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  1. Have you got Bobble Blast?

  2. Do you like the mafia games?


    I've got a space I want to fill asap.

  3. Dude, you wanna play in the Poke Mafia. I've got a space I want to fill asap.

  4. Sorry you missed night phase/I opened too early. I had everyones by about 5pm, and I did specifically wait for you, cos' you said you had a 12 hour shift, so I waited just under 2 hours after I thought it finished (I thought was reasonable time)


    So yeah, sorry.

  5. Aye, tbf most were my fault like....not asking ILC on switch. But some were people logging breaches against me, as in spotting its wrong (one letter incorrect on a change of address) and instead of just changing it, logging a breach. I hate. Yeah hopefully holiday will be sorted today.....or...bad things happen. xxx

  6. You're making me physically sick. So physically sick that I have to do what you did. Harder. Just to comprehend how sick you are. In the head/face area.

  7. Dude you're sick. Its just an image.

  8. A) Thats awesome.


    B) Silly illustrations has plummeted me into a giggling fit. Real "TeeHeeHee" kinda shit.


    C) Sleeping outside sounds awesome. I'd be up for it too, provided there was ample protection for my pillow against grass and mud staines.


    Sounds like a plan.

  9. Shit thats awesome. I reckon we'll only need one more like one man tent, and if we kind face that one towards the opening in that it would basically make one big slumber party room.


    *Shits self with excitement*


    I'm pretty sure I've settled on the camp sites. Its like £3 each per night of something ridiculously insignificant.

  10. Aye same here, but that looks kick ass!

  11. Awesome! Looks sweet as fuck.

  12. Awesome dude. Or we'll meet halfway and cinema or what-the-fuck ever.


    Happy days. :)

  13. That sounds fucking awesome. I could give it back on 31st Oct/whatever if you need it sooner.


    Aye, I can leave the camping but Im defo up for that. :D


    Cool I guess one or two of us can bring 1 man tents and then we'll have that beast.


    We'll be arriving about 9pm I think, (quite late but meh) on Theme Fest day one, do you think it will be okay to setup the tent at this time. I guess it prob won't be THAT dark anyway. :)


    Seriously man I'm pumped, its gonna be really epic.

  14. Hmmm this is interesting. The lack of final night is epic hax, but I'll see. I'll ask the others.


    Oooooooohhhhh I was looking for something to do on Bonfire Night. But that link ain't working. I'm well up for it though! :D

  15. I came. On your face.


    Man thats gonna have to be purchased for definite. Did I tell you we might need a one man tent each?: I might have put it on Theme Fests wall on FB, but yeah. I thought my mate had a big one but he doesn't. So yeah like about £20 from ebay.




    But meh.

  16. Cool I'll make sure I book one that does allow it. Then we ascend on supermarket. And we obliterate the animal section. And we eat. We eat like kings, then we sex like royalty.

  17. I hate lime. Yeah.




    BBQ sounds like the best idea ever. Literally. How are we gonna do this? Do we need gas? Or something.

  18. Enlighten me as to what is in this trifle you speak of?

  19. I'm thinking I'm gonna do a picnic for the first night.


    Decided on (cold) bacon sandwiches so far.


    Got any requests?

  20. Aye, no such luck. I am working that Saturday, and can't even get out of it, cos my next scheduled Saturday Im on holiday so they dont like the lack of my awesomeness.


    I woulda' minced the bitches.

  21. Dude. How was the holiday huh?


    I have a really good idea I think. Need to buy a new scanner/printer though.

  22. Dang that looks pretty sweet. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I'm working that Saturday. I'll double check tomorrow. In fact I might see if I can get out it, as that looks pretty sick. I'll let you know tomorrow. xxx

  23. If you hax MSN add me and I'll explain.


    [email protected]