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  1. Whats da source?! :yay:

  2. What the! Intriguing.

  3. Mister lover lover.


    Signed you up for Pokemafia 2 over in the playground. :)

  4. Oh man, I'm gonna touch you good.

  5. Originally v then the person I used to sit next to blah was that irritating skank on





  6. Not as bad as the last person I sat next to, who I just heard and her voice made me want to die/what she was demanding/reminded me of how I think that person is scum so much.


    Current is an angel in comparison.

  7. funnyordie.com

  8. Tomorrow, Thursday is dress down day, as is Friday. Cool huh. xxx

  9. Oh I think I realised what you meant. As in you said to t tht you had plans so thats what you meant etc etc when shopping blah. xxx

  10. Thanks for posting that disk for me. Seriously, you didn't have to. Much appreciated.


    KTHXBAI. xxx

  11. Fucker, you get my texts? Didn't go changing your phone and not tell me did you? Grrr. Pokemafia. Sign up.

  12. I reckon' you'll want to join my Pokemafia! Only 5 spaces left as I type this!

  13. Don't be rude. (Do though)

  14. Hahah, you know what I don't even realise I'm writing these kinds of things half the time. I need some kind of filter between the mind and the keyboard.


    Generic-ier, more generic than usual. I still love it but...didn't have quite the normal Ashley charm.

  15. Wow green doesn't show too well.

  16. Sicko. I'm putting all these on my facebook lol.

  17. Who organised this? You?



  18. V is fucking ridiculous....

  19. Aye, didn't think I leant you them anywayz.


    Thanx xxx


    Hows you feeling?

  20. hay dewdette.


    Do you happen to have Invincible #57 and #58 by any chance? also Anchorman? Lost Invs' and can't remember who I leant Anchorman to.


    Thaanananks. xxx

  21. Heres that 1:25 cover. *Sigh*




    PS I got the other one finally. He didn't actually get it via gettin 10 issues though, so ....I can't give you one lol. Not sure how he's arranging this weeks but if I get 25 you can have one! Lol. xxx

  22. Awesome, cheers dewd. :)