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  1. Oh totally can't wait d00d. Also that game looks cool. Weird....but cool. My kinda thing.

  2. six million seven hundred and thirty one thousand two hundred and fifteen pounds and seventy five pents.

  3. Hahah! You cracked. Thats hilarious. Should have just explained "Its an in joke"


    "Hes bisexual and just come out and people take the piss"


    No. Thats fine though. I still think "You're a prick" or "Bye" would have been more amazing, but "Bye Jamie" is still a shit message, so I guess it will have the same impact. Brilliant. Email me when they do the come off the phone thing. I dont wanna miss that shit.


    Hell if you're in charge of it, email me before you start doing it.

  4. Massive lolz.


    SC was talking to me in da staff room. And I was like "that is fine" (repeatadly) and she said "Laura says that" and I was thinking "Lol, well I'm saying it because I don't know what to say to you" so figured she was ridiculing you in a similar way and you just weren't interested, so said that. lolzo.


    Seriously, I started this at just after 1pm, when you left. I had literally 10 of the worst calls I've ever had in a row, two of them call backs, most of them headset or something. Literally./


    The best one was an 85 year old woman crying down the phone because a statement went out with her dead husbands name on (that old chesnut) That was the best one.


    I want to die.

  5. Dat shit be attention seeking/just lieing and really its a 40 year old bloke, or an ex-member. Any of these are possible. A 14 year old lesbian, being so openly posting blah? Doubtful.

  6. You've definitely got swine flu to be honest with you....xxx

  7. Holy....shi....


    WATCH PRISON BREAK!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!


  9. Yeah man I hear ya, and your artwork is lovely so anything you do would look awesome, if not "comicy" ala Alex Maleev.


    Hay dude.


    Do you wanna draw some Cast piccies? Just for me to use as promo stuff/for my own enjoyment.


    If you want to, do some Paul being a bad ass/ Gorlan throwing fireballs and looking mad.


    PS when Gorlan uses magic his eyes change from being black with white seared pupils, to all twilighty white.


    Of course you dont have to.



  11. Lol I know. When we were in the cinema I was like



  12. I posted the clix I was talking about.


    Erm...don't click the Conquest spoiler till you've finished issue 61.



  13. This is an excellent idea.


    As in....drunk drinks? Either way I'm definitely up for it. Your dad blow you off?

  14. Answer me on MSN you slag.

  15. d00d its awesome and just gets better. Hope you like difficult games though cos the boss and secret levels are insane!

  16. Cast #3, 1/22th complete.

  17. Issue 2 is done. Boom. Should be able to show you tonight. :) It has a scene in I didn't even plan till I wrote it.

  18. Wow sweet, this looks like a spread from Nuts. Exceeds exceeds. Morse/Braile same thing etc.


    God inside jokes are so fucking sweet.


    Yeah we'll go out sometime I'm sureeeeeee. Gutted about Woolpack. Good eats.

  19. Oh lol I thought it was me. ;)

  20. This member can be associated with (but not blamed for) economic collapse and theism.



  21. Just they like the blog, they think its "very good" and will continue to read.

  22. You pumped for the meet yet?

  23. Cheers d00d. Really is cool. :) Man cool colours.