ever showing of the film) so might be good, then cheeky drink at da Slug. Dunno what car arrangement is, feel free to suggest anything.

  13. Why'd you add me? Don't insult me! It's cos I'm fuckin' awesome.

  14. Not done a huge amount else yet....ooooh typing nice. Erm yeah probably crack on more when I get back to work. I'm about a page or two into issue 2 script.

  15. Tha's what you get.

  16. Nice blue scheme.

  17. Real comic text FTW.

  18. Awesome, glad to hear it.


    It really is a brilliant title. It is kicking my ass though! Its really very tricky. Amazing though. Inspired me to do a new sig and avvie. :)