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  1. Starting an Action Figure Collection.

    Well that implies you either got it cheap or expensive, so either £15 or £200 ?
  2. Starting an Action Figure Collection.

    I have a small collection of Marvel Figures. I cannot understand people that religiously leave them in the packet, and buy them with the intention of keeping them and not selling them...Yeah, I hate that. So I put them on shelves, in cool poses. Woolworths can be a greta place for figures, as particularly in the Marvel Legends line there are "variant" figures, which will be slightly different, and much much rarer, and sell for a lot more on Internet/specialist shops. Examples; Wonder man, variant is clear-purple. Wolverine with no mask etc.
  3. Rate the last film you saw

    Talladega Nights 9/10 very Funny stuff.
  4. Blind Kid Gets a Wii and TP

    I was going to say...He couldnt be completely blind. Lol, his Daredevil sense wouldnt show the image on a TV screen.
  5. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    The one in your post. And dude, your "The statement above/below" stuff, is absolutely fucking with my head.
  6. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Gasp! And Garth Marenghis Darkplace! Which I am hella excited about on DVD. As for my avatar, it is the Logo of Rule 3, a kick sweetness forum/franchise.
  7. European Event- General Chat

    AAAAHHHHH. Im off. Catch you all later. Cheers Takeo!
  8. European Event- General Chat

    Lol. Sshhh! Theyll hear you. *Runs off* Like...2 minutes.
  9. European Event- General Chat

    Gasp! Ill have you know, Im working very hard. *Twiddles thumbs*
  10. European Event- General Chat

    Nah, you're only a real nerd if you did a Darth Vader style "Nnnooo!" after this revelation. Woops there it is, Yep. Guess you're a nerd.
  11. European Event- General Chat

    Yeah, My phone is off at the moment, because Im at work, but Ill turn it on in precisely 18 minutes, when I finish. Cheers.
  12. No DVD

    Word. I got a freaking Region 1/2 DVD player from Amazon, and it plays both UK and US DVDs just fine. And the price? £17.97. Brilliant.
  13. European Event- General Chat

    Thanks TakeoMiyazaki! Or do you prefer just Takeo. And as for choco/savoury, I had Chocolate sauce on a Hawaiian pizza the other was nice, but I was intoxicated so it probably wasnt. Anyone else tried this? (Sober)
  14. European Event- General Chat

    So, are you saying youll text me. I appreciate that. And as for that ^^ Heh heh, Sure why not...I enjoy prank calls and the like.
  15. Extras tonight know thats the whole point of the gag, right? :bouncy: Bouncy is fun.
  16. European Event- General Chat

    Im so happy that I finish work at 12 today. (Sarcasm, as it will be more difficult to find out) Yo, can someone do me a huge favour, and text me the Release, Price etc, when its announced? 07852 909058, Id really appreciate that....Let me know if someone can...?
  17. European Event- General Chat

    ...Ya know're right! *Attacks knee with crow-bar*
  18. European Event- General Chat

    Watch your knee, dude!
  19. Hello, new here.

    Not my most frequent forum, but this place is easily the second nicest community Im in. First is Rule 3, but that doesnt count as its not as big as this place. The other place Im mainly on,....the mods can be jackwads, and people always pretending to be girls....This week even one of the female MODERATORS was supposedly outted. Anyway welcome, Im sure youll enjoy.
  20. European Event- General Chat

    Shutup, ya drunk!
  21. European Event- General Chat

    AAAHHH! The gigs up! Die white boys! Mwhahahah. Ahem.
  22. European Event- General Chat

    Wha?! I thought it was starting at 10/11 ?
  23. European Event- General Chat

    Japs and Yanks? racist can you get. Id also get a black one. (See...Black, Im not racist)
  24. European Event- General Chat

    Whimper!! White only? Dang, I pretty much would of preffered any other colour.
  25. Extras tonight

    Awesome night of comedy. Noteable quotes. "So the queers and the jews still running this place.." "Name funny british black people" *Looks at pic of Lenny Henry* ..... "Pop a wheelie and knock the gun out of thier hands!" "The suprising adventrues of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar"