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  1. As I'm sure I've posted this on the Facebook event page, but if I'm still living in London by then, then I'll show my face A hostel recommendation from me: Astor Quest I stayed there for 9 weeks in 2006 while I was working in London - an excellent hostel, literally a minutes walk from Hyde Park. Nearest tube stations are Bayswater and Queensway. I think it cost me about £12/night for a 6 bed en-suite room...
  2. pdhq21

    Haha, Kigan just told me about this thread on MSN. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys Infact, Shorty beat Kigan to it - just checked my work emails :P I really should start posting here more often, but I've been without the internet at home since last May. Fingers crossed it'll be put in before the end of the month, so I promise to come back when it does
  3. I haven't bought a Wii yet, but somehow convinced myself last night that I need one. Something to do with sitting at a desk all day, then sitting in front of the TV all evening. I dunno.. Anyway, I've got no idea what games are actually any good. There have always been games that have been awesome, but have gotten no publicity at all. I think I can only afford to shell out just over £200 at the moment, so I'm looking at a Wii and one game. If you could choose, what would it be? Ta.
  4. The ONE Wii game to buy....

    Hey I actually forgot about Zelda...what the hell? I might have to get that as well as another game... Not sure my internet connection would be any good for online play - 3G internet through a phone isn't so hot... I remember Excitetruck from E3 last year...it turned out pretty good then? Oh the choices...!
  5. I can't be the only one that loves to read books by Andy McNab, can I? There must be others out there too. If you're one of them, you can get a copy of Recoil and/or Avenger signed by the man himself from his official website www.andymcnab.co.uk. You need a Paypal account, and access to the internet on your mobile phone. Click here to send the URL to your phone
  6. Calling all Andy McNab fans!

    If you don't like them, you don't like them. I assume you've actually read one of his books? You know what they say...don't judge a book by its cover. I'm fairly sure that 400,000 sales per book does say a lot about the quality of his writing. Sure, it may not be to your taste, but that many people wouldn't buy it just because they like the gun on the cover...
  7. Calling all Andy McNab fans!

    400,000 people per book (on the first print alone) disagree with you...
  8. Calling all Andy McNab fans!

    If you're unsure, try picking up Remote Control by him. You can get it for a penny plus delivery on the Amazon Marketplace. It's what got me into McNab, and one of the best books I've ever read.
  9. Wanted: Webscripter

    Hey, If you send me a more detailed description of what you want doing, I'll see what I can do.
  10. Right then, I'm after a talented website designer. If you can build XHTML/CSS based sites from your designs, that's even better! I work freelance for a few large media companies, and they're asking me to do websites for them now. I'm a web developer part time, and I can code PHP with my eyes closed. But I'm terrible at design - hence the need for a designer Right now, I have two websites that potentially need doing. One for a media company, and another for a bestselling author that you'll probably have heard of. As stated in the thread title, this is paid work. If you're interested, please drop me an email with a couple of examples of your work, and how much you expect to be paid. Can you also include whether you'll be just providing a design, or providing the XHTML/CSS code too. Thanks.
  11. Router Computer Connection Problems

    It's certainly not WPA or WPA-PSK. (A lot of devices don't support WPA. If all of yours do, use WPA. It's much more secure...) I'm unsure on the difference between open and shared. Try shared...?
  12. Universitay!

    Are you still going to Derby?
  13. Router Computer Connection Problems

    Login to your router (load it's IP address in your internet browser, ie Find somewhere where you can set wireless settings. Look for a "WEP Key". You'll be asked to enter a WEP Key. This is the password for your wireless network... It's normally in pairs of hex characters (0-9, and A-F). Enter 10 hex characters, apply it, then restart the Access Point. You now have a kind of secure wireless network! (I say "kind of"...WEP isnt secure - it just keeps your neighbours from connecting, kinda thing).
  14. Hai guyz i ned help plz

    Best. Thread. Ever.
  15. GAME and Wii placement :D :D :D

    Ouch. That sucks. I haven't worked in GAME since Christmas though, so it's probably changed in the 7 months I haven't been there.
  16. Things that make you angry...

    Agreed. I laughed my ass off at the first post.
  17. GAME and Wii placement :D :D :D

    To be honest, I think the control system is pretty much up to the manager. In one store I worked in, all guts and lives were just put in the drawers, with overflow going in the stock room or in the cabinets. In another, you had to have 10 guts, and 1 live in the drawers. The 10 boxes had to be out on the shop floor, and the rest of the lives were in the stock room or cabinets. Obviously if you didn't have 10 copies of the game, you'd put all of the guts in the drawers, and make the boxes up using the promo material and dummy boxes...
  18. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    *agrees* Where did you get it, Yoshiking? Teh Sex (My desktop at work - no computer where I'm living at the moment )
  19. Best way to dowload songs?

    Unlimited music for £15 a month? People pay it. That's why Napster is #2 after iTunes (ok, the market share is like...10%, but its still second). Hell. If you don't want to copy it to your MP3 player, its a tenner a month!
  20. ITV play The Mint puzzle

    Because I'm clever.
  21. There have been quite a few "convert current logo's to Web 2.0 style" threads knocking around forums, and I figured the R-E forum might as well have one too. Here are my attempts (done in my dinner hour): The parent company of the company I'm working for (http://www.ubcmedia.com) The company I'm working for (http://www.uniqueinteractive.co.uk) Anyone else?
  22. Web 2.0 Logos: R-E Edition

    This is what inspired this thread: http://yh.yayhooray.com/thread/90661/yh-collab:-redesign-famous-logos-in-web-2-0-format?page=1
  23. ITV play The Mint puzzle

    I haven't watched The Mint since I finished Uni for the summer, but... You know their safe thing? It has the 4 numbers on, right? 8646 I'm 100% sure that's it, if anyone feels like calling in.
  24. Router Computer Connection Problems

    Check the IP address on the computer. Make sure it's on the same subnet as the router. IE. if your router's IP address is, make sure the computer has 192.168.1.x (where x is 2-254). If setting the computer to have a dynamic IP address doesn't work, try this... Set your IP address manually. Make sure it's on the same subnet, but for the DNS servers, put your router's IP address, and "". I've no idea what is, but my home network won't work without it...might work for you too.
  25. Another "I need a new PC" thread

    Yeah, but your current spec sucks. :P Get something thats slightly above average (by todays standards) and you'll be happy. It'll play Hitman Contracts well (hell, mine is just about playable, and mine sucks compared to today's stuff), but won't cost you an arm and a leg. On getting a small (20GB) HDD, I wouldn't. You'll say "ok, I'll keep this organised", but two months later you'll have stuff across both drives. Your main OS drive will get full, and your computer will run slower. You'd be better off going for your single 300GB drive than having a small drive for your OS, tbh. Btw, I'm not ignoring your texts - I'm out of credit, and out of money. Work owe me £900 which I haven't got yet. :/