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  1. Soooo I put 10 titles in my queue yesterday, but they're still all queued. Does it update when they've been sent to you?

  2. Cheers for the offer, but I think the free Blu Ray would be better (I think) as I'm not sure how much I'll be using it yet!


    Cheers for the help. :)

  3. Sweet cheers dude. I've got a voucher for 8 FREE rentals and a Blu Ray for Lovefilm, (but you have to rent 10) so I think I'll (assume you have to pay at least a month) get the free blu ray then switch over to Tesco.



  4. Is the rental scheme you use LoveFilm? How much is it?

  5. Ouch, megaphailz. Well at least they ruled out something serious, so hopefully it will go away soon. At least you're off work. Make the most of it.....read....TWD or something. ;)



  6. You're not in?!

  7. Package arrived today. Nice hand writing.


    Thanks again dewd. Really appreciate it. :)

  8. God I'm awesome. A joke 2-3 hours in the making.

  9. Most recently replied to topic in General Chit Chat.


    "Wimbledon 2009"

  10. Chriiiiiiiisssss.


    Post a title in da movie plot thread! xxx

  11. I elect 7pm. BOOM!

  12. 7PM, 8PM. 9PM.


    Make your choice[/billy the doll, from Saw]



  13. Congrats mar tea nist!

  14. For leaving you with someone you probably didn't want to be left with.


    :( xxx

  15. I lynched you. :( :( :(

  16. Oh ouch, gutted. Although lack of me = gonna be busy. ;)


    I'm working this Saturday which sucks. Butlins was sweet. Just posted a huge one in HWYD which with business will probably be impossible to read. :(

  17. Butlins! Lol I told you this last week. Hows you. xxx

  18. I just watched the Franklin episode, so I actually get your avatar now. Fantastic.

  19. No worries d00d.


    Thanks for teh freebie. :)

  20. ~Incase you don't see Post Your Purchase, I haz teh disk~


    Do you want it back when I'm done? (Also word, the post is shit)

  21. Aye didn't get it yesterday, hopefully it'll be today. :) I'll let you know.

  22. Nice while it lasted.

  23. oI! CHeck athe phunny videyonz fred.