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  1. European Event- General Chat

    I hope there will be more than one colour available. I need my metallic lime green!
  2. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Heh, sorry what do you mean by that? The amusing Quote or...huh?
  3. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    The E from Zelda right? Th'as cool. 6/10
  4. Hai guyz i ned help plz

    Lol! Genius my friend.
  5. Religion

    I truly believe that I created life.
  6. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    7/10 I really like the font, and good colours give it a dark mood.
  7. Rumble Wiimoved from Wii

    I get bundled with a Wii-Rumble pak? News to me.
  8. Serebii?

    Fuck that Serebiis now blocked at my works filters! HACKING WANKERS!
  9. Mountain Dew

    Its alright...But I didnt think it was as good as everyone said it would be. It suffers from too much hype methinks.
  10. Serebii?

    Ah. He comes on here eh? Serebii is an awesome site...But what he said was still funny. Heh heh.
  11. Wine Gum Challenge Tonight!

    Lol, I skim read and thought it said, you could fit 150 WG in your mouth. Now that, Id pay to see...
  12. Don't Swear For A Week

    I never swear either. *You know whats coming.... ...coming.... ....aaannnd.... Fuck.*
  13. Serebii?

    He said "Serebii" referring to the...Site? So the Sites an It right? Whoa. Try saying that when youve had a few Tequila Slammers/The shit shakes.
  14. Serebii?

    Now; That was funny. But I do feel bad that it happened. However; LOL! Dude, it didnt die!
  15. Rogue Traders

    Man...can you imagine someone using all those words in one sentence.
  16. Rogue Traders

    Man, I freaking love this show. In the start up I was cheering and stuff. And come to think about it, I guess it was a little early....but...Well I dont care, but I can imagine some would. But they were whispering. Oh well. Next episode looks kick ass!
  17. Steve Irwin dies

    Very very sad news. Couldnt believe it when I heard. RIP dude.
  18. Q: Where to buy Urinal Cakes

    Wait...wait...wait.. ..You cant eat urinal cakes? Oh boy...Im'a need a phone.
  19. Rate the last film you saw

    Monster House A fun film, for older people as well as kids! See it if you are bored and nothing else to watch. 7.7/10, 3 Stars. Full review here.
  20. Playstation Discussion Archive

    So is PS3 still aimed at £425?
  21. Vote for my lady friend! :)

    Ha, caught that in time. Im not voting, cos I havnt seen the others and wouldnt be fair.
  22. Why the Nintendo Wii will always pwn the PS3. Heh heh, fricking funny huh?
  23. Because this Video deserves its own thread.

    Haha, Shoulda known this forum preaches it. Well, its fricking great eh. Thanks for the heads up Beezners.
  24. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Why the Nintendo Wii will always pwn the PS3. Heh heh, fricking funny huh?
  25. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Why the Nintendo Wii will always pwn the PS3. Heh heh, fricking funny huh?