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  1. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I'm agree with you Glen, the Persona music really isn't to my taste and to be honest the series itself doesn't really appeal to me in spite of it's accolades. Mainly because a large portion of the games seem to be "high school life simulator".
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Made a few stages, but since I don't have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription I can't share them or download any others. So, enjoy these stages you'll never get to play: Fun story, Tetris Temple was also a stage I made on Brawl and the custom stage I remember most from that game. Admittedly I have tweaked the Undertale stage since to make it fit on all the whole stage but even so. I have the idea of making custom stages for all the Mii Fighters that come from other franchises that don't already have a suitable existing stage, hence the Destiny Islands, Undertale and Anor Londo stages. That said, they've got nothing on these stages...
  3. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country (Switch). Sadly I only think it's worth it if you want to know more about what happened in the past and as I talk, the endgame events are the most exciting part of the whole thing. But oh boy is it bogged down by mandatory sidequests which equate to nothing more than padding to help give you a higher level for the final boss..There was a post final boss surprise which I wasn't expecting but the ending did tie things nicely into the main game storyline complete with the change of title screen. The plot twists were not really existent much due to the prequel nature of the game, if you played the main game you already know how this story is going to end. To be honest, these guys were the highlight of the game. I also went back on Soul Calibur VI (PS4). Amy was released as DLC before the end of last month so I decided now would be a good time to tackle her story mode. It was a pretty meaty story mode in the end with about 10 chapters, though sometimes I was confused at what was actually going on. Also been filling the Pokedex on Pokemon White 2 (DS). Got the Shiny Haxorus fairly recently so trying to go for regional dex completion but missing any access to the Archen family due to choosing Tirtouga in both White and White 2. Whoops. I've got a bit of time left before the next game I'm interested comes out, but I think I will spend time with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) and the DLC before Final Fantasy XII comes out on Switch.
  4. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Happy new year everyone. New year, new gaming diary. This is shaping up to be an exciting year for many gamers out there, with big games like Kingdom Hearts III, Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing Switch, Pokemon Generation 8, The Last of Us 2, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Devil May Cry 5, Mortal Kombat 11 and Shenmue III and that's not even counting all the games that might get announced at E3 this year, such as a certain Metroid Prime 4... and of course an indie game could come out of nowhere to become a must play. Smash Ultimate has a bunch of character reveal trailers still to go as it's DLC gradually drops, so this should hopefully be a great year for gaming.
  5. Thank you, that's all I needed to make my decisions. So therefore here are my nominations: 1. Final Fantasy VI 2. Super Metroid 3. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest 4. Chrono Trigger 5. Super Mario World None of these are games I played on an SNES itself but Virtual Console and handheld ports were sufficient. I may be scrabbling around to find nominations for quite a few of these consoles because I didn't really start gaming until the 2000s and the consoles I owned were Game Boy Color onwards for handhelds and Gamecube onwards for home consoles.
  6. OK, so technically my favourite game of all time falls under this category but I do need to ask a question before I got ahead with nominations. The GBA version of Final Fantasy VI features an extra dungeon and extra Magicite not featured in the original SNES version. As such would this count as enough changes to nominate for the GBA when that comes around? Most of the rest of the game is the same apart from a retranslated script and all the spell names being updated to FFVIII onwards names. Also, if you nominate a game, are you then not allowed to nominate it for future consoles if it would otherwise qualify under the stipulations? I guess the Link to the Past remake falls under this category too because that features an entire extra dungeon.
  7. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Made quite a bit of progress on Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country (Switch) and I have to really complain about the forced sidequest section. They essentially gate you off until you've done 16 sidequests or got 16 people into the community (some quests recruit multiple people) and it is blatant padding to make the game last longer. I got past that bit though and am now on a difficult fight which I have since tried to grind for before doing again.
  8. NieR: Automata (2017)

  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Waiting on Joker to be made DLC for the game before going back to the game. When Joker got announced I speculated that it would be around April time that he would be released, on the expectation that we would be getting a new DLC character every two months. If that is accurate then I would expect that the second DLC character will be announced some time this month.
  10. NieR: Automata (2017)

  11. NieR: Automata (2017)

    Many of the game's best moments happen in the third playthrough, enjoy it. Been uploading the boss battles of my own playthrough of the game to Youtube as a sort of "video diary" of playing the game and the key boss battles which I've done for multiple games and just got done with Playthrough A myself. The Ending A boss was certainly challenging but not to the point where I died so often, though you do see me make plenty of trips to the menu during gameplay as I lost my auto item chip which I didn't get back until the later playthroughs:
  12. Game Boy games only you say? Well, that's kind of easy Pokemon Red/Blue The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Metroid II Donkey Kong Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins That's about it really.
  13. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I would be up for Hollow Knight if it was chosen. Thinking of getting the game myself and last I checked it was quite cheap on E-Shop.
  14. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    To be fair, I remember I got stuck in the forest that @Glen-i mentioned in the first playthrough and that initially put me off finishing it. I went back and finished the game in 2018, I don't know if I have the post from the 2018 Gaming Diary thread at the time as to what I was saying about that maze if I ever did but I do know I missed that synergy. Was about to leave Gormott only to get a Main Story Quest called "Where's the Boy Gone?". I hear there is a mandatory quest somewhere down the line in this DLC/extra game that feels like padding of sorts. Actually, considering it has a physical release would you consider Torna to be it's own game or just a DLC campaign for Xenoblade 2?
  15. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    Of all the games coming out as of late the only new one I'm planning to get is Final Fantasy XII. I've already played X on PS2 and while I know it's already available on PS4 I'm trying to move towards a more Switch focused game library in terms of multi platform titles as the PS4 isn't actually mine.
  16. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    I don't think I'm going for all the Djinn for the sole reason that I missed quite a few in the original game so it's too late for a 100% run of the second. I have moved on now anyway and have started on Xenobalde Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country (Switch). Just got to Torigoth and was very surprised:
  17. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Golden Sun Lost Age (Wii U VC) is complete! Doom Dragon was a bit of a pain and wiped my main party twice but thanks to having an additional four characters that could come in and do a decent job I did the fight on the second attempt. The main party was who I'd mainly been concentrating on so Felix, Jenna, Isaac and Mia were first up on both occasions. I used Jenna and Mia purely for healing and left Felix and Isaac to attack the boss. However on the second attempt I decided to de-equip half of the Djinn of both Jenna and Mia so that I could do some major damage first turn to both characters. I also stopped using Odyssey with Felix so that he had enough PP to revive anyone who died. I'm surprised at how quickly I was able to adapt to a winning strategy after having a bit of difficulty with this thing's ability to drain your entire Djinn pool as well as it's massive damage attack that it likes to do. Also multiple times my summons were used on turns where it put up a protective barrier so I was doing about 90 damage maximum or something with Level 4 Summons... whoops! After downing two heads the second time around however I had enough in the backup party to be able to finish off the final boss. I have to say though, I don't think the ending was that great. Meanwhile my dose of Pokemon has moved, like the TwitchPresents marathon, to Unova and Pokemon White Version 2 (DS). I have made quite a bit of progress on the regional Pokedex since going back to the game and I am missing about 3 Pokemon of which I haven't seen before. One of them is Buneary who is Black 2 exclusive but I think I can breed one in Pearl and transfer it to White 2. The other two are Oshawott and Vullaby, neither of which are owned by trainers and neither of which I can very easily get unless I restart White which I'm not really willing to do. My brother has Black but the cart got damaged and no longer works. He didn't pick Oshawott either. No Wi-Fi connection means I cannot trade for them using GTS. I hear there are some third party servers going around but I haven't been able to access them. Actually registering Pokemon for the Pokedex has made quite a bit of progress thanks to focusing on levelling up Pokemon that only need one level to evolve, or through circumstance can level up with only one level required if I use a Heart Scale at the PWT. For a main game next I think I'm going to be playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country (Switch). It's been a while since the Switch has been used as a gaming machine and I want something fairly short as I plan to buy Final Fantasy XII on Switch when that comes out at the end of this month.
  18. Gaming April Fools' 2019

  19. April Fools 2019

    Seen any good ones this year? Here's a few I've found:
  20. NieR: Automata (2017)

    Yeah, that's the twist I'm talking about. I can't talk about the DLC because I never got it.
  21. NieR: Automata (2017)

    I highly recommend you continue playing through to what happens next because things are about to get absolutely crazy. Though, Route B does have that one major plot twist that drives this game forward.
  22. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Alright, it's time. Time to take on the Final Boss of Golden Sun Lost Age (Wii U VC). Yep, I swapped the party around in between Lighthouses so that Felix and Isaac could fight on the same team. It means neither Sheba or Ivan get to be part of the main party but their synergy has helped get through this final dungeon anyway. So, here are everyone's equipment, classes and levels: Sheba got the Teleport Synergy which is amazing for travelling across the map... it's a shame that you get it right in the middle of the final dungeon because the airship couldn't even travel that well... I think I will take on the final boss later though... sleep might be a better idea!
  23. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Still playing Golden Sun Lost Age (Wii U VC) and I've just cleared Jupiter Lighthouse... and Isaac's team has joined the frey so I now have eight playable characters and the ability to customise my party from the standard setup given to you. I resorted my Djinn on my original team to get some of the higher classes but yeah, now that I have two sets of playable characters I may as well have a standard and a mixed variant for both. Also got an airship. Except it can't fly over forests so it's a rubbish airship... oh well, it's alleviated my problems with the first game so really glad to have it. Also been trying to add to the Pokedex in Pokemon SoulSilver (DS) and the Safari Zone is one of the most frustrating and time consuming things I've ever seen. Basically you have to leave the game on for three hour stints multiple times if you want to get all the items for it, but then that's not enough, you need to place them in a particular area, wait for their value to multiply by turning the game on every day and when it gets to the kind of value you want THEN the Pokemon you are looking for will appear. I was hoping to use this method to catch a Croagunk to trade to Pearl since I'm still missing Croagunk in my Pearldex (12 years after getting the game!) However, I did briefly go on Pokemon Pearl (DS) and get a Skorupi. I don't think I will be able to properly complete either Pokedex, but there is one that I may have incentive to do through transfer and that is White 2.
  24. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Turns out this was required to beat the game. The Sand Psynergy is needed to complete another dungeon and obtain three parts of a trident. You also have to backtrack to a previous town and go into the statue to get another one and then you need to complete the Aqua Rock to get the Parch synergy to get the other part. Now that I think about it you also need the reveal psynergy to get through both of these so I can see what @Glen-i was saying. So yeah, now I'm trying to figure out how to fix the trident. It occurred to me that I hadn't actually set the ship in Ahlfara free again and now I have the Burst synergy I am able to do just that so I'm back there. Briggs has stolen the boat and gone to Champa so looks like I'm chasing him back there. I did actually at one point think the boat we were trying to free was going to be our own boat and completely forgot about the one near the Shrine of the Sea God which turned out to be the actual boat needed. So I completely forgot about freeing the other one until now. I've acquired plenty of Djinn now, I think I'm doing better for getting them than I did in the first game where I may have missed out multiple levels. Everyone is in their level 3 classes now of Gallant, Hex, Mage and Commander.