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  1. Growing Up

    I have a childish sense of humour sometimes. I like to be childish sometimes. I still like toys and make noises. Yeah.
  2. Job woes/wins

    We've found out about the re-shuffle in our department. I don't know how to feel about it. On the one hand....there are some better paid new roles that have been created....but I don't really like the sound of any of them. Also, the difficulty is, basically there are 9 "high paid" roles, and then the rest are just normal/as I'm on at the moment. One of the main criticisms in the job is lack of area for progression. Six of these 9 roles are already taken. I mean, they of course said that everything is up for grabs, but then afterwards (outside the meeting) said that any persona already on a "high paid" role, will maintain that - and of course, I'd expect that. So that means really there are only 3 new roles. And there are about 4 or 5 people that have been there a good long time, and with good skills. One of the people I work with is evil. Literally the most manipulative little bitch I've ever encountered. She said when we found out ; (to me) ; "Michael, you should definitely go for X job". "Oh really? I though X Person would go for X Job" "No, she's going for Y job" "Oh okay, cheers". Turns out X Person has precisely zero interest in Y job and is going for X Job (which, she will definitely get. The role is essentially written for her). So she was just wanting me to not go for the job she wants. Its irritating because no managers/people in power realise what a cunt she is. Ugh. Basically all this annoyance, uncertainty and the way they have gone about delivering the news, and how everyone has to apply for what they want as a free-for-all, coupled with the fact that my AMAZING manager is retiring AND that I was COMPLETELY mugged off earlier in the week AND on top of all that we got told we aren't having a bonus....it has made my motivation drop to complete zero. Might apply for a marketing job in the same building (different company). Still so hacked off that I got cunted on the marketing job. So fishy. Everyones been coming up to me about it. Serious shit going down in the company. I 100% want out now. Job market is tough though, which is fucking annoying. I just absolutely have no interest in the company now, I want their posion out of my life. I know everyone says this, (and in a lot of cases it's obviously true) but my talents are SO wasted there. It's mind boggling. Can't FRUK be my job yet?
  3. Yooka-Laylee

    Incredible. The big players are morons for not releasing more 3D platformers and this could not be a more satisfying way to shine a light on the egg on their faces. This will be my first Kickstarter too.
  4. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    Holy shit, Tellyn posted.
  5. 30,000?! Fucking hell, that's insane. I'll have to think of something special now.

  6. Avengers: Age of Ultron

    I....I'm not 100% sure I'd enjoy that, but I'd be happy to do it for Superman Returns. :p
  7. Job woes/wins

    Got completely and utterly FUCKED at work. Basically, I've always wanted a job in the marketing department. I applied. Showed a few people my CV and covering letter and they all said it was fucking incredible, and when the job role went up, everyone in the department was like "Well that's ReZ's new job then". I've been there for 4 years and the stuff I've been doing for FRUK/YouTube combined with my customer service experience make me....basically incredible for the role. My two friends (been there for 11 months and 9 months respectively) also both applied. And another chick in another department also applied. I have the experience of YouTube/design etc, and all three of them have none in that area. They all got interviews and I didn't. Gave me some hilariously bull shit reason for not taking my application forward too. One of a few things has happened; - My head of department stopped the application/arranged something because I'm too valuable to lose. - Someone in marketing doesn't like me. - They were telling the truth and they're just ignorant/fucking stupid. I was extremely upset yesterday. My manager took me aside and I broke down a bit. I've waited four years and this is the first job in marketing that has been entry level and that has been offered internally, and I got absolutely fucked. Eveyone is fucking stunned that I got snubbed. It's mental. We're having a meeting tomorrow about changes to the CS team, and rumour has it they have a role lined up for me. But I don't want to work in CS - who does? Cannot believe this shit. It has absolutely destroyed my motivation and desire to work hard in the job. I've worked SO hard over the last four years, but they've just fucked it. The rewards are minute. We were also told that we won't be getting a bonus this quarter too which is good. Pathetic. It's fine though, I can just walk around and have extra long breaks, generally just take the piss if that gets you the same place as working your arse off.
  8. Standard. Although bombshell; I'll only be staying for the Saturday. Dat wedding ain't gonna fund itself. #SuperScrimper
  9. Avengers: Age of Ultron

  10. What Have You Bought?

    Is it good? I've never played it but obviously love DKC.
  11. The Flash

    ^^^^ Yeah, this is the only episode that's actually pissed me off. Flash was DUMB AS SHIT not once but TWICE. No one would be this fucking stupid, let alone a super-intelligent hero.
  12. Avengers: Age of Ultron

  13. Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Watched it for a second time today. Noticed loads of little details that I didn't pick up on before. Also I had a few (pretty big) questions, that I possibly didn't get the first time due to it being 2/3am. It's similar to the time I saw Iron Man 3 for the second time.....fucking adored it. Incredible. Now love it even more. I basically cried about three times from love. I know in terms of "Is this film as good as Winter Soldier and Guardians" it's probably not as good, but person enjoyment for me, it's up there.
  14. Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Correct. And it's not great (tbh) but it couldn't really take anything away from the film for me. Does it have it's flaws? Sure. Absolutely. But holy shit this film gets so much right. More than any other Marvel film I think it will be rewarding to view multiple times just simply because there is so much on screen to look at. The balancing act of characters (there are so many) is masterful. Action scenes are so plentiful and so good. Every character has something to do, none of them feel underused too much (maybe one does, but then they have a big/pivotal ish scene) and....ugh. Incredible. I am totally in love with Scarlet Witch now. Hawkeye's role was superb. Amazing. Great action. Vision and Ultron are incredible too. Wow.
  15. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I wish all "teaser" trailers were like this. An actualy teaser. It seems like "teaser trailer" generally means "shorter trailer than the full trailer" these days, whereas this actually did tease, showed only a few shots and was cool. I'm excited anyway, so it didn't negatively or positively affect me (which is usually the same for me). I'm excited for all of these films and nothing will change dat. LOLZ.
  16. The Flash

    I LOVED Cisco remembering! Got a verbal reaction from me. Liked the episode but after she seemed to be getting slightly less of a dick, Iris came crashing down and became omega-cunt. What a fucking dick hole of a character. Absolute cunt. I hope she dies, she's dreadful.
  17. Guitar Hero Live

    Nah. Not for me.
  18. Destiny

    This £35 is starting to sound like bad value.
  19. amiibo (NFC)

    I have pre-ordered the Splatoon Limited Edition and the Splatoon Chick Amiibo. I think I love them? But I don't know why. I feel like I want to take them everywhere.
  20. Thorpe Park Meet - Friday May 8th 2015

    BUMPITY BUMP. And to remind myself of the date.
  21. Better Call Saul

    Oh man. Loved it. Incredible.
  22. Meet The New Fantastic 4

    The film to have not been made. :p
  23. Meet The New Fantastic 4

    *Sigh* Just sigh.
  24. Uncharted Remastered Trilogy (Unconfirmed)

    We are in the minority but I absolutely 100% agree with this.