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  1. I'm not the one actually planning that meet, as I'm not going. But I'll pass than onto Eddage. :)

  2. Dude! Hahaha thats all I could think about when it happened.

  3. The second one that I can't spell. Deglabast or whatever.

  4. Yo.


    How was Iron Man.



  5. Wow. Surprised I didn't know what a pearl necklace was. I'm quite the sperm fan.

  6. Awesome dude, if thats good with you its good with me. I've looked at a few camp sites and its no more than 20 GBP per night, so divided by four = 5 GBP. Shouldn't be much at all. I havnt settled on which one to book yet, but I'll do that...probably 10 days before we leave. :)



  7. Please join mafia. :(


    (although...may sound trivial) or something. Maybe even lieing/say funeral (of course this is a lot to ask) but...yeah. Just...TRY. I beg of you. If we are all intact together for the trip it makes things easier. Of course you are more than welcome to come if not, but ....It does sound cuntish of me, but I couldnt attend with you in your car if you would take it, as it was the plan from the outset (also because a reasonable amount of driving would be involved) to be with them.


    :( Phail basically, I hate putting you in this position, but I stress how awesome it would be if you came, and I love you (of course) but yeah. I basically just beg you to see if the Monday can be got out of. It would be...hurtfully epic.

  9. A) I love the nick homeslice.


    B) The parks are ; Fantasy Island (apparently one of their big coasters is often affected by high winds, which is annoying) but apart from that looks good, then Flamingo Land, and then Light Water Valley, which is small but its got one or two very interesting rides, particularly the worlds third longest coaster.


    C) In re to the sitch, the bottom line is I would love for you to come....however I can't ditch my mates on the trip there, so...in a completely epic ideal world if there is [big budget American movie voice] some way that you can get out of the Monday. Possibly explaining the situation to boss

  10. Day phase is when everyone posts and discusses their suspisions or defends themselves, then the night phase is when no one is allowed to talk,(post) and they all send the game master (me) their PMs saying who they want to target with their power.


    I collate what happens, and then post when time limits up (not any specific thing, just when I feel its reasonable to have PMd me by) and I write up what happened (cryptically) in the phase, and say if anyone dies, Ill write "X died, and was a mafia" blah.


    Everyone is a Pokemon. :) They're good fun.

  11. Okies dude, I'll hold you to that.


    If you want/have time, try following this one to get a feel for it. Very basically speaking theres 22 players. A small portion will be "Mafia members" Ie bad guys. Each player has powers like Killing people, investigating people, protecting people etc, and the aim of the game is to kill the mafia/kill the good guys (if you're mafia) obviously, no one knows who each other is.



  12. Retrooooo


    You should join the Pokemafia. You would enjoy it? http://www.n-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25459

  13. Hey Dan, why don't you try a mafia game out. xxx

  14. You know the downs chick in WHSMith? Surely, you must do. She's very distinctive. Anyway, she sat directly behind us in the cinema, and she is literally absolutely mental.


    - Laughed at a serious bit.

    - Laughed halfway thru a joke/funny moment build up. Multiple times.

    - Crazy laugh.

    - Talked to herself.

    - During the Time Travellers Wife trailer, she literally LITERALLY said to herself "I want to see that" five times.


    Isnt even the full story. Ill save one funny nugget for flesh to flesh. I think my personal delivery will do it more justice.

  15. Nooo. Im too scared to.

  16. Wheres da sign up request?!

  17. Hmmm, this is an interesting concept. Trip wise we need to be in the same car, its part of the funza. I would insist on that. I'm checking now to see if an alteration to make it Sunday back would be feasible. Need to check opening times and such...which...I hadn't even done yet lol, so if one of thems closed, well it makes things easier.




    Okay, they all appear to be open fine when we go. I will plan further.

  18. Yes.


    And yes. Im halfway thru next episode now. Damn trickers! I think this season shits on season 2.

  19. Dexter episode 10 cliffhanger was fucking off the walls, balls insane. I wanted to text you my excitement last night, but alas I don't have your number. *Sigh* :(




    *Watches final two episodes*

  20. All info now sent, please start the game. :)

  21. Nah you could be late, wouldn't be a problem. I'd insist on you being there for the journey though, for epic male bonding in the car. Be wicked if you came.


    Although I warn you it would be one of the most epic weekend mammoths ever.

  22. Yew said on FB you would be up for Theme Parks. (Happenstance is of course welcome to come if he wants to. :)) It would be epic.


    Theme Park Fest



    - You would need to book off the 14th September, Monday.

    - You would need to be in Aylesbury by approx 6pm 11th September, Friday.



    - Friday thru Monday, me, two friends of mine (perfectly tolerable in comparison to me)

    - THREE different theme parks.

    - Tents/camping in two locations.

    - Amazing epic fucktonne mega shit load of fun.


    Let me know if you want further details. It should be pretty cheap too, only really theme park tickets to worry about (and they're not big huge ones so should be cheap)

  23. The Fruit Salad was amazing. Havn't had one in years.


    And the lip balm is offensively epic. :D