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  1. Marvel's Phase Three

  2. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    I essentially just got stung by this (YT homepage), but averted my eyes pretty quickly so can't be sure exactly what I saw. Vaguely though.
  3. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Wow, how does that happen?
  4. Goafer And I Started A Let's Play YouTube Channel....

    Your ham comments were incredible.
  5. Feel free to rename the profession thread. Bonus question at the bottom. COPY AND PASTE FOR EASY BANTICS/ANTICS/BANTER 1) What's your dream job? 2) What are you actually doing? 3) Did you ever envision yourself in what you're doing now? ------- 1) What's your dream job? As most people probably know, I'd like to be a professional YouTuber. Professional in the sense that it's my job, not professional in the sense that I'd be projecting some kind of adult life...image. Thing. I'm getting there. Still no idea if it will ACTUALLY happen. Growth is static (as in, I'm consistently getting 350 subscribers a month) on Food Review UK, so really this needs to actually grow month on month in order to become a reality, but I mean...it IS getting there. There IS progress, across all my channels. I'm about 15% of the way to it being possibly realistic as a job. 2) What are you actually doing? I'm a manager for a customer services team for an award winning st ock br ok er. I've worked there for five years, started off as a call handler and got promoted last year. 3) Did you ever envision yourself in what you're doing now? I mean, not in the management role now. I only really applied for it because I was one of the most experienced people in the department, was totally burned out after 9 ish years of customer services phone roles, and the department had a shake up so all roles were up for grabs. It was my third choice, out of three and I didn't expect to get it. Not even a tiny bit of me thought I'd get THAT role. But I did. I don't,....like it. But it has it's ups and downs. In comparison to lots of other things its far better. It can be very tough and it's largely without thanks, but it's definitely a different kind of stress/pressure/disenjoyment in comparison to the phone role. Meh. I'm alright at the people side of it I suppose. Compassionate, motivating and human....I think. BLAH. WORDS. You?
  6. Dream Job VS What You Actually Do?

    I hate that so many people are happy.
  7. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    And I will weep with joy.
  8. Using Nintendo music on a Podcast

    I believe it would be fine but I'm making assumptions. I follow a large, prominent LEGO YouTuber (Just2Good) who has a) had legal run ins in the past, so I know he is very careful about this kind of thing and b) uses Gameboy music in lots/most of his video.s. all he does is write on screen what the songs are from.
  9. Has anyone bought / holds Nintendo shares

    There are some companies better than others, I would definitely recommend checking trustpilot. https://uk.trustpilot.com/ I think share dot com are highly rated on there. Typically there are additional rules to buying foreign shares but they're not too cumbersome (e.g. if purchasing American Nintendo shares, then its just a form that's required to qualify you to buy overseas shares with, I believe, most companies).
  10. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Wasn't sure about the Inciniroar from the leaked pics, but I like the way he looks. And....Fire/Dark. YES. Fucking' happy with that. At least it's not fighting.
  11. No 1 Aquafan

    Hope you had a smashing day lidge xxxx
  12. Forum User Photos

    Cool, no worries, best photo anyone has ever added to this thread.
  13. Super Mario Switch

    Sunshine is pretty comfortably my favourite too.
  14. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Anyone know the name of the song in the Switch trailer?
  15. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    This guy is right up there with Scyther and Scizor. Amazing design.
  16. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Oh my god. The bug looking big new Pokemon. Looks amazing.
  17. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Ah nice one cheers lad.
  18. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    I don't want to ruin it, but I do want Ash-Greninja. HALP.
  19. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Well I hope it improves when the NX comes out. It will. Positivity. And the NX will be announced soon. If you think about it the same way you think about the dentist.
  20. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Oooh. Nice. That comes with the plastic case too right? Who guarantees release date or earlier these days? Shopto are the only people to never let me down. The Games Collection have fucked me around recently.
  21. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Alolan Muk's just made my team. Poisons my jam.
  22. Goafer And I Started A Let's Play YouTube Channel....

    Although we did do a bonus one with facecam!
  23. Roses are red, violets are blue...

    Wow, thank you so much Mr Paul and indeed all. Very kind and Claire says thank you too. I'm not in front of PC so can't post pics in here but if anyone would like to link some thats cool. Thanks again. Very tired today, but just at home before going off again shortly to stay over at Heathrow tonight then off to Washington DC in the morning. Thank you again.
  24. Destiny

    (Not getting back into it or anything) Just wondering how you guys are enjoying Rise Of Iron? Whats cool about the raid? Cool new recent weapons? Vybezage?
  25. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Price point seems fine as long as it's good.