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  1. Sweet/You've done loads on it. I will read properly soon, I promise.

  2. At about 1:04 ish


  3. 1202870731 Governeji Alfran "The Spiders Way" £17 ish

  4. Its out soon, but not yet.


  5. And when it drops off the page I'll repost. :p. If you have £30 just buy it and its fine. ;)

  6. Was going to write exactly the same thing on your wall last week but forgot. She is so so so so much better it isn't even funny. She has a personality, she is funny, she is hot....she asks not-stupid-questions. Louise is so unbelievably stupid and boring. SFTW is sooooo much better when she isn't there and Amanda Byram is epic.

  7. Conrats on the job.

  8. You better be bullshittin' son.

  9. u like teh new comerde rainbmow matwe?

  10. Yeah its really amazing.

  11. That does sound odd, but also awesome. I am reasonably aroused.


  13. Well of course!

  14. Definitely. I'm not being a homosexual here but you're an attractive guy. There. I said it.

  15. You're as irrationally insecure as Molly!

  16. Outraegous/you're a god damn liar/are wrong. But...if you truly insist. I may run some passed/past you for your approval however.

  17. I need to read Supernovas.

  18. But there is pictures! She is real!




    Approve pleeasseee.

  19. Not moi!!!!!!!

  20. u shud activate new members accounts ftw. thx